Why do racist white act in this way?

Why do racist white act in this way? Topic: Music world case study
May 25, 2019 / By Joby
Question: the racist whites brought africans to America. Then turn around after we were free and wanted us to go back. It was their fault we are her in the first place right? Then on top of that they make groups like the KKK and hate groups on the land THEY brought us on. They brought us here we make up 12% or more of the pop. And they hate us that much. why do they hate us on the land they brought us on? Its just doesn't make sense. 12% of the pop. has that muchinfluencee ontheirrLittlee white brains? excuse my typos. *much influence* on their little brains*
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Greg Greg | 1 day ago
The African ****** were kidnapped and sold into slavery. White man was happy to do this, because he was too much of a lazy bum to do his own cleaning and had to get someone else that he thought was dumb enough to do the job. If you study it a bit more, you will see white man dared not educate the black man. An educated black man knows this is wrong and will use his knowledge to revolt against the white man. The white man fears that the black man will make him a slave and boss him around. So then the white man from fear created the KKK. To try and stop the black man from being educated and over-throwing him. Even governments throughout the world refused to accept that the black man existed as a human being. Australia. Indigenous Aborigines were not recognised as human with rights until 1967. America is around that time too. Aborigines were systematically murdered, raped, made slaves, had their children stolen from them (Stolen Generation) and yet as they were not classed as human. Therefore no crime had been committed. That is the Governments view. Still applies today in some cases. Look on the bright though. The African/ ****** of today. There have been some brilliant advocates and politicians – Marin Luther King, Actors and Actresses – Halle Berry is a cutie, Michael Jackson while I was never a fan of his, the world saw him as the King of Pop (music). They idolised him. So if you are still annoyed at the past and present? Sit back in your chair and reflect on who is running the USA. A black man. Karma? Maybe. Do you realize how many white people are angry at that? lol
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BET was launched January 25, 1980. Most shows on television only had white people in them, and still do today. Almost every show on TV has a white person in it, or are majorly white. Usually the main character of the show is also white. And the Oscar awards and things like that are usually predominantly white. BET was launched so black people can have something to watch with people of their ethnicity on TV too. Imagine having to watch mostly all black shows, and that was usually the only type of ethnicity on TV. No one complains that spanish people have a channel to themeselve for soaps, and stuff. I can give you a whole list of shows with predominatant white shows: 1.True Blood 2.Game of Thrones New! 3. Falling Skies 4. Suits 5. Criminal Minds 6. NCIS 7. Bones 8. Grey's Anatomy 9. House 10. Leverage 11. Supernatural 12. Burn Notice 13. Chaos 14. The Secret Life of the American Teenager 15. Keeping Up with the Kardashians 16. Top Gear 17. Sanctuary 18. Castle Monday 19. The Killing New! 20. White Collar 21. One Tree Hill 22. The Vampire Diaries 23. Law and Order: Criminal Intent 24. Smallville 25. Desperate Housewives 26. Weeds Monday 27. Dexter Sunday 28. How I Met Your Mother 29. Fringe Friday 30. Gossip Girl 31. The Big Bang Theory 32. The Mentalist 33. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit 34. Doctor Who 35. CSI 36. Merlin Friday 37. Rookie Blue 38. Camelot 39. Breaking Bad 40. The Protector 41. Eureka 42. Family Guy 43. Glee 44. In Plain Sight Sunday 45. Flashpoint Tuesday 46. The Good Wife Tuesday 47. Hawaii Five-0 Monday 48. CSI: NY Friday 49. Brothers and Sisters 50. The Glades Sunday 51. Futurama 52. South Park 53. Covert Affairs 54. Primeval Saturday 55. Pretty Little Liars 56. Friday Night Lights 57. The Simpsons 58. Two and a Half Men Monday 59. Switched At Birth 60. Prison Break 61. 24 62. Lost 63. Gilmore Girls 64. Lie to Me 65. The Walking Dead 66. Private Practice 67. Friends 68. Spartacus: Blood and Sand 69. 90210 70. The Closer Monday 71. Heroes 72. Make It or Break It 73. Columbo 74. Sex and the City 75. The Bachelorette 76. Franklin and Bash 77. Teen Wolf 78. Outcasts 79. NCIS: Los Angeles Tuesday 80. So You Think You Can Dance 81. Stargate Universe 82. The Office 83. Buffy the Vampire Slayer 84. Wizards of Waverly Place 85. Charmed 86. Chuck 87. Wilfred 88. Entourage 89. Modern Family 90. Nikita Thursday 91. The Event 92. WWE 93. Combat Hospital New! 94. CSI: Miami Sunday 95. Law and Order Originally 96. Cold Case Originally 97. Las Vegas Originally 98. Sons of Anarchy 99. 7th Heaven 100. Medium _________________________ And that's not even all of them! Think of all the other channels. Why would you need another channel just to add on. I mean as it is white people basically control the media. And seriously just because Black people have a channel white people do to, when basically ever channel is white! Plus think back to about 70 years ago. Most things were all white. All white drinking fountains only, all white schools only, all white bathrooms. But black people couldn't complain about that could they? Get over yourself.

