What makes a song Hard Rock?

What makes a song Hard Rock? Topic: Beats hard case solo
July 23, 2019 / By Nonie
Question: I listen to a lot of Metal, Rock and Hard Rock. But a lot of Hard Rock sounds like metal, and some sounds more like alternative. So what makes something Hard Rock as appose to something else? What's the musical difference?
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Mab Mab | 10 days ago
Hard rock has a more steady, constant beat. Metal is known for, but not limited to: Long songs (not a rule, but it's not uncommon for metal bands to make several songs on an album more than five or six minutes) Lyrical themes dealing more with history, fiction, depression, dark forces, war partying, drugs, alcohol, fast cars and other hard living subjects, instead of love, sex, and other such things Faster tempo than used by most rock bands Complex song structures, including tempo changes and multiple riffs per song Long instrumental sections, often with elaborate and lenghty guitar solos More complex drumming than seen in hard rock, and often uses double-bass drumming (in most cases) Metal is also much more focused on the sum of all parts than most rock songs. Rock tends to be more focused on the vocals and lyrics, whereas metal is focused more on the music as a whole. Well, in the beginning when Heavy Metal bands started appearing they were just labeled as hard rock. For instance bands like Priest and Maiden were just Hard Rock, but the term "Heavy Metal" leaked in from some where.There was a journalist who claimed the music sounded like "heavy metal falling from the sky" or something of the sort, and that's how the term stuck. This talk about metal doesn't include extreme metal [death, black,viking], I think it isn't quite hard to distinguish them from hard rock. Here are some articles that might help explain more: http://www.helium.com/knowledge/116142-t...
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Kelia Kelia
I'm not sure. I've never really understood subgenres. I mean, no one really knows what makes one song/band a certain subgenre, yet everyone thinks they do. Then it starts all these fights about what band is classified as what. Once, I saw a question about whether or not you liked Rise Against and a few people got really angry and said stuff like "Rise Against aren't punk! They think they are but they're not!" I mean, when have they ever been like "Hey, people, we're punk"? Ugh. Anyway, to answer your question, I guess Hard Rock has softer guitars (when I say softer, I mean not as heavy) than Metal and maybe a little heavier stuff than Alternative? Sorry if I'm no help... =/
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Eleonor Eleonor
Hard rock is less harsh than metal, and keeps mostly generic lyrics and a moderate tempo, Metal has extreme tempos, whether they be insanely fast, or grindingly slow, generally much louder or heavier, and is much more about expression than anything else.
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Cherry Cherry
It's a bunch of labels within labels, and it isn't really that important in my opinion. If it sounds good, listen to it, right?
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