Can you crate a funny story about three celebrities getting stuck in an elevator together?

Can you crate a funny story about three celebrities getting stuck in an elevator together? Topic: Did apple have a business plan
May 25, 2019 / By Kimberly
Question: Just for fun...not H.W!!! Haha!! I meant "create" Please do NOT "crate" the story...I want to read it first!
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Best Answers: Can you crate a funny story about three celebrities getting stuck in an elevator together?

Janene Janene | 2 days ago
Marshal Matt Dillon, Little Joe Cartwright and our very own.... Sunshine "The Elevator" Little Joe: "HOLD THE DOOR, please." Matt blocked the closing door with his foot. Little Joe:"Much obliged. Wow!! That's QUITE a large foot! Sure hope you never stick THAT in your mouth! Hahaha. Get it? Stick one's foot in one's mouth?! Sunshine laughed and Matt frowned....."Yeah. I get it." Little Joe's eye traveled up,up,UP until he looked in the man's face. Little:"Well I'll be double dosed in apple cider and hung out to dry!!! U.S.Marshal Dillon!!" Matt:"Uh huh." Little Joe quickly turned his attention to the woman with Matt. Little Joe:"That means YOU'RE Sunshine. Well helLOOOOOOOOO Annie Oakley Okie Dokie!" Matt glared at him :"That's MY name for her.....MY name for MY girlfriend." Sunshine extended her right hand to Little Joe as she put her other hand into Matt's....."Glad to meet you, Little Joe." Little Joe:"PLEASE..... My friends call me, 'LJ'." Before Sunshine could respond, there was a sudden jolt!! Sunshine was thrown into LJ. Sunshine:"OH!! I am SO sorry, Lit...Uhhhh....LJ." Little Joe:"I'M not sorry....No siree.....Just think, Okie Dokie...." He stopped himself quickly when Matt emitted a low growl and put his hand on his pistol. Sunshine:"Whoooooa, sweetie. Holster that thing and let's figure out a plan." Matt:"Damn it!!! The elevator's stuck" Little Joe: Ya THINK?!" He winked at Sunshine. Sunshine:"Use the phone sweetie, to call for help." Little Joe:"Well, now....What's the RUSH, Sunshine?" Matt pushed LJ into a corner as he grabbed him by the collar. Matt:"Listen up, pipsqueak! I am usually a very patient man, but I've been on to you since our LAST encounter! You are a ladies man, mister. Even if Sunshine WASN'T with me....WHich she IS, may I repeat! Even if she WERE unattached, YOU would NOT stand a chance with her !!" Little Joe gulped and then said, in a falsetto voice: "Oh, yeah? Well....What's so bad about ME, lawman?" Matt:"Hmmmm....Where should I start? I know..... How about the group of women who parade in and out of your trailer on the 'Bonanza' set, all day long?! And what about your relationship with all those OTHER men on the Ponderosa?!" Sunshine cut in:"Little Joe? I mean, LJ. You'll have to forgive, Matt. He just saw the trailer to 'Brokeback Mouintain' and he's got his knickers in a knot! Hahahah." Matt nudged Sunshine and tried to silence her with what he considered to be, a cold, cold stare. Sunshine:"Ohhhhh, Matt....You have the bluest eyes I have EVER gotten lost in!! Hee ► HAW ◄ I love you !!" Just then the elevator started moving. Little Joe was disappointed. Matt was greatly relieved. And Sunshine? Well...... Sunshine was about to invite Little Joe to visit them on the "Gunsmoke"set, but Matt cut in. Matt:"No can do, babe." Sushine :"Why not?" Matt: "Because we have that important BUSINESS meeting." Sunshine:"WHAT important meeting? No one told ME about it." Matt widened his eyes as he said...."Sure you were told. The meeting....You remember....THE MEETING !!" Sunshine finally figured out what he was doing. Sunshine:"Ooooooooh, yeah. The meeting." Then , with a twinkle in her eye....."You mean the meeting about whether or not Miss Kitty should quit the Long Branch and become a taxidermist?!" She had decided to not only play along with Matt, but to add her own little garnishes. Matt did a double take as he put his arm around her shoulder to lead her outside. Matt:" Uhhhhh, yeah....It's about the taxidermist issue." Little Joe:"WHAT?! Miss Kitty becomes a WHAT?!" Matt:"We've said too much, already. Okay then..... Adios LITTLE Joe." As Matt and Sunshine piled into the back of the limo, Sunshine smiled....."Did you see the way I went along with you?! I swear.... I really think we convinced him. " Sunshine looked in her mirror. "OMG....I have a hair on my face!!!" Matt ignored this comment. Matt:"TAXIDERMIST ?! KITTY A TAXIDERMIST?! What on EARTH made you say that?!" Sunshine, expecting a pat on the back , narrowed her eyes and looked out the window, as she tried to pull out the dreaded facial hair . Matt:"Now Sunshine......I'm sorry. Uhhhh, under the circumstances you did fine. Ohhhhh, SunnyMac. Please don't be angry with me. I love you, baby..........Beard and all." He chuckled. Sunshine:" I do NOT find that last comment very amusing. Kindly remove your hand from my knee. And by the way...I STILL don't know what the hell meeting you were talking about!!" Matt:"You. Me. High Noon. My trailer. THAT meeting." Sunshine took his hand and put it back on her knee. Sunshine:"Oh. THAT meeting.Hehehehe." THE CAST: Little Joe........ Michael Landon.... (looking up at Matt )http://www.starpages.net/photos/6/4/1796... Matt Dillon..... James Arness.....http://artfiles.art.com/images/-/James-A... Sunshine....... As herself.....http://www.flickr.com/photos/kicey/55531...
