Is this letter creepy or I'm just paranoid? What's the most appropriate way to deal with this letter?

Is this letter creepy or I'm just paranoid? What's the most appropriate way to deal with this letter? Topic: Writing letters to boyfriend in jail
June 17, 2019 / By Hadley
Question: I don't have any characters left so for the rest of the passage, please kindly refer to the picture attached. Sorry for making this so long and the bad English. I posted this in forums of my country but no one answered. Any help would be appreciated :) When I was 15 I post my email address on a pen pal website. A women emailed me, told me she had a younger brother, let's call him Tom, who just got into jail. Since the jail is really near to my city, she wanted me to be his friend and cheer him up. I agreed and gave her my address. We started writing to each other for a few weeks, and for some reason Tom didn't reply to my fourth letter. Back then I was really insecure, I thought it was because of something I wrote that made myself sound like a... dumb *****, I guess? I don't want to hear anything bad from him so I didn't do anything about it. For some time I did thought of writing back to him, but I didn't know where to start. Thinking back on it, it's probably because I wrote something he considered offensive (though I'm very careful with my words) and I really should've ask and apologize.
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Best Answers: Is this letter creepy or I'm just paranoid? What's the most appropriate way to deal with this letter?

Earl Earl | 7 days ago
You don't have to do anything if you don't want. You don't even know this guy and should feel any obligation to take anything any further. This isn't your boyfriend or husband or brother. Write to the sister and explain to her. Or you could just right back and say that you don't understand about the past month or so. But if you want to just drop it then do what you want. You have no obligation to have to keep doing this. And don't allow anyone else to make you think that you do. You could write this guy one more time and explain to him that you don't think that you should be writing anymore if there seems to be trouble. Don't ask if you can. Tell him that you don't feel compatible with doing this anymore with him. If his sister wants to know about anything, first tell her that she needs to find someone else to write to him because you didn't feel compatible with what was going on.
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Earl Originally Answered: Is this love letter too creepy or obsessive?
Well to be true it is emotional and long. But iys a truth and i found it quite beautiful. So send him this cause nothing is better than d truth. Dont try hidding what u feel. There is notthing creepy about it. Ur feeling are pure and lovely so let them out. Best of luck.

Byrne Byrne
I wouldn't trust it. Do you know these people? It could have been anyone to pretend to be a woman, email you and lead you into supplying your address, with some story. It may even be possible that some man (pervert) saw you were a young female all those years ago online, emailed you pretending to be an older sister, get your address then send you letters pretending to be an isolated young man. Things like this have happened in the past. And they spend a long time trying to ploy you into thinking you know them. Then they'll try get closer to you. If this is the case, then his intentions aren't good. The fact that he hasn't replied might even be good. Maybe he saw that you weren't easy enough to fool like that. And just gave up (I hope so). But you should not reply. Just leave it. You were 15 years old, he messaged you for 3 years. Then stopped. Either he just moved on, thanking you for the support. Or hes a pervert that's given up on you - or worse, is demand more from you. If you don't know him personally, don't bother with it.
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Aldridge Aldridge
I understand this letter is from Will? And you never wrote to Tom? I would just tell Will you have a boyfriend now and no longer care to have pen pals. And no, do not write to Tom! Just let this drop. If Will should write again, ignore it.
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Talisha Talisha
This is an overly familiar, unsolicited letter from someone you do not know, and do not want to. You are not at all compelled to respond, and indeed the very best thing for you to do would be to ignore it. Don't write to Tom either. Let it go.
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Talisha Originally Answered: Would it be creepy to send a gift or letter to an ex at christmas?
if u leave him a gift or a letter, it will flatter his ego, like : "she has been thinking of me all this time. ha." since he just stopped talking to u, and u think it's coz he wanted to end things, then do not send him anything. instead, write a letter explaining all ur frustration and sadness about him doing that, then throw it out. this way, u get a catharsis and some sense of closure. sending a gift will only make him think ur obsessed with him & always thinking fo him, even if ur not. however, if u think he stopped contact with u bc of like some tragedy or something, it's nice to send a friendly shoutout. but i doubt that's the case. OR u could send a generic style sms to him like "merry xmas! and a happy new year! :]" that way he gets the impression ur nice, but also connotes the possibility u forwarded that text to everrrryyyone in ur phonebook! don't leave something on his car. that's creep.y good luck x0x0

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