Duncan Duncan
"the racist whites brought africans to America." Yes, they did but it was your African brothers that put them up for sale in the first place. That has got to be hard to swallow. Then turn around after we were free and wanted us to go back. Why wouldn't you want to go back? After all, if whites are as bad as you claim and if have to endure so much discrimination, why would you want to stay in a country dominated by your oppressors? I can promise you that were the shoes on the other foot, as a white man I would be immigrating to a white dominated country. It was their fault we are her in the first place right? Wrong. Remember, it was your black brothers who placed your ancestors on the auction block. Whites are only partially responsible for you being here. They brought us here we make up 12% or more of the pop. And they hate us that much. why do they hate us on the land they brought us on? Its just doesn't make sense. 12% of the pop. has that much influence on their little white brains? Your people might be a small percentage of the population, but you all are responsible for a disproportionate amount of the crime. You think that might have something to do with it????
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Bruno Bruno
Seems you know very little about slavery. You also seem to forget it was also whites that started that war to free the slaves too. Many brave white men fought for your freedom in the USA. Blacks were a lot more respectful back then too. Now a huge majority run around feeling like we owe them something.
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Alann Alann
Not all whites want y'all to go back And because racist people are IGNORANT and Its not just white people. Just because Their is some people in America who is racist Two wrongs don't make a right Im not racist At all But don't belittle other peoples race because of what some stupid people do... Not all white people are bad reguardless of what you think, And not all black people are bad niether. All this racist **** needs to stop it is 2011 about to be 2012,
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Sybil Sybil
Yes, and "go back" is ridiculous, since most blacks in the US and Canada have never even BEEN to Africa, let lone lived there. And what is even more ironic (and you can look this up), is that black slaves were forced to build "the White House". How nice, that the best-known residence in the US was built mostly by slaves.
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Sybil Originally Answered: Is the VA WA sexist? Is it racist? Does it mean in a roundabout way it only benefits white women?
Of course, VAWA is s-exist, despite claims that it's gender neutral and that it's applied equally to male and female victims of DV and abuse. Dr. Phyllis Schlafly writes - " For 30 years, the feminists have been pretending that their goal is to abolish all sex discrimination, eliminating all gender differences no matter how reasonable. When it comes to domestic violence, however, feminist dogma preaches that there is an innate gender difference: Men are naturally batterers, and women are naturally victims (i.e., gender profiling). Starting with its title, VAWA is just about as sex discriminatory as legislation can get. It is written and implemented to oppose the abuse of women and to punish men. Ignoring the mountain of evidence that women initiate physical violence nearly as often as men, VAWA has more than 60 passages in its lengthy text that exclude men from its benefits. For starters, the law's title should be changed to Partner Violence Reduction Act, and the words "and men" should be added to those 60 sections." Cops are definitely trained to arrest the man [when a call has been made] or in certain counties, to either arrest the physically larger/stronger person, and in very RARE places, both. This treatment can hardly be called "gender neutral". Given that it's s-exist, I'm not surprised in the least that it ignores considering victims in different other demographics, too, as you have mentioned.

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