Why people idolize celebrities?

Why people idolize celebrities? Topic: scholarly research paper
May 25, 2019 / By Eleonor
Question: Hey, I am trying to do a research paper on what causes people to idolize celebrities. Does any one know any scholarly sources that have the psychological reason for this?
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Cherry Cherry | 4 days ago
I highly recommend "The Power Elite" by C. Wright Mills. One theory is that as societies become more secular and technologically advanced, the need for traditional forms of worship and religion withers. However, there is still a need to believe in something bigger than one's self and celebrities often fit the bill. Another book you should look at is "Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Media" by Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky. Their theory is that celebrity news (and sports) are distractions which give people something to obsess over rather than focusing on the concrete issues which effect their daily lives and which they may have some control over.
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Why do many people claim they idolize MLK Jr.? Because it's selective racism in my opinion. Not that MLK was racist per se, because he was trying to help the whole race issue, but he did not address the *whole* issue....only half. Black people today almost worship this man, and you don't worship people....you worship Christ. Racism contains elements of truth, and unless the peoples that perpetuate these truths rise above and evolve out of these things, racism will remain. If you don't strive to better yourself and continue trying until you succeed, then you're just a quitter that will never amount to anything other than a drain on everyone and everything around you. Has nothing to do with republicans or democrats....that's such an outdated concept. TWO parties.....it's ineffectual and broken beyond recognition today. People seem to treat these labels as characteristics built into a human's DNA or something. I'm amazed this ancient political cog remains in use. Racism is popular today. The black people in the USA are more racist than any other group. I've seen a couple/few studies about this....and not just typical internet nattering. Actual studies where a reasonable platform of people and questions and so forth were examined, as well as candid opinions on the matter. All it is is a he-said-she-said......if you point your finger and scream 'racist', everyone looks at that person. A very typical human trait is to blame others for the very thing you are guilty of yourself: You're a thief You're a cheater You're lazy You're dumb . . You're racist The race card is old.....very tired and worn out and 95+ % of the time doesn't even come close to applying to the meaning of the word. The govt, obama, the media are all stirring this up amongst the country. If people aren't going to educate themselves and rise above the turmoil and accusations and hate, they will live and die in it. MLK was just a man....no more, no less. He had a goal....like ANYONE can have a goal in this life....IF....one were to choose to pursue it. As I said, he only addressed part of the issue, and he had his share of dirty deeds in his life...like anyone. He had financial dealings that weren't exactly legal, he had adulterous interludes while he was married.....he's not golden, by any means, and this is why you can't choose 'man' to worship.....regardless of what antiquated political party you choose to ascribe to them.

Ashlynn Ashlynn
Everyone thinks they are so much better or prettier than us, and we tend to make our main goal in life to be like our idol. We get the deluded feeling that if only we could be like them, our lives would run so much better, when really it would make it just, if not more, chaotic, than the life we live today. Have you seen what happens to present-day celebrities? (cough wink Britney) We'd be much better off setting our own goals from our own hearts rather than partying like a celeb. Don't get me wrong, some can be great role models, but many are people who lead such immoral lives that they hardly deserve a life in the spotlight. <3
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Zion Zion
Good luck with that. I want to know as well. I can't figure out why people find celebrities so fascinating. Here are people pretending to do what most of us do on a daily basis and they are getting paid rediculous amounts of money for it. If you can figure out what the fascination is, please shed some light on it for the rest of us. Celebrities are people who have sold their souls and I can't see what is so idolizing about that. Thank you and may GOD help us all.
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Sly Sly
Oh, jeez, maybe due to the fact they are well known, usually have lots of money, and fame. Maybe if the celebrity is an actor/actress a person falls in love with the character instead of the person.
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Orson Orson
they have no minds of their own,,, start by researching causes of low self-esteem and why people idolize those they perceive as being better than themselves,,, then add a dose of overhype and repitiitous media worshipping and then they are trained (see Pavlov-beginning psych) to bow down to their "idols"
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Orson Originally Answered: Celebrities in dreams?
long answer read Sigmund Freud's 'the interpretation of dreams'. short answer i'll summarize it dreams consist of mainly what you saw that imprinted itself on your subconscious, external stimuali while you sleep (such as a noise that does not wake you but effects your sleep), internal stimulai not including the basis (your feeligns when you go to sleep, how the dream owuld make you consciously feel) and in cases of lucidity your own 'actions' in your dream.. basically a dream is what the 'back of your head' stores up playing back once your conscious mind is out of the way which is then changed by stuff happening around your sleeping body and how everything makes you feel while you dream. no more than that.

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