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Job interview - groups? Topic: Problem solving in group work
July 21, 2019 / By Genevieve
Question: hey has anyone ever been to a group interview for a job? im scarrrred to death haha so if anyone can share their experiences i would love it :) :) thanks
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Deja Deja | 9 days ago
You're lucky day, i did one for target a few years back when i was 16 at the sands tavern in maroochydore, you first go in and sit down in a group, then they give you a few things to discuss and too work out some sort of plan to solve a problem, it's pretty easy you just discuss things and give a opinion or any ideas you might have, you just have to show you can work with a group or a team, umm too me it didn't even feel like an interview you just sit and talk with a bunch of people you have never met while there are a few people watching you. oh and i had some old guy in my group who seemed to know everything I didn't get the job ha ha
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Deja Originally Answered: How can I search an entry level job in USA where they will take only phone interview or skype interview? They will give me VISA and expenses?
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Brook Brook
Assuming that it quite is Sunday night now, with a activity interview on Monday, it quite is slightly previous due togo down this path of seeing what help the activity centre can grant you - they gained't open till the following day of direction, and then will take some days to [technique any purposes meaning which you will would desire to organise the clothing your self - the two borrow them or manage the finance your self. in case you have pals you could call, a number of them would desire to have some thing perfect - a shirt right here, a tie there, somebody else with jacket and trousers etc. shoes would desire to be your person of direction, and jointly as leather-based shoes are the superb, type isn't as important as having them sparkling in case you prefer to purchase your person stuff then you certainly will would desire to ask pals and family individuals for a private loan, superb to no longer ask the persons who promote on television on account which you're possibly to would desire to pay returned double what you borrow - or extra, however while you're desperate there is usually a pawn broking service for short term loans (someplace like funds turbines), returned however you will desire to pay returned extra beneficial than you borrow so no longer in lots of situations a stable concept
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Alisya Alisya
I have two experiences with retail group interviews, both pretty different: 1.) I went to a group interview for a clothing store, and there was a huge group (about 30-40 people) with a manager going over a sort of history of the company. He asked some questions to everybody to test their knowledge of the company, so it might be to your benefit to answer those questions, if it's in your comfort level. After the manager addressed us all, we went to individual interviews according to what position you wanted to apply for - in my case, they had either stock room or customer service. 2.) At another group interview for a jeans company, they brought in about 7 people and asked questions in general to everybody, meaning they never called on you to answer the questions. It would be in your best interest to answer all of their questions, in my opinion, and to articulate yourself so that you stand out. A mistake I made in this interview was to wear a suit and tie. So if you're applying for a position at a clothing store, I would suggest you dress in nice, but casual, clothes to show them you have a sense of style.
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Alisya Originally Answered: Review Interview q's prior to interview?
Yes, to be fair to all candidates they will ask the same questions to everybody. When I worked for the school district they would have a panel of people to interview you at the same time. They would rotate by reading off the questions to you. Any of the people on the panel could ask for clarification or more information. There was a big microphone in the middle of the table to record the interview just in case there was a question about how the interview was conducted. One interview I got excellent ratings by three people, and I person graded me as poor. She said that I took too long to answer the question. It was an communication problem with the interviewer. She kept on saying UH, UH, and I thought that she did not understand my answer. So, I would add more information to my answer to help her understand what I was saying. After the personnel person played back the tape she discovered that the person was from a foreign county and and in her county it was like saying OK OK in our county. Be straight forward with your answer, and do not use any slang or street talk. Keep the interview very professional, and have good eye contact with the person or panel that is interviewing you.

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