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Clarabella Clarabella
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Barbary Barbary
oh wow. i seriously want to try this one. i haven't penned a little story in a while; this may be fun. IF you can give me a little while, i may try it!! ♥
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Adela Adela
Brittany Spears, Dr. Phil, and right now the ever so famous Jamie Lynn Spears. Brittany in her belly shirt and big hoop earrings is fluffing her wig in the elevator when Dr. Phil calls out to hold it, Jamie Lynn, who wasn't far behind Brittany says, "No prob. I got it.", gruffly looking at Brit who isn't making a bit of effort. With Brit and Jamie going to floor three of the hotel and Dr. Phil four they get to two... and half way to three Dr. Phil hears the girls arguing and stops the elevator. "Hey!" Calls out Brittany, rather annoyed. "What's that about?" Asks Jamie Lynn. "Stop bickering, let's talk about this!" Said Dr. Phil talking loudly over the sisters, "What are you fighting over, Ladies?" Jamie Lynn looked annoyed, "I want pizza." Brittany, "Chinese is better!" Dr. Phil trys to use his methods to work it out, but nothing works. Dr. Phil, angry and distressed, "Brit- you alone make 800k a month... you can't order both?" Brittany frowns, "Jamie Lynn should pay!" "It's your night!" Says Jamie Lynn! Dr. Phil, "Ladies, you both have many problems. Would you like to book an appointment with me?" Brittany, pushing every elevator button, "Let us out!" Dr. Phil, "Not until you tell me your issues." Jamie Lynn looks over, "Yeah, with Brit, this will be awhile!" snickering. Brittany tugs on her hair, "You've got more problems than me!!! So there!" JL (jamie lynn), "ugh! I'd tug on your hair... but it'd fall off!" Dr. Phil, "Woah, Ladies, let's talk. Jamie Lynn...." Pouting, Jamie Lynn, "Ugh, what?" "You seem so sweet every other time I've seen you... take a deep breath." Said DP (dr. phil). JL, "Sorry." B (Brit), "Excuse me, what about me, I'm in a bad mood too!" JL, "Honey, you're always in a bad mood." JL sits down on the floor of the elevator. Then Brit pouts on the other side of the elevator. Dr. Phil sits on the floor in the middle of the elevator floor in between the two. B looks at DP, "The elevator is needed by others." JL, "Sure, now you think about others." DP, "Girls, there is 10 elevators in the hotel, they'll be okay. Now... JL, please explain your sister's main problems." JL, "Drinking, drugs: including smoking, her kids, her ex-husband, DWI, her license, and her look.... to be brief." DP, "Okay B, what's Jamie Lynn's problems?" B, "Well pretty much only this baby thing... but, sis, you're only sixteen. I have an excuse." JL, "Yeah.. what?" B, "Well, the media is constantly in my FACE." JL, "Yeah, and they're not in mine?" DP, "Ladies, stop!" The elevator goes completely quiet. "Now.... Brittany," DP starts, "Let's address the first that Jamie Lynn listed... drinking." B, "A little beer is okay now and then!" JL, "You never have a little, Brit!" DP, "Jamie Lynn, please, settle down. No out of turn talking." JL mumbles, "Sorry." DP, "I'll make this clearly as possible. You need rehab, and you need to stop. Do you agree?" Brit, "Yes." DP, "Do you know you have a problem?" Brit, "Yes." DP, "Same goes for drugs?" Brit, "Yes." DP, "Okay... your kids." Brit, crying, "I want them back! I really do!" DP, "Then get them back. Turn your life around. Brit drying her tears, "Okay, okay, I will." DP, "Stop partying!" Brit, "Maybe.... I don't know. I can't." DP, "Brit!...... What about your ex, what about Kevin?" Brit, "I miss him, we just didn't go." DP, "Be kinder. Call him. Call him! That's unfair to you, him, and certainly the kids!" Brit whimpered, "I know, Dr. Phil, I know." DP, "DWI's and your license..... STOP. We discussed drinking and then stop driving. You're rich, pay for a driver. Clean cut." Brittany, "Okay, huhhh, Okay. I will. I promise." DP, "And I hate saying this, because I try to stay neutral, but c'mon your look!" Brit, "Okay. I'll go get a better wig. Happy?" DP, "No, get dressed in a new attitude and not such ugly skimpy clothes! Be a role model." Brittany, "I'll try, but I'm no role model." DP, "But you can, you used to be!" Brittany sighed. DP, "Now I've got a meeting soon but Jamie Lynn Spears!" JL, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry, it was an accident. I'll be a good mother. I'll try, I promise!" DP, hitting the button on the elevator to unlock and proceed, "Jamie Lynn, easy enough. Now both you girls I want you in this office, at this time, on this date. If you're late the police will come get you." He said smiling. Jamie Lynn and Brittany got out of the elevator. Brittany looked at Jamie Lynn, "Was he kidding??" Jamie Lynn shrugged and Dr. Phil smiled and went to his room. *the end* =] that was fun, hope ya'll like!
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Adela Originally Answered: Im stuck in my story, please help?
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