Why don't social conservatives understand that morality laws don't work?

Why don't social conservatives understand that morality laws don't work? Topic: Writing an evidence based paper
May 25, 2019 / By Elvin
Question: Confucius understood this nearly 3000 years ago: "Lead the people by laws and regulate them by penalties and the people will try to keep out of jail, but will have no sense of shame. Lead the people by virtue and restrain them by rules of decorum and the people will have a sense of shame and moreover will become good." You cannot make people moral by writing words on pieces of paper and approving these words by a majority vote. If you wish to create a moral society, you need to persuade people voluntarily to be moral and use social pressure to uphold the morals of society. An example of this would be the Drug War, where the conservatives have passed very harsh laws to try to stop people from using drugs, but they have not been able to do so. Yes, people try to avoid being caught, but many people continue to use these harmful substances, often for the very reason that they are illegal. If you want a moral society, you will not achieve that by using government to prohibit immorality, but rather only by convincing most people to voluntarily refrain from immorality.
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Clayton Clayton | 9 days ago
Conservatives absolutely baffle and exasperate Liberals. Why? Because Conservatives appear to have solid beliefs while the Liberal is lucky if he can formulate some vague, hazy philosophy of things. When the Conservative argues with the Liberal, the Liberal feels he must lash out for fear of discovering that his whole imaginary world is just that: fiction. So, Liberals preach "tolerant", but only tolerance for THEIR viewpoints. Anything else is heresy. Just try confronting a Liberal with the facts about global warming and he'll practically start foaming at the mouth. The mind of the Liberal cannot acknowledge that a Conservative is right because the fuzzy Liberal mind is like a shaky house of cards. If the Liberal realizes he's wrong about one thing, it totally destroys their whole imagined reality he has constructed for himself. So when Liberals scream like threatened children when you talk about FOX News, or Rush Limbaugh, it is because their brains are not wired to accept contradictory information. I read extensively; both from the Left and the Right. I put my beliefs to the test by really checking if they are based on fact, evidence, and not just conjecture and a psychological construct. Liberals cannot do this. It would destroy their carefully-crafted dream world existence.
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I like it fine except that I'm not sure "technology" is really the term you're looking for technology implies a physical mechanism EDIT: Come on, by that definition you could say that language is technology (and I would argue that it obviously isn't) both language and morality arise from the culture organically - we create them without realizing we're creating them technology implies something that was purposefully created, like a computer or sewing machine

Amos Amos
Some people might disagree with your contention that laws don't work and the setting a good example does. [1] How often have you seen the soft 'morality' approach [e.g., "Just say no to drugs." and "Abstinence based sex education"] laughed at by the media and the secular elements of society. Ban hand guns from law-abiding citizens and gun violence and thefts go up. [2] Many illegal alien 'sanctuary cities' are among the most violence-prone places in the country. NY City was ungovernable until Rudy Giuliani became mayor and had the police crack down on even minor crimes like subway fare violations and 'squeegee' [car window washer] beggars. Now their crime rate is among the lowest of any major city in the country. While 'be good' admonishments may work on some people, others need more than a clucking tongue [3] and time-out to get their attention. Now sit in the corner with a funny hat on your head and repeat the mantra, "Id Jet" over and over for at least 15 minutes or until you reach enlightenment. With love, The Homework Fairy
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Tony Tony
Beautiful quote! Most people use drugs casually and don't wreak havoc on society. The addicts don't need jail time, they need help. Helping to end poverty would help some of the addicts from becoming addicts in the first place. If conservatives would come up with a solution to anything, I'd be all ears.
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Ruby Ruby
I think you are missing a GLARING truth here: The reason we have to have laws to prohibit immorality is because people CANNOT BE CONVINCED TO VOLUNTARILY REFRAIN. I applaud your idealism but it is nonsense and unrealistic. Sorry. Many people will do what they can get away with, period. There ARE people who do not do things because they are illegal. That is good enough for me. And by the way... are you actually saying you WANT Conservatives to impress their morality on society? I thought you guys were against that. Make up your mind.
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Nell Nell
Do you think that the idea-shoving, welfare-toting Liberals will listen to us for a second? I hope you realize that while you may not stop others from doing it, you sure as stop the person charged from doing it.
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Louella Louella
i have a better question: "why don't small government conservatives realize that legislating morality counts as increasing government?"
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Louella Originally Answered: Why do conservatives keep blaming liberals for Jim Crow laws?
Hey! To them, 150 years is NOTHING. That, and they lie and exaggerate a lot. See: Glenn Beck, who lies more than anyone I have ever encountered. Notice the same questionable and mundane drivel about Martin Luther King, Junior, being a "Republican"? Notice they don't claim he was a "conservative"? Notice any so-called "proof" they have is from ultra-right wing crackpot websites? The King foundation says they have looked for forty-two years, and they can find no evidence of that. He didn't even have any Republican politicians phone numbers, apparently. Some people think that the Georgia voter registration with the name "Martin Luther King" on it was his father's, from the 30's or so...and that does seem to be the case. But don't correc them. They have more lies and hog wash to dazzle and confuse their fellow Nazis. They hate Martin Luther King anyway, and if you're white and go to their meetings--which I have--you hear the "N" word even up here in the North. It's what crackpot conservatives DO, and crackpots are about all that's left in that "movement". Byrd, by the way, denounced the Klan more than forty years ago, and always voted fairly liberal on other issues. And his life was threatened. That, too, is what crackpot conservatives do.

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