What dog is good for me?

What dog is good for me? Topic: The sisters club quiz
June 25, 2019 / By Alerick
Question: I am starting year 7 this year. I have a medium sized back yard. I will spend almost all of my free time playing with it. I want a good companion dog. I have a 6 year old sister. Thanks I am in Australia so there is no humain socciety centers here but i was thinking of adopting a dog from RSPCA animal shelters.
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Tami Tami | 8 days ago
Year 7 so you're 11/12 years old? Labradors are typically good with children,quick to learn and energetic - but they're also strong, get bored easily and can be destructive when they get bored (as can all dogs) Personally,I think you'd be best with a medium sized dog, fairly easy to train with low grooming and moderate exercise needs. (like a beagle, a cocker or springer spaniel). Bear in mind that "Quick learner" doesn't equal easy to train - quick learners pick up bad habbits just as fast, and more often than not they train you! (Shih tzu falls in here! As do Lhasa Apos) Try http://animal.discovery.com/breedselecto... for a quiz to help you get some ideas, then read some more about them, contact the breed club, go to some dog shows to see best examples - If you plan to buy pedigree. If you prefer a mixed breed, do the same reading and talking, then visit a shelter and ask if they have any that meet your preferences (exercise, grooming etc) - list the breeds you prefer as examples.
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Rheta Rheta
Your parents will make the decision as to what dog they want to bring into your family. I would ask them take you and your little sister to the local shelter or humane society to look at the dogs there that need homes. Perhaps your best friend is waiting there for you!
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Mildreth Mildreth
Get a German Shepard! I have one and he LOVES to play. you'd have a blast. no matter what the weather is they have TONS of energy and they absolutely love kids, but just make sure that your six year old sister doesn't go near him when your not around. And they are amazingly beautiful and great companions I highly recommend a German Shepard, or a golden retriever. Also German shepherds will rip anyone's neck out who comes near you . which is always something good, but not your sister! Of course, but just saying they are also VERY protective.
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Libby Libby
go to your local shelter with your parents and adopt a dog! you can pick one out that you like and bond with. millions of dogs are euthanized every year so you would be saving a life. shelter dogs are wonderful dogs..i have one of my own...smartest, sweetest, most obedient dog i have ever owned!
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Juliette Juliette
I love boxers! They love to be active and they are great with children. I had no problems house training mine. Also she is great with my infant. Try going to animalplanet.com they have a 101 dog section it might be very helpful to you!
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Glory Glory
I think that a beagle would be a good choice for you. they are easy to take care of. i suggest that you do your research and read about them, I think you'll like them.
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Destiny Destiny
a westie they are little and nice and they are energetic. athletic if you take it for a walk alot and outside stuff.
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