I'm a homosexual and want to meet someone on a gay dating site. Are dating sites a good way to meet people?

I'm a homosexual and want to meet someone on a gay dating site. Are dating sites a good way to meet people? Topic: buy term papers online
May 25, 2019 / By Adena
Question: I'm a homosexual and I've decided that I want to start dating the same sex. I found a guy on one of the gay dating sites that I'm really attracted to and want to meet. Most gay men seem to be attracted to other men of of similar body type and appearance to themselves. I'm no different. He is slim, wears glasses and just has that look about him where you can tell he's gay. I hope he will find me attractive too. I also hope he will share in my spandex fetish and I want to take him with me when I buy gay and lesbian books in bookstores so that other people will think we're a couple. I want to hold hands in public and want him to be comfortable with that. I admit that it's his looks that turn me on, for I haven't even talked to him yet. However I have to pay to send him an email and since I'm not completely out of the closet I'm hesitant to give out personal information. Yet I think my desire to meet him will help me overcome my inhibitions and just do it. Should I? I plan to tell him I think he's cute, send him a photo of myself and if he's interested, meet him for a movie date and go from there. In your experience are dating sites a good way to meet other people?
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Best Answers: I'm a homosexual and want to meet someone on a gay dating site. Are dating sites a good way to meet people?

Tel Tel | 6 days ago
They can be, but you should always assume that the people you talk to aren't really portraying themselves honestly. Everyone lies, that's basically the unbreakable rule of online dating. You also have to be careful because some people will flat out lie about who they are online, I've even read stories in the paper of a guy who used dating sites to arrange hookups and mugged the men when they turned up, not trying to scare you away from the idea or anything, just being honest. I basically owe my happiness right now to online dating. If I'd never have signed up I'd never have met the guy who really helped me come to terms with my sexuality, and it was through him that I met the love of my life who I honestly struggle to even picture my life without. It's also a great confidence builder, if you don't mind then you should post some slightly kinky pics with your profile, like a slanted black and white body shot with just a pair of boxers on works well, it gets you a lot of attention and compliments and that's probably what I enjoyed most about the brief time I spent on them, finding out that I was desirable. But I always told myself that I didn't want to try and meet the love of my life online, too much bullsh*t to wade through and having to find out that people really weren't what they seemed. I met this guy, met up with him a few times for coffee or he offered to give me a lift home from work etc, we got comfortable around each other and I eventually forced myself to take things further one day and I'm very glad I did. But like I said, you have to be sensible about meeting up with people, arrange to meet them socially in public a few times before you spend any time alone or put too much trust in them. NEVER delude yourself into thinking you're falling in love with someone you've never met, it's just not possible and for all you know it could be total lies. So yes I think the Internet is a great place to meet people. You should be brutally honest about yourself in your profile, include the spandex fetish and that openness to public displays of affection is a must, coupled with some nice face pics and maybe one or two alluring body pics and you'll be good to go. Just be safe and sensible, good luck Xx
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Tel Originally Answered: Did you meet your husband / wife at an online dating service?
No, I first saw my wife when she was a car hop for A&W, I was at the auto repair shop my brother worked at and I told my brother I was going to marry her but she was only 17 and I was 23. I dated her older sister for a while and then she dumped me for a guy she worked with so now my wife was 18 and we started dating and got married after she turned 19 (6 days after she turned 19). I have been married to her for 35 years. Who says there is no such thing as love at first sight.

Philander Philander
I met my g.f on a dating site. We casually talked for 4 months then met. We have been together for 2 years now. Ithink it is ok as long as you don't go falling for everyone that msg's you. People always show you what you want to see in the beginning. If they are really into you they will wait and get to know the real you.
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Macey Macey
try grindr (if you have a smartphone or iphone) or you can try adam4adam which is a good sufficient site!
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Macey Originally Answered: What is a good thing to say when you email a possible date on a dating site?
Just be yourself. Every guy tries to be funny and it always comes off as stilted. What will make her take notice of you is if you tell her what it is about her that got your attention. Tell her what it is in her profile that caught your eye. If you have a common interest, mention that, and use it as an ice breaker. "Hi Jane ~ Your profile is really interesting. I liked what you have to say, and it seems that we both love under water basket weaving [or whatever the common interest might be]. I wanted to say hello and see if you would like to chat about that sometime and get acquainted." If the first word in your note is "you" instead of "I", that will also get you noticed. The more that you have in your own profile and the more that you tell us about yourself, the better your chances are of getting a response back. Also, if you don't have a nice picture of your smiling face, you won't get any responses. If your picture is from far away and you have a hat and shades on, you won't get any responses. If you are standing next to a woman and you have your arm around her, we'll wonder why you posted a picture of you with your ex (unless you SAY that it's your sister, which is an option you should take advantage of - using captions !!) What women want is a picture of your smiling face from close up ... like, on the same scale as how your high school picture - from that close up. With no shades. And no hat. :D Be prepared to get a lot of non-answers. The downside of the internet is that you can be written off with the click of a mouse before you even get to a phone conversation. It can be brutal, so don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Send several and see what happens. Don't feel like you can only talk with one person at a time. Best of luck !!

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