My Teacher lost my paper?

My Teacher lost my paper? Topic: Research paper index
May 25, 2019 / By Alicia
Question: My teacher told me today that he didn't get my three weeks worth of work and my research paper. I explained to him that I turned it in and many people agreed they saw me do it. He told me to just make it up for tomorrow. The final paper I have on my computer, but there's also a series of notes, index cards, etc. that I turned in with it that were hand written. This is very important for my grade this quarter and I cannot possibly make up three weeks worth of work in a single night. I can't ask for an extension because the quarter ends on Friday. What should I do?
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Uel Uel | 2 days ago
I wouldn't do that d*mn sh*t over again. Go to the office and explain what happened, how there's index cards notes and more that you need to do the assignment but considering you already turned them in once and your teacher lost them, you don't have them. Tell them you don't see how it's possible to make up three weeks worth of work in one night. And make sure you say other people are witnesses of you turning them in as well.
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Uel Originally Answered: My employer lost my diploma, then lost all of my paper?
Is this your high-school or college diploma? Either way, why did you give them your ACTUAL diploma? You should have just given them a copy. That is a REALLY weird thing to ask for...they should have accepted a copy.
Uel Originally Answered: My employer lost my diploma, then lost all of my paper?
I would never give any employer the only copy I have of something. Most colleges, universities, etc. will provide employers with official copies of your records. I would also think the doctor's office would do the same thing. Yes, it does cost money, but since you supplied them to the employer once, I would politely tell them that you have no problem getting them the information again, but that it is up to them to pay for the cost beforehand. That way even though it is an inconvenience to you, it at least won't keep costing you money, and hopefully if they have to foot the bill for it, they will be more careful with it. They already had enough information to hire you I don't see how their losing it could allow them to fire you, they are the ones who lost it, not you. However, it sounds like you might want to start looking for a new job as soon as you can, because these don't sound like very good employers to work for.

Rimmon Rimmon
I remember in seventh grade, something similar happened to my best friend, except the teacher wouldn't admit it and counted them all as zeros, it brought her grade down by literally like twenty points or something. I'm not sure, that was a few years ago, but it was a lot and caused her to nearly fail. The quarter's almost over, don't risk it. Print out the paper again, at least, that'll save part of your grade. Redo what you can of the notes...sorry. Your kinda screwed, that REALLY sucks. Good luck?
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Meryl Meryl
You say to him"HEY! I turned it in! And I want the credit for it!" Hit his face, then leave. Or you can go to your guidance counselor.
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Meryl Originally Answered: My teacher lost my homework?
Nina's advice is good. Tell your mom right away and ask her to help you sort this out with the teacher. Your record from your other classes will support you. 1- One thing you may check, or have your teacher check, is if your name was on your papers. My kid turns in his homework without his name frequently. The teachers should keep a stack of ' no names' that you can look through. 2- Is it possible another student took your work off her desk? 3- If possible, make a schedule of your assignments each week. Include a small box to the side for your teacher to initial. When you hand in the work, have her look at the paper and then initial the box to show you've turned it in. Maybe make two copies, one for you and one for her. 4- Another thing you can do is make a copy of your completed homework. Keep that in your folder or at home. If this happens again, then you'll have a back up.

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