Why don't food markets do their own meat service any longer?

Why don't food markets do their own meat service any longer? Topic: Case supermarket
June 25, 2019 / By Lagina
Question: Recently, I was looking for a certain type of meat at the local supermarket. I had to ring for the meat department representative and asked about it. I was informed that the store didn't process meat there and if I wanted a special cut, I would have to order it ahead, then they would order it from their supplier. I was a little shocked because years ago, the store had an on-site butcher and could provide you with whatever you wanted in a few minutes if it wasn't out in the case. This isn't a little mom & pop store - it's a large regional chain. What has happened to in-store service?
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Jeni Jeni | 7 days ago
Outsourcing - look it up on the Internet. Many companies now use third party sources as a means of trying to cut their costs. The store would probably have to pay a skilled butcher a high salary, purchase and maintain meat processing equipment, thereby increasing the cost of the product. Now they just order the basic cuts they think customers will most want, then pay a pimply-faced teenager to plunk the packages out into the cases when they arrive. You actually might do better at a mom & pop corner market, if there are still any where you live, rather than a large chain. Just a thought.
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Jeni Originally Answered: Snuck meat in my food.Vegetarian?
A fried of mine orderd a fish burger at McDonalds and asked that they not put any tarter sauce on it so the person scraped off the sauce and what followed was a big arguement and - the person at McDonalds was sacked. The reality is that you and your parents need to sort out your nutrition issues. The principal needs to get committed to catering for vegan/vegetarians. How hard is it to have a chickpea and tomatoe dish with rice or a vegie pizza or a chickpea and lentil burger? How difficult is it to make a toasted cheese and tomatoe sandwich? And as for the cook/matron scraping off the pepperoni that is NOT appropriate and should be addressed. All people including teenagers have rights and as far as I see the school is not taking your vegetarian committment seriously. So perhaps contacting whatever passes for an education department and finding out the policies for 1) You being able to get a pass to go home for lunch where you can better cater to your individual nutritional needs, 2) getting a copy of their equity and access policy - basically this policy will state taht all people regardless of the beliefes will be treated equitably - and that is important because you appear not to be treated equitably by the school system. It is hard to sue these days but the facts are 1) You are a committed vegetarian and have been for 8 months 2) Prior to them refusing to let you leave the school grounds you ate lunch at home where you could cater to your specific needs 3) Due to them refusing to let you leave school grounds dispite parental consent you have had to eat sub standard foods and at times go without lunch due to the school's inability to cater to vegetarians 4) Now somebody it appears in charge has lied or accidently overlooked the pepperoni in the pizza and it appears that she scraped off a pepperoni pizza and stated it was vegetarian when it was not. As a result this action risked making you sick because you are not used to digesting meat. I would sugest you place your concerns in writing and try to get your parents to help. The facts are dispite being teenagers everybody has a right to chose to eat what they want and this decision should be respected. Also think about what you want out of this, maybe sacking people is extreme but you may be able to use this issue to highlight the needs of other vegetarian students. Here are some compromises 1) Realy stress for More healthy options and alternatives for vegan/vegetarian students 2) Stress and push for more Training for catering and school staff regarding nutrition and different food/lifestyle choices such as vegan and vegetarian diets 3)Realy stress that it would "appear" that you have been subjected to unnecessary treatment (stopping you from going home for lunch because staff are not aware of school polices. Stress that All staff should be more familar with their polices and procedures 4) Realy get your parents to advocate For you to get a term pass signed by your parents to allow you to leave the premises to go home for lunch 5) An apology by the person responsible for the pizza issue may be possible - really try to obtain it because that would help you with closure - I hope these thoughts have helped , good luck
Jeni Originally Answered: Snuck meat in my food.Vegetarian?
I'm pretty sure you CAN sue for anything, though in this case I doubt you'd get anywhere. What the real question is, is SHOULD you. I understand why you are upset. You feel like your rights have been violated, and your convictions ignored. You do need to step back and look at things more rationally, though. It is possible that the lunch lady didn't know it wasn't acceptable to just take the pepperoni off and call it vegetarian cheese pizza, and she missed a little bit. You said it was underneath in the middle-- easier to miss. Maybe it was a mistake from the company who made the pizza-- it said cheese but a bit of pepperoni was on there. You don't know. I doubt she thought to herself "well, I'll show that vegetarian-- I'll put a pepperoni on it!" Okay, she might have-- but the chances are slim. You bring up a valid point -- "what if I was allergic?" Well, you aren't (unless there is something you didn't mention in the question), and if you were it would be on record. They would have been more careful (or should have, because that would be just asking for a lawsuit), and probably wouldn't have given you anything that had even been near the allergen. The truth is, as important as your vegetarianism is to you, many people don't understand that conviction. Eating meat doesn't seem like a big deal, and they don't understand why you're making such a fuss. That attitude probably comes from our culture. Yes, as someone who works with food, she SHOULD be educated about vegetarianism. This sounds like a backward attitude on the part of the school more than anything. It is possible that she wasn't trained well. Yes, it does sound like she handled it badly. But sue worthy-- think for a minute here. Now you didn't mention WHY you are a vegetarian, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume it has something to do with animal rights and compassion. Where is the compassion in suing someone over something that was in all likelihood a mistake? We all make bad judgment calls at times-- imagine if we all got sued for them! There are rare times where suing might be appropriate, but this sounds like revenge. You weren't harmed, physically or financially. Where is the compassion in making financial trouble for someone who likely doesn't have much money to start with? In completely turning someone's life inside out? The answer to this isn't "teaching a lesson" by suing. It's going to come through rational discussions with people in authority with the school, who do need to be better informed about vegetarianism and how important it is to people. I'm sorry that this comes off like a lecture. I will say this, though-- sad though it is, this sort of thing happens a lot. I'm a vegan, and if I got angry every time I was in a restaurant and there was some cheese on my salad that wasn't supposed to be there, or sour cream that I didn't know about touching the rice, etc... I would be angry a lot. Granted, meat would be a much bigger deal. Sometimes these things happen, and you just have to work with it. Getting angry and making a scene will only turn people off.
Jeni Originally Answered: Snuck meat in my food.Vegetarian?
Yes I know that meat tastes bad and is disgusting when you are a vegetarian, I know cause I have had that happen to me before, but it is not something to take to court. I am guessing that the lunch lady probably made you a piece next to a pepperoni one or the one you ate would have had grease and disgusting taste all over it. In other words, sounds like an honest mistake that a little bit got on your slice. What is sad about your school is that they don't have more vegetarian choices. Salad and veggie soup at the least should be a part of every school lunch. In my opinion, you shouldn't have to bring your lunch or eat nachos or pizza. That school needs to change their menu and that is what you should be trying to change. Maybe you should start a petition or something and if you get enough signatures they will have to listen to you.

