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June 25, 2019 / By Alfy
Question: Okay so Im doing a current event on the health care plan and i just wanted to make sure i had the right idea of what's going on. Basically what Obama is trying to do is make Mid-class pay more taxes so people who cant afford healthcare can have it?
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Tamson Tamson | 6 days ago
According to the Harris poll Medicare is tied for third place in popularity of government programs: The National Park Service: 85% Crime-fighting and prevention services: 77% Medicare: 76% Social Security: 76% **Both Medicare and Medicaid are government run programs! Medicaid has 71% support. The Republicans call a lot of things socialist, but socialism is when the government owns big business and industry. When the government owns the highways that's not socialism. The government owns and runs a lot of things: schools, the military, police, the court system, the post office. If that was socialism we would have been socialists since the country was founded. The Republicans are just DEFENDING big insurance companies by using the socialist smear to frighten people. Who stands to gain from all these smears, into frightening the people to not accept another option? These republicans who are pro BIG business and against the ordinary folks. *Joe, Obama's plan provides another option - giving consumers another choice of a single-payer plan or the private plans. And the so-called "Death-panels" do exist in the private insurance plans, because they have panels to decide whether insurers can or cannot have the services. Existing private insurance companies exercise lots of practices that are detrimental to insurance users, and that include "purging" of many small businesses' accounts through steep increase in rates, making many insurers vulnerable or lost their insurances. Moreover, in the last 5 years, 20,000 insurers were denied services and the insurance companies profited by another $300 million from it. Initially, as in all reforms, it may cost the government more, but in the long run, competition will force the private insurance companies to try to be competitive and all consumers will enjoy better rates and better standards of services and higher quality of care. The big insurance companies have strong links to vital lobbyists and these lobbyists are supporting such big companies to propagate scare tactics to kill off Obama's plan - because Obama's plan will force the insurance companies to reform. Private insurance companies are "for profit" organizations, and when their profits are threatened, they are acting in concert through various channels to stop Obama's reform plan RIGHT NOW!
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Tamson Originally Answered: Does the Obama healthcare plan cut Medicare/Medicaid benefits and ration healthcare?
What has been my responses--repeatedly? Michael, the haves are becoming fewer and the have not are becoming many more daily. This is the ongoing movement of the elites seizing, seizing, and seizing everything and leaving as little as possible for the masses. There is an economic line being drawn worldwide to separate the elites from the masses and to separate the world's resources from the masses to insure that the elites will have. I fear that Obama was just a convincing speaker, a lot like Ronald Reagan and even Bush II were. The world hierarchy knew when election year 2008 rolled around that the Bush II Administration had the reputation of the GOP drug down into mud so deep that it guaranteed a Republican Party candidate for president would lose the election. So, the elites put their money on a new horse named Obama, a so-called Democrat, and they slung enough mud at their token GOP candidate Mccain--the party maverick-- to make him lose the election and prevent him from ever becoming a serious Republican candidate in the future. Now, with the election completed and the planned recession taking an awful hit on the would be elites at stock markets, there remained a future with too many elites sharing the wealth and crowding the limited resorts for the elites; thus, there was a need to reduce the number of elites--henceforth, the collapse of the Worldwide Stock Markets not just Wall Street. Following that, the goods and services that were readily available during the Clinton Administration became more scarce during the Bush II Administration because there was less disposable income compliments of the conveniently soaring energy prices. And today, it is most noticeable in the worldwide health care systems--this is just another step taken toward another dark era for the masses of mankind.

Richardine Richardine
Left to the unfastened industry? What did the unfastened markets and Republicans get us over the previous few years: enormous beef remembers Lead tainted toys Poison puppy nutrition Poison drugs-Vioxx Bogus mortgages and a housing meltdown Salmonella tainted tomatoes and jalapenos Bush decrease the practise funds additionally on condition that every person is making this grand distinction between Republicans and Democrats out of interest what's the economic or merely undeniable distinction between a social or practise software like a library as against company handouts like the $50 BILLION the automakers are searching for and the billions extra needed for undergo Sterns, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae? whats up $60 billion gets each and every American a $2 hundred actual or merely $10 BILLION extra desirable than the automakers prefer. humorous how Toyota and Honda have not got those issues. it quite is not all union appropriate the two. Palin's husband is a union member btw. Obama's plan is a cost based setup like considered one of the different members pronounced utilising deepest docs. And as a a ways as a unfastened industry is worried think of roughly Vioxx or the beef remembers. If Palin has her way as she pronounced on the RNC "enable government get out of how of business enterprise" and that style of McCain/Palin unfastened industry we'lll choose all the scientific wellness coverage we are able to get. incredibly with the radiation poisoning from the waste of 40 5 nuclear reactors. i'm no longer an excellent fan of that style of "relatives unit Values"
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Mindy Mindy
The plan that the current administration is pushing does not want the plan to have any private competition. The current administration has said on numerous occasions (can provide sources for those who don't believe the truth) that they want a single payor system with no private options available. If you visit a VA hospital you can also find pamphlets on how the government plan for death panels/end of life counseling to make things easier for your family and the system if you chose to die versus seeking treatment to extend you life.
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Lilias Lilias
Barack Obama's healthcare plan is a socialist policy that will bankrupt America. He seeks to cover 50 million new people, but where are the extra doctors, nurses and so on going to come from? Neither the administration nor anyone on the Hill has proposed anything to add to the supply of medical services even as they plan vastly to increase the demand. This would lead to shortages, hurting the elderly and people who need healthcare the most.
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Kacey Kacey
No, he is trying to create a "public plan" (i.e. the government runs it) to compete with private insurance companies. Then he would require all people to have health insurance, either private or public. He claims this would save the country money. There is a lot of dispute about it because many people feel that the public plan, which is funded by our taxes, would put the private insurers out of business. At that point, we are all doomed to the public plan, and our health care is dictated by some bureaucrats in Washington. They feel that the elderly would be denied essential medical care because of cost factors, and they disagree with the U.S. government taking over one fifth of our economy.
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Kacey Originally Answered: What is the Obama's Healthcare Plan?
You know you COULD have typed "Text of the Health Care Bill" into a search engine......derp.... https://www.google.com/search?q=text+of+the+healthcare+bill&oq=text+of+the+Health+&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l5.14512j0j8&sourceid=chrome&espv=210&es_sm=93&ie=UTF-8 What is basically SAYS is "Everyone has to have health insurance coverage, because it ain't right that people WITH insurance are having to subsidize the dorks who don't every time they get pregnant, or get the 'flu, or get into a bar-fight and someone cuts one of their fingers off"... Which side was your Dad on? He isn't one of those idiots who refuses to take responsibility for himself, is he? Unless he is "psychic" he has NO IDEA whether some drunk is going to plow into him in broad daylight and break his neck, putting him in hospital for nine months...and I'm sure he's a nice enough fellow, but I have NO interest in paying his medical bills for him!

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