Some people believe that political leaders must be free to make decisions without regard to public opposition.

Some people believe that political leaders must be free to make decisions without regard to public opposition. Topic: Research essay formats
May 25, 2019 / By Kasper
Question: Others believe that political leaders must be held by publicy accountable for the decisions they make. To what extent should political leaders be held accountable for their decisions? I believe that political leaders should act on what the people believe in and do what is right for the people. Afterall we voted for the leader and therefore he should do as the people say. But some people believe that since we voted for the leader that we should have trust and faith in whatever decisions he makes on behalf of the people. I however believe the leader should do as the people say. Please help me. I need help on how to put this in an essay format. HELP!! =(
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Best Answers: Some people believe that political leaders must be free to make decisions without regard to public opposition.

Hayden Hayden | 6 days ago
Research democracy, representational democracy and read the US Constitution to see which one we have here. Hint: The US is a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. Regardless of what the opinion of the people is, our leaders are elected to represent us. We get them to listen to us in various ways, but ultimately they make the decisions.
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There never was a real investigation, most of the physical evidence was carted off before the 9/11 commission existed, and federal officials prevented local law enforcement from conducting their own investigation.. The FBI investigation was nonsense (six of the 'hijackers' are alive and well living abroad and were not even in the country at the time of the attacks) It was a clear sham and everybody paying attention knows this... I can't say who actually pulled 9/11 off, but I do know it was not some fictional terrorist network made up the the US Justice Department and by Osama Bin Laden.. At the same time, with much of the physical evidence destroyed, and now doubt documents related to it shredded, it really does not make much sense to try to launch an investigation to find the true perpetrators... It might however be worth the time and energy to investigate what really brought the towers down.. The official story is nonsense and we do have enough information about the construction and composition of the towers to run experiments testing the possible causes.

Elifelet Elifelet
There is no good way to have politicians "do as the people say." You would have to hold an election and take a vote on every little thing. That's just not practical and if you did do that, you wouldn't need the politicians. A true leader is someone who makes decisions because they are right, not because they are popular. Public opinion changes by the day and the average citizen has very little knowledge of what he is voicing an opinion on anyway. That's why our leaders should not act based on opinion polls and such. Our leaders are held accountable on election day (or at least they should be) . Election to political office should not be viewed as a career.
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Charles Charles
Your question is not clear. For example, you say "I believe that political leaders should act on what the people believe in and do what is right for the people." What the people believe in and what is right for the people are often at odds. So, in that respect your question is confusing and difficult to answer. But here's what John F. Kennedy said in his book Profiles In Courage...and I'm paraphrasing pretty much an entire chapter, but feel free to look it up: "A president needs to listen to the people, but as a leader, he needs to be prepared to make decisions that are unpopular with those he serves. This is the role of the leader." If, in the end, we do not feel that our 'leader' is acting in our best interests it is within our power to elect a new leader. Bush was elected twice so obviously sufficient numbers of Americans believed his leadership, though not always in line with the popular will, served our interests better than the alternatives we were faced with.
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Alton Alton
you are basically describing the difference between democrats and republicans. Republicans tend to make fun of a style like Bill Clinton who for the most part made policy based on how he viewed the american people stood on issues. As opposed to Bush who has not yet seen an issue that he has championed that 50% of americans or more agreed with him on. Yet that has never stopped him from going full steam ahead. The republicans will tell you that they dont want a leader that cares what you think...that its a strong leader who says "I dont care what the people want" Actually Hitler believed the same thing too.
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Thea Thea
i believe politicians should be aware and reflect the consiticuicy they represent. when 80 percent of the country say the same thing for years.. it's amount to treason for the elected official to go off and do his own thing.. like conducting war.. handing out no bid contracts.. pardoning felons that can implicate the president. ignoring international law bankrupting the nation.. allowing jobs and industrys to ship overseas.. handing our debt to a communist country what truly shows how corrupt our system is.. is they havent impeached that guy yet. and our media is so corrupt.. our president can lie to us.. and get away with it.. and cause a war. you know what's funny as hell. is our congress is holding hearings on some baseball players using steroids... yet they havent investigated the corruption of the bush years what a joke that is the whole lot of them should be fired. the way our system works.. is the corporations buy the media.. they own it the corporations choose which politicians can run for president thru the media and their campaign contributions they fill a ahh we'll call it a cesspool with these pre selected candidates they choose their own personal picks.. a primary republican.. and a back up democrat incase the republican loses.. they pick a few ppl they think are losers.. like a black man etc..people they think could never possibly be elected.. then they do the media thing.. .. showing some in good light.. others in bad light.. then in the end .. for the ones that remain in the cesspool.. we get to pick our choice.. when it was likely never a choice at all funny thing this time tho.. they never thought a black man could make it.. so the joke is on them.. they underestimated americans and obama.. and now their NWO agenda is gonna hit a snag for a few years.. go obama 2008 fired up and ready to go
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