Ferne Ferne
Not efficient enough, The stores can now order cuts from processors that are broken down already so they don't have to employ a butcher who they'd have to pay butchers wages to,nor have all of the equipment required, they can hire anyone off the street and pay minimum wage. You want specific cuts and better meat go to a butcher shop.
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Ferne Originally Answered: Mixing food brands for extended period or time? Adding meat or eggs?
Your vet isn't going to tell you to switch to a more expensive dog food. \ I don't even want to touch that "corn myth" thing cause it's bizzare. All I can say is when you switch dog foods, if you switch them too fast..the dog will get ill.. It's like going from eating Mcdonalds every day to eating home grown food. You're supposed to feed them 75% old food, 25% new food for a few days, 50% old, 50% new for another couple days... then 25% old, 75% new for a few more days..then do the complete switch to get their stomach used to it. Also, not every dog food is made for every dog. If you're going to switch off of blue buffalo because you think it isn't working for your dog..why not try another holistic brand..since you have the means to spend the extra money on a good food (like blue buff, I applause the choice). There are many others like Solid Gold, Wellness, Canidae, California Natural, Merrick, Avoderm (is decent), taste of the wild, halo, evo/innova etc..there are so many I could go on and on... My breeder had my puppy on Chicken Soup for the soul.. A premium dog food...it made him ill and gave him bad gas.... blue buff..did not. I read your other question, and I'm curious if you have gone on to websites of different kinds of food to look for retail locations near you that they are sold.
Ferne Originally Answered: Mixing food brands for extended period or time? Adding meat or eggs?
A friend of mine used to give their dog raw ground beef once a week both as a treat and to promote a healthy shiny coat. I thought the raw meat was a bad idea, but they claimed it was their vet who'd told them that raw meat is better for animals than cooked because they don't process foods quite the way we do. As for mixing food brands; the only problem you really have to worry about there is the finickiness of your dog. The old food will likely take longer to get rid of than the Purina (which I, too, have always used to such great success that my cat won't eat anything else) and may go stale. That won't make it less nutritious for the animal, but will make it less appealing and thus less likely to be eaten; my cat won't touch food after it's sat for more than about 4 hours. Overall, though, if you are truly concerned for the health of your pet, the best source of advice would be a vet.

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