Who should I vote for?

Who should I vote for? Topic: Socialism party of america papers
June 25, 2019 / By Dixie
Question: I am so sick of special interests running/ruining the country through the Republicrats/Demicans that I am ready for a change. I'm not going to vote for someone who isn't committed to solving the situation in Iraq or the related issue of the energy crisis. I'm not going to vote for someone who places the wants of corporate America over the needs of its people. I'm not going to vote for a party that believes that the constitution is "nothing but a god damned piece of paper." Where do I turn?
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Carley Carley | 8 days ago
Ron Paul is the only choice, (Ron Paul haters can stop reading now, and go straight to the "thumbs down" icon) the only thing you may not like about him is his desire to pull out of Iraq, and for that matter, pull out of all countries where we're based. (?700) foreign bases....which I wasn't too crazy about until I thought it over, but, at this point, I'd have to agree. I'm either going to figure a way to write him in, or I'll vote Libertarian. Voting for any of the "accepted" candidates only guarantees that things will continue as they are, or, quite possibly,...get worse. I think a lot of people in this country truly desire a socialist government,...it can be made to sound really good to the have nots, so I can understand why they'd vote for the left leaning candidates, but it simply doesn't work. Capitalism is the way to go, but I think it's run full circle. Capitalism has no loyalty to country, and once it grows to the point it's at now, it becomes the government. I don't know what the answer is, except to tear the whole thing down, and start over, using the Constitution as the guiding document. Ron Paul is the only candidate who wants to take America back to what it used to be, but, since it's unlikely that he'll get elected, we're screwed. I guess, in answer to your question, you should vote for anyone other than the Rep or Dem candidate. If you vote for the current mainstream choices, you're simply validating their election. Imagine if 100% of the people voted, and 80% of the votes went to third parties. Wouldn't that be something. I think the country is prime for a viable third party.
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Carley Originally Answered: Christian men & women of color. Why do you vote for liberals? Why did you vote for Obama?
Oh, I'm sorry. I must have missed the part in the Bible where Jesus said that the only way to get to heaven is by engaging in partisan politics on the Republican side of the spectrum. I am a pro-life liberal (yes, there is such a thing, and there are quite a few of us), and our policies are more in line with biblical doctrines than any other. 1. We support helping the poor and creating opportunity for them to escape poverty, something that you Palinites could never understand. 2. We don't judge others based on their lifestyles. We accept that every person's private life is between them and God (or whoever they believe in), and we don't "throw the first stone", something that conservatives practice on a daily basis. 3. We support the idea that ALL PEOPLE are created equal, not just middle and upper-class conservative homeowners. 4. We fight against unjustified, politically-motivated wars and try to stop the slaughter of innocents. 5. We fight to give humanitarian and food aid to the poorest people on the planet, where conservatives want to scrap humanitarian programs and put that money into making the weapons that cause there to be a need for humanitarian aid in the first place. 6. In general, we wish to abolish the death penalty, because not only did Jesus say nothing about the death penalty, he proved that mercy and compassion do far more good than hard-hearted vengeance. God is the only one who has the authority to take someone's life as a punishment. Life in prison is a much more humane and just punishment for murderers and rapists. They aren't killed, but they lose their freedom, their family, and their dignity for life. This is just a short list. If you conservatives could see past your party's self-righteous agenda, then you would realize that most of your policies actually go against Jesus' teachings. I will agree with you cons on one point, though. Abortion except in cases of medical necessity should not be a reproductive right, it should be murder in the first degree.

Andri Andri
There is third party choices..like Ralph Nader or others too numerous to name. Yes, we are all sick of the rhetoric that never seems to end. Corporate America is not doing so good right now and they are outsourcing a lot of work to other countries..it has something to do with the fact that our country is not competetive in the world market. Also the US work ethic has taken a bad rap..as quality is something the Big Three Auto Companies have let slide for so long that its hard to get back the people who have lost faith in them..The war has taken a toll and the economy and the price of fuel is making everyone a little crazy..a third party?
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Whitaker Whitaker
Study the Canditates carefully. Match what they say and compare it with what they've done in the past. All of them hold postions right now. Check on their voting records and what they voted for and what they vetoed. This should give you an idea what they stand for and what you are to expect as the President. PS: Make sure you don't use Q-tips by letting them fool you with words to tickle your ears.
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Samuel Samuel
It looks like this time around, once again, you and I may want to consider saving our gas rather than wasting our precious time going to the polls since, there is no electable person that meets our criteria.
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Nahum Nahum
Well you have but only one choice first there will never be a female or an african american president in the US Mcain will be president no matter who you vote for, and by the way it really doesn't matter who you vote for there all scumbags!!!! so do eny miny miny mo to choose
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Kentigern Kentigern
to any party but those 2 its will always be a 2 party system as long as people only vote for those 2 corrupt parties. the lesser of 2 evils is still evil, they need to be cut out like the cancer that they are
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Horatio Horatio
Since none but a republican or democrat CAN get elected we're stuck with the lesser of two evils choice. Fortunately Obama Just MIGHT be a new , better kind of President. Looks like He will be our next, so let's all hope He does a lot better than current embarrassment
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Horatio Originally Answered: If you vote for McCain you are racist, but if you vote for Obama then that makes you sexist?
Boy, did you nail it on the head! As I always tell the liberals, if I'm a racist for not voting for Obama, then they must be a racist for not voting for McCain. Obama's supporters are a poor excuse for liars as well. Wright is a bigot but he's voting for Obama. The Black Panthers are racist but they are voting for Obama. They "claim" Obama doesn't want nor has he ever had any ties to them. Yet, Obama was very good friends with the person who actually started the BP. Image that! That article was released not even 2 weeks ago in News Max. And if "any" newspaper, magazine, etc. say anything against Obama it is considered biased and racist by his supporters; even if the guy is a member of the American Civil Rights Union.

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