When a deaf person reads,?

When a deaf person reads,? Topic: Difficulty in writing and reading
June 27, 2019 / By Zinnia
Question: When a hearing person reads, the words are generally translated in to speech (or imagined speech) in their head. When a deaf person (one who has been completely deaf their entire life) reads, is the text translated to sign in their head? I just finished an introductory ASL class yesterday. Last night I was reading and started to wonder about this.
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Sherill Sherill | 5 days ago
Hmm. I'm actually in graduate school, and am doing research on d/Deaf readers. While I cannot say for sure (this isn't really the focus of the research, and I'm just starting to get involved), many deaf people memorize the English words and English grammar, and read through sheer memorization. When hearing people speak, they are reinforcing the grammatical rules of English, which makes reading easier. Deaf people who sign ASL, which has a very different sentence structure than does English, do not get this additional reinforcement. They generally memorize the language. Whether or not they take this and translate it to signs in their head depends on the person. But it also helps explain why many deaf people have difficulty reading and writing. I know several deaf people who are excellent readers/writers, but it seems to take more of an effort than it would for hearing readers.
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Pene Pene
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Marise Marise
The way was explaned to me was. They learn to recognize words as the meaning to objects. So its a cross between pictures and just words as symbols. But when reading for pleasure they visualize a signed conversation.
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Kristie Kristie
Well, no. It is just the same. I am deaf, for real. I read alot, I am just like a hearing person I guess. :-/
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