What should I do about this situation, so frustrated?

What should I do about this situation, so frustrated? Topic: Where is the sister wives house in las vegas
June 27, 2019 / By Oran
Question: My brother got involved with a welfare mommy. She has two different kids both different fathers. My brother has a ok job at a factory making 50k but ever since he meet her she had him go into debt big time, buy buying a 35k SUV and put it in both names, house with only him on the loan, but both on the Title. Plus she had him get a 7k engagement ring, but she dose not want to get married soon because of her government help. Well week before last they were over at our house for a bit a day before they came I won a 1500 visa gift card at work. I got it as it came in its envolpe with pin# ect and set it on our desk in our office. Well a few days later after there visit i noticed it was gone, i looked everywhere. I was going to use it to take my husband to las vegas for his 30th B-day as I did not even tell my husband I won it. Embarrassed at work I have to ask for a new one, a few days later I leaned it had a balance of 4 dollars. Then I was advised to call the police, they learned someone withdrew the cash at a ATM, they looked at the tape and noticed the culpret put tape over the camera. The police said the case is screwed. I read my future sister in laws email account and say how she in my brother won over 1k at a casino and bought a big TV and PS3 with the winnings. I called my brother and told him congrats and told him how my gift card went missing. He imeditaly said me or Ashley did not take it, as i know thats what you are thinking. That day her kids where running into our office messing around and Ashley went into get them. I was talking to my mom and she told me they took her credit card and used it for gas around her back... I just dont know what to do here?
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Leeroy Leeroy | 10 days ago
Sounds like my brother in law Charles, got involved with someone like that. My in laws owned a business and this Charles with his deadbeat wife pulled money left and right causing there business to go under and leaving my in laws to rot. We looked at the books and figured they took over 400k from the business. It is because his dirty little wife knows # and did there books for the past three years. Now they have a great house, with horses on a 50 acres. note, please call any other cc or other accounts to see if there are any other sup rises. Plus pull a credit report in a few weeks. Now for you situation you need to pair up with your mom and tell them the police is getting close to finding out who it was. They only was out if fess up to it pay it back and the case will dye. If not tell the police who you suspect and your brother will get tossed into jail then fired from his 50k a year job.
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Are you correcting her when she chases the cats? If she even thinks about it, say "no kitty" or "leave it" or whatever. I've kept cats and herding dogs together for years (even confirmed cat chasers) with no problems. As for the leash breaking, that shouldn't be happening. Get a better leash. And the squirrels, teach her the "leave it" command. That'll be a tough one, though. Good luck.

Jade Jade
Let's get something straight, here. Your brother is choosing to buy this woman expensive jewelry. He chose to buy that expensive SUV. He chose to put his name only on the home loan, but both his and her names on the title to the house. These are choices he is making. Yes, they are choices we can easily see as foolish, but it is not like your brother is 19 years old and has no experience in the world. These are his choices, and his responsibilities. You cannot fix your brother. You cannot protect him from the consequences of the choices he makes. Depending on what kind of relationship you and he have, you might be able to have a talk with him and mention that you are concerned he is putting himself at risk, and will one day regret it. But just have that conversation once. Maybe it will eventually soak in, or maybe it won't. You and the rest of your family cannot bail him out, however. When the money starts getting tight for him, and he finds it hard to pay his bills, don't get dragged into his mess, and loan him money. As for this Ashley person, I suggest that you lock up your valuables, and all your personal information before letting her into your home. Also advise your parents to do the same. Your mom needs to treat any unauthorized use of her credit card - whether by a family member or a stranger - as theft. It needs to be reported to the police, and to the credit card company ASAP. I suppose if you are a bit devious you could set up a hidden spy camera and leave a credit card (maybe get one with a really low limit, specially for this purpose) out as bait. Maybe have it be another member of the family, at another house, as Ashley might be on her guard around you and your things. That won't make your brother happy, as he will feel betrayed by you. But it might very well provide the evidence needed to put Ashley in jail.
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Finnbar Finnbar
Yup, call the police. Nothing may come of it, but try. In the meantime, don't leave things like that out in the open. And don't leave anything of value anywhere near her or her kids.
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Darian Darian
A & B, yet surprisingly: D: you're driving on a street with a sluggish lane and a quickly lane, and finally the planets unite and 2 of the slowest as$holes on your city are concurrently driving on the same time on the same street, ultimate beside eacother, oblivious to all at the back of them..... hence blocking off everyone from passing. occurs to me each and every of the time. Grrrrr!!!
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Azel Azel
Next time you have something of value, make sure it is at a safe place. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do. Your brother is an adult.
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Wilda Wilda
Well, if she's a thief, you need to call the police!!! Whether he knows what's going on or not, stealing is stealing.
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