What did i see in the sky?

What did i see in the sky? Topic: Case sky
July 23, 2019 / By Genette
Question: Last night at around 11PM whilst i was walking home with two of my mates and i saw the satellite burning up in earth's atmosphere. Later on (10 minutes later) i saw this really feint star in the sky that was way below all the others and had no other stars near it also it was Pure white and did not flash or chnage colour like every other star. I live in Perth, Western Australia and this "Star" was facing north west but more towards north. OK by now you are thinking "Yeh it is just a star". Here is the wierd part: You could see the glow coming off it an dthe glow was huge. If you stuck a twenty cent Australian coin in front of the star from where i was that is how big the glow was. B ut that is not the weirdest part. The "Star" was contracting and expanding. Going really big and then 5 minutes later going really small and then 5 minutes later going really big and so on. You could clearly see it changing size. So what was it, any ideas. This go's to the second answer. I am sorry but i am reporting you for obvious reasons. I am most certainly not lying. Do you think i am some low life that comes onto here and makes up things, what would i expect to get out of it. Check my other questions and you will see that i am interested in astronomy and ask alot of questions about it. Also i did see the satellite i recorded the video on my mobile phone if you want me to upload the video somewhere. This one goes to Geoff: Please do not say that I didn't see the satellite because I did. If you think an orange ball of flames with pieces dropping from it wasn't the satellite then what was it? Please do not jump to conclusions based on what you think. Base them on what you know. In this case, you wouldn't know because you are not where I was and you did not see what I did.
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Deena Deena | 7 days ago
don't bum out over one morons answer.. people all over the world are interested in where that thing wound up!! re-post your question with your vid and the likes of him wont matter ! i would like to see what thoughts get posted on the pulsating light myself..!!.. that's fascinating to say the least! and, there are those who are savvy enough to determine a trajectory of that falling sat and project its decent course fairly accurately [regardless of NASA ploy, or the space community's fained ignorance and refusal to disclose info... ignore the doubter.. he'll doubt himself soon enough if you re-post with the vid. the rest of us will appreciate your efforts, guarantee.
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Brogan Brogan
From your description is is hard to say exactly what you saw, but it's possible to rule out a couple of things. First of all, you did not see the satellite burning up, because you were nowhere near the locations where it came down. Secondly, you did not see Comet Elenin for two reasons. First, its present location is too close to the Sun to be observed, even in Australia. Secondly, the SOHO satellite indicates that it has completely disintegrated.
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