I'm jealous of my friend & my dad always implies I'm gonna fail the 8th grade?

I'm jealous of my friend & my dad always implies I'm gonna fail the 8th grade? Topic: Respect homework
July 23, 2019 / By Milford
Question: First; my friend lost like 20 pounds over the summer & now she's like super thin & its annoying cause she always complains she is fat. Well I'm over weight not majorly but definetly not skinny. She and her friend who is like 12 go and take pictures of themselves in short shorts and with there shirts rolled up with there belly showing. I'm really jealous of her that she can take those kind of pictures. And she goes "Oh my gosh! Payton did you see my new pictures on myspace!" and I go "Yeah the ones where you & ____ look like whores" I said that cause I was jealous & she does look like one! Its terrible! She thinks she's so sexy but shes flat on her butt and her bust! DAD SITUATION! I'm not good in school, I work hard sometimes but other times I slack. I try tot focus but I hate it so I just say screw it. So today I went to the mall & I had homework. Like 20 minutes ago I went out in the living room to get my moms computer. She was on it & I asked for it, and I told my dad that I needed it for homework. He then said then you shouldn't have gone to the mall. My mom gave me her computer and he said as I was walking out "I really can't take another year at 'school name'" I was so angry cause he always implies that I'm gonna fail the 8th grade and not go on to high school. Its so frikin annoying and when I was walking out I said "Wow dad thanks for having faith in me. I love you too!" He was trying to say something to me but I was just saying over him I love you too. I don't give a crap about him whenever he does that! I don't know what to do!!?! My questions Is that skankyish what my friend did? Am I being stupid for being jealous of her? What should I do about my dad? Thanks :) I'm 13 In this dumbass of a state Georgia there is no D's. So anything under a 70 is a F its stupid as hell
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Kade Kade | 7 days ago
My answers It doesn't matter. Your friend's MySpace pictures have nothing to do with you. If she wants to post pictures of herself in short shorts and rolled-up t-shirts, it's really not your business unless they start attracting creeps. Yes. If you want to lose weight, your friend is probably an excellent person to support you. If you don't, that's fine. But regardless, stop blaming her for it. It really has nothing to do with you, just like the MySpace pictures. Long answer... Your dad has no confidence in you because he has no reason to be confident in you. You admit to being "not good in school." If you know this, he knows it too. And he's not too pleased about it, from what it sounds like. Look. Your dad isn't the problem. You are the problem. You're the one who ditched homework for the mall. If you want him to lay off, try doing your homework for a change. Love may be unconditional, but respect isn't. Try doing your homework for a change.
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Harvey Harvey
I'm 13 too so I guess I can help. I think this is annoying of your friend, but I think she is just exited because of her gret accomplishment. I think being jealous is not the right think.... instead you should be happy for her no matter what you are thinking in your head. What you should do with your problem with your dad is: My brother is sort of in the same situation, so I know what you are going through (sort of). I think you should sit and tlk with him and say that wha he is saying is lowering your confidence so thats causing you to to worse in school. Also, I think that he is just preparing you for the worst..... if you really are doing that bad. I think that some of the problem is you becasue you should pay more attention to your school work rather than your friends. I used to be the same way untill i hit 6th grade I used to not care but now I realized that middle school is important to your high school and your high school is a BIG impression for collage! It is sort of a chain reaction because of how much effort you put into education! Put a little bit more effort each day and before you know it you will be a strait A student!!!!! Also, in school take as many notes as you can and ask any question you might have becasue all that knoledge will help you that much more after school during your homework! In addition, do your school work the second you get home so you can get it over with... thats what I do. I hope I helped and good luck with school!
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Elgar Elgar
1. If your not happy with your body, change some of your habits and lose some weight! 2. If your friend is going to act like a skanky whorey *****, then is she really your friend? Find another friend that likes you for who you are! Cuz' your much better than your friend. 3. About your dad, sit him down and tell him how you feel. Stay calm during the conversation, otherwise everyone will be screaming and you will resolve nothing. Tell your mom how you feel as well. Also, Prove him wrong, Payton! I know that you can! Wow, that was amazing coming from a 12 year-old.
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Catigern Catigern
im in the same situation hunnie , but i am planning on changing my weight , i am planning on working out over the summer , you should do the same then show off to your friend and tell her that you are skinny too :) as far as your dad i am in the same situation but i am already in high school . to be honest with you middle school isn't all that important its mostly high school because that's what people look at when your trying to get a job , so just get better than an F and you aren't going to be held back or anything . Plus you'll have easier classes later on . Hope it helps hunnie :)
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Allysdair Allysdair
no need to be jealous of your friend. if your not over weight, then your fine. your friend is kinda whorey, but i mean skinny people are kinda just like that. I mean im 13, 5'2, and 90 pounds. i have no chest or butt. on halloween. i took pics in high heel boots and a tank top and short shorts with my leg on a rocking horse. it was really wrong i dont why i did it, sometimes, skinny people just think oooo im so skinny i can show off then it comes off in a whoreish way for your dad....well i mean sometimes they just seem like they dont have faith in you, but they really do, they are giving you a scare to push you foward good luck xxxxxxooooo
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Terra Terra
One, hell yeah it's skanky, slutty, and whoreish. Two, yeah, jealousy doesn't exactly fix problems like that. Love what you got. =) There are people who'll be jealous of you. Like me, your pic looks amazingly pretty, and I would never have the courage to be like that to my dad. Even though I kinda hate him too. Three, just prove him wrong. Your bound to him by blood, and DNA, you can't change that. At your grad, be like, "Well, I guess I did make it, huh?" At my school you get to say like three or four sentences on your year, or whatever. If your school does that just say what you did, "Thanks for your faith in me Dad, your assumptions of my failure pushed me to work harder." I'm 13 too.
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