Is Tennessee a good place to live?

Is Tennessee a good place to live? Topic: First chattanooga research
June 25, 2019 / By Callidora
Question: Over the summer I went on a little vacation to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee and loved it. I am interested in moving there after college. For someone who has lived there I just have a few questions. Is it worth living there? Are there jobs available there for a person with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing?
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Alyse Alyse | 6 days ago
I think its a great place. You have 4 seasons ( I never paid attention until I got stationed in San Antonio where they have 2 seasons...hot as hell and hotter than hell). That tour also made me appreciate trees. There's something for everyone here. If you like the outdoors, there's mountain climbing, hunting, hiking, fishing, boating. Vanderbilt, UT and STU are on the forefront of various research projects. Everyone associates Nashville with country music but the biggest industry is actually gospel music. Knoxville is a great small city and that's very near Gatling/Pigeon Forge. You may want to go Monsters.com; usajobs.gov etc and see what you can find. I'd also look at UT for employment. EDIT: I forgot Chattanooga! Chattanooga was rated as one of the best small cities by US News and World Report...I found out by accident that the TN lottery is looking for sales reps there. Just a thought. EDIT: And you should know that there's no income tax but there's outrageous sales tax instead.
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Vic Vic
I would not move to gatlinberg or pigeon forge...they are 100% tourist destinations...and you will have a very hard time finding a job there. If you like east TN i would suggest looking into Chattanooga or Knoxville...both pretty major cities and both have tons to offer while just being a short drive from the "touristy" areas. If you want more of a metropolitan feel then look into nashville...the mountains you love are about 4 hours away and once again, you might actually be able to land a job:)
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Ross Ross
There are a few jobs im sure. As long as you aren't planing on being rude towards the tennessee way of life. Most tennesseans eat home cooked large meals every night. There is a lot of attractions in tennessee too! You have the Galtinburg and Pigeon Fordge area. You also have many scenic small towns. And if your interested in history you will have a blast learning about the atomic bomb and the civil war!
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Montmorency Montmorency
plane mechanic attempt the Helicopter restore in Blountville Tennessee. they only geared up a clean facility. The restore copters from all over the u . s .. that's located interior the Tri Citites business park. in case you reside interior the county you will under no circumstances if ever have any problems. I truthfully have not locked my doorways in see you later I truthfully have misplaced the main to the abode, see what I mean. even whilst i bypass on vaction.
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Keane Keane
Its really not a place you want to live not much work in the area. You loved it because its a tourist area thats all. Its not a place you can make a living unless you open a store and sell objects that tourist like other then that its tough place to make a living
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