Why do people who play sports and act on tv and in movies make millions and teachers make close to nothing?

Why do people who play sports and act on tv and in movies make millions and teachers make close to nothing? Topic: How to write a joke for kids
June 20, 2019 / By Sabryna
Question: For that matter how about we cap how much actors and athletes can make and put that extra money toward building homes for low income families and the homeless. Teachers starting wages on average in the USA is 19000 to 30000 I think this is a joke these people in some case risk their lives to teach children who will control the world some day. So why do some people think it is more important for our kids to watch a cool new multi million dollar movie then to have well educated teachers and books that don't fall apart. And to the person Yote' we are low income and still donate any extra money even if it is only a dolor to many charities. Most celebs not all but most use charities as tax write offs. We do it because it is the right thing to do.
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Nettie Nettie | 4 days ago
While I agree that celebrity figures ARE overpaid and many aren't worth their salary as they LACK talent, and sports figures salaries are grossly overblown, they are in it for a more shortened span of time (HELLO fickle fans!) than teachers. You have to get what you can while the going's good. Sports figures can get massive injuries and have their entire careers waylaid. And that is the only thing they really know how to do. Entertainers can become yesterday's news in a fan's heartbeat. Also these ppl have agents that will see to it that they good $$ for their efforts. Teachers on the other hand will have (for the most part) a long term career full of benefits. They generally have a good union. That is their agent. Everyone mentions the summer vacation, well there's also Spring & Winter Break, and Federal & Religious Holidays---adds up to a lot. BUT what they contribute (the good ones) to society is immeasurable. Unfortunately at this time in our society it seems to becominig increasingly dangerous for those in the upper grades what with these hormonal outcasts who need to shoot up schools. I say make sure they are well paid & benefitted and do the same for our police force who put their lives on the lines EVERYDAY!!!!
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Lunet Lunet
Supply and demand. Say, at any one time, there are 100 "stars" in Hollywood or any one sport. That's 100 people from the entire country. Now in either movies/tv or sports is a hit or miss. How many aspiring people try out and never make it? Also studio or team owners get a large return on their investment if the people they choose bring out more people with "discretionary income." How would you feel if there was a cap put on the wages of whatever occupation you find yourself in. Would you work harder or less, knowing you would make the same either way? BTW- Teachers do not make "close to nothing". My next door neighbors growing up were schoolteachers and they spent their summers traveling the world hiking and mountain climbing. They recently returned from two weeks in Hawaii and seem to be doing quite well. I wish I still got to take off 3 months every summer. If you are that concerned about it, may I suggest that you take any money you would have spent on movies, DVD's, television, or anything sports related and put that extra money toward building homes for low income families and the homeless
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Kaylee Kaylee
My college economics professor equated this to the supply/demand model, although it may not be 100% apt. Anyways, the reason that he gave was that there is a fairly short supply of really good and popular actors, athletes, etc. and it takes something, who knows what, for someone to reach that level. On the flip side, there are a great number of competent teachers, and more arrive every year in May with college graduation. There's an almost endless supply of good teachers. If you're looking for a history teacher in Carmel, IN, it's fairly easy to find one. Casting for movies and shows requires a lot more care, directors always look for that perfect person. The reason I said earlier that it's not a great comparison is in two parts. For one, most actors make next to nothing. They're the people performing community theater or working as waiters in Hollywood. Also, a lot of not too good actors make a lot of money, i.e. Jessica Alba, Keanu Reeves, Tara Reid.
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Hortense Hortense
I completely understand what you are talking about and completely agree that our celebrities are grossly over paid but not ALL teachers are under paid... Here in Illinois they have an extremely strong union and make far above the American Average AND have full bennies... Back in Arizona the teachers were underpaid and almost on the poverty line but here in Chicago they are much better off then a LOT of nationally "Good Paid" professions. In fact... Here in Illinois the teachers have been getting greedy and striking over petty BS and demanding huge pay and benefit raises that are completely out of the question...
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Edith Edith
As stated it has to do with demand. The level of skill required to be an actor (well they don't all have skill but they have something) or a professional athlete and the amount of money involved allow for the high salaries. Becoming a teacher is relatively easy. How about no. We live in a capitalistic society, not a socialist one.
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