Scleral Buckle Removal - Procedure & Risks?

Scleral Buckle Removal - Procedure & Risks? Topic: Case studies on first impressions
July 23, 2019 / By Decima
Question: Hi, This Friday I am due to have a my scleral buckle removed at Moorfields eye hospital in London UK. I had the buckle fitted aged 10 & am now 31. There is no serious pain or infection & I have perfect vision. Occasionally the buckle causes slight discomfort & so I decided to ask an expert about the possibility of having it removed. The nurse at the hospital did say the buckle appears to have loosened & the specialist doctor was very relaxed about a removal procedure. I'd like to know more about the procedure & what will be removed exactly? What are the risks & what is the recovery time for such an operation? I understand that every case is different & I'm in good hands at Moorfields but still, I can't find any up to date information on the removal of scleral buckles online and most websites I have seen say that removal isn't a common or good thing. Has the technology/procedure for removal improved in recent years? Many Thanks, Chris
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Brittany Brittany | 5 days ago
Hi, firstly let me say that I have not had a scleral buckly so I have not had one removed. However, I went into surgery for retinal detachment under the impression that I was going to have one so read up all about it. From the research I did, most people who have scleral buckly will keep it in unless it becomes a problem. It is not as rare as you think as a study shows that it can happen in between 1 to 24% of cases. The main problem that you have is that it has become loose. This means it could come off completely by itself, cause infection, nerve damage etc. That is why the doctor has agreed to do the surgery I would imagine. Like you say, there could be complications with the surgery, one being a retinal detachment. Also infection, glaucoma, cataract, nerve damage. Infection is the most common and you will be given antibiotics for that. Has technology increased onver 21 yrs. Yes, it has but I think the procedure is much the same. You can expect your eye to be sore for a while. You may expect distorted vision. I know you are after reassurance and I can tell you for certain that the majority of cases go very well. I can also tell you the more you read this damned internet, the more you will worry no matter what you read so you are best off keeping well away. People who have successful surgery are less likely to come on here and post there experiences than those who it has gone wrong for. The way I see it, you dont really have a choice. The doctor would in his professionalism judged the risk against the consequences and decided it is worth while you having it done. Just before I had my retinal detachment surgery done I spent weeks on here and in the end convinced myself I was going to end up blind. Be positive, it will all turn out for the best!! Tell them you are a bit of a wuss and ask for some decent pain medication for after. Normally they only give paracetamol which barely does the job.
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