I Hate My Brother, Help?

I Hate My Brother, Help? Topic: Nut case solution
June 27, 2019 / By Ileen
Question: Now, I know a lot of you are saying, "You don't really hate your brother, deep down you love him." That's not the case, I hate him. My brother is a *&^% and I try and be nice to him but he goes nuts and I tell my mom. My mom is ALWAYS on his side and NEVER on mine, he is "always right". It annoys the crap out of me and I can't take his @#[email protected] any longer. He always goes in my room and messes around with my stuff, swears at me nonstop, makes fun of what ever I do, makes a fight about every little thing, and screams at me for NO reason what so ever. He has been like this for YEARS and my grandparents say "You both will get better when your older." I completely disagree because I don't even want to talk to him when I'm older because of the hell he puts me through. My older sister is amazing and I love her, but she rarely sticks up for me either. I have tons of friends and they don't really understand, they just say "that sucks." My life is fine besides this #@!%. I can't really get out of the house the WHOLE day, I need a solution!!!!!! PLEASE help!
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Eglantine Eglantine | 1 day ago
You have just described MY brother. He gets worse as he gets older. Occasionally he's nice to me. I don't know why. He's moody like he's on his period or something. Listen, take my advice and let it go. Eventually you will move out of the house, away from him and you will start your happier life. And when he needs your help for something in the future- refuse him! That will be his lesson. But for now, since you're stuck at home with him- whatever he says to you- ignore COMPLETELY. Just try it for a month at least and see if his swearing happens less. And if he dares touches your stuff do TEN times worse to his stuff. And if he confronts you be like, "Deal with it. If you're gonna be horrible to me I will do the same to you. Do you want me to do that? If not, then leave me alone."
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Eglantine Originally Answered: Why does my brother suddenly hate me?
OMG, a similar thing happened to me and my brother (except he was my older bro and not my twin). We always had lots of fun playing & hanging out together and then all of a sudden everything STOPPED between us as far as my brother was concerned. He didn't insult me, but he ignored me. My brother would barely talk to me and rarely looked at me. He also stopped helping me with my homework (which I had always thought that he enjoyed, because he'd sit with me and help even though I didn't ask for help). One day after a few weeks, I was trying to talk to my brother about what was wrong and he wouldn't even look at me. I burst out crying and couldn't stop. Finally, my brother came over and hugged me and he was crying, too. He told me that he was turned on by me and that he had developed a huge crush on me, but I was his 100% blood sister and he knew that it wasn't acceptable to feel that way. He thought that I'd slap him and call him a pervert if he ever told me. My brother told me that it was torture for him to be around me. He said that his attraction to me was getting stronger whenever he'd look into my eyes, so he just decided to stop spending any time with me. I asked him to please just be completely honest with me, and then we could work things out together. We had a super long talk, and I told my brother that it was okay if he had a crush on me. So during the next few days, we started staring into each other's eyes and cuddling on the couch and kissing each other on the cheek and holding hands (I was the aggressor and everything was in private, of course). Pretty soon, I'd developed a crush on my brother and told him so. Now we're a secret BF and GF taboo couple. My brother treats me nicer than any of the BF's treat my friends. I know it sounds really weird, but there's no drama and there's no awkwardness between my brother & me because we're always 100% honest with each other since that day we cried together. Now I feel that my brother is my soulmate. Does your brother have the same problem as my brother did? Maybe; maybe not; who knows? The only way to find out is to get an honest explanation directly from your brother. If you can manage to work up a bunch of tears and cry in front of him, then your tears might finally convince him to tell you the truth.

Chelsea Chelsea
Omg i no exactly how you feel...Trust me I understand!! My brother is two years older than i and i have 2 other sisters who are 4 years and 6 years older. I dont really hate him because we do get along, but at times he makes my life hell. My loves he little italian boy and always sides with him, plus i always have to do the chores that he doesnt want to do and he always gets to go out with friends when i cant. In your situation, I would just try to ignore him completly. I know he may try to annoy you but just dont even talk to him. He may surprise you and miss being able to talk with you, even if he just misses annoying you. Brothers need a sister they can tease. As for him going in your room, go to the store and buy a door with a lock and keep a key so your room will always be locked. Hope I helped!
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Arline Arline
have a family discussion about this problem. I may be interpreting the situatuion wrong but maybe he is also going through some tough stuff. Maybe he feels a lot of stress upon him. He doesn't know how to handle these levels of anger and frustration. Just try to get along with him. If all this fails then complain to a social worker.I hope he starts treating you better.
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Zed Zed
I know I'm being like your friends right now, but still, that sucks. I have a little sister that drives me CRAZY!!!! She annoys me every single f--king day!! I hate it!! But the only thing you can really do is to just ignore him, and pretty soon he'll also be annoyed because he's no getting anything outta you. Then problems solved.
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Simon Simon
Well, I have a lot of older sisters and 2 younger brothers. Being the middle child, you will never have anybody on your side, honestly, I never do either. All you can do is stoop to his level of thinking and mess with him just as bad. I always put up with my siblings until last year. Now I am fine. But it is because I started fighting fire with fire instead of pretending it did not affect me. Sound good? I do not want you to get in trouble or anything, so if this will couse trouble, don't do it. But it helped me. SO yeah, that is all I can say. Hope I helped some. later tater.
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Simon Originally Answered: How do I tell my brother I don't like his girlfriend, without making him hate me?
You can try to get some alone time with him, and try to reason with him. Try asking him out to lunch and having a heart to heart. I don't think he will hate you. Just tell him you love him and you hate to see him be treated like a dog. I mean come on she really is treating him like a dog. That is so weird that she won't allow him to eat stuff. Like is it a relationship or a dictatorship? I would like to say that I was against my sister-in-law at first because she didn't seem like a nice girls. She has a few tattoos, and she wasn't "our kind" of people. But now I love her to death. She has been so good for my brother. (My brother is not a very good person) My point is, you never know what the future will bring. But if you feel like your brother is unhappy, or starting to be, you need to do something now before he is paying child support to a psycho Bi#@h. She sounds like a narcissist. Here is a link to a list that will help him determine if she is or not: http://shrink4men.wordpress.com/2009/01/... If his girl friend meets some of these traits, then he should run, not walk, away. Feel free to print this list out and show it to him, even print my answer out as evidence for you case. Good Luck! Oh wow! He actually married someone that tells him what he can and can't eat. Ok, well, I would just tell your brother, but have examples for him, you know build your case.

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