Depressed about school and grades.have no one to talk to in person?

Depressed about school and grades.have no one to talk to in person? Topic: no homework in school
June 25, 2019 / By Montague
Question: this is about school. im 16 and about to be a junior. im usually a good student for i got a 3.8 and 4.0 my freshman year and a 4.2 and 4.2 my sophomore year. i don't consider myself smart but im really hard working so my constant all-nighters and persistence made me 4.0 student. im in summer school right now and taking trigonometry to get ahead in math. math is never my best subject but i do well enough. this summer course is really fast paced (we're learning 180 days' worth of lessons in 6 weeks.) it's just too fast for me because i don't register what i learn fast enough. no matter how hard working im i still can't beat time. so im doing really bad in this class, getting a C-/near D+. what's wrong with me?! i get home from class at 2 and start my homework from then nonstop till midnight or sometimes the entire night. schools starts at 7:30. it's like this everyday. im working this hard and look at my grade. i hate myself. believe or not i thought about killing myself because im failing. i don't have anyone to talk to about this. i tell my sister and she doesn't understand. this course counts towards my grades. im fine with taking it again in the regular school year but im afraid they are giving me the lower grade in my transcript even if i score higher then since im taking it beforehand. it's just too tought. we learn an entire chapter a day and get 7 or 8 assignments every night. at first we had quizzes frequently and tests every other day. but now tests are everyday (i have one tomorrow!) and the final exam is this thursday. i can't handle this. my dad paid $400 for this and i can't quit. besides i don't want to waste his hard-earned money.
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Kassidy Kassidy | 6 days ago
Finish the summer course no matter what the grade, it is good practice for next school year. Just think of it as a preview, it'll help you sail through it next time and should result in a higher grade. As soon as you complete the class the second time and your teacher posts the grade, the school will change your official grade to whichever one is higher. Don't worry it's almost over. Then breathe deep and enjoy the rest of summer.
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Kassidy Originally Answered: If I feel depressed should I talk to my school counselor?
wow, i know exactly how your feeling. and i want to talk to someone to but i'm scared like you. but i think that if you can you should. you shouldn't be treated that way. NO ONE SHOULD! any way talk to someone 'cause if your parents cant help you no one can. i'm really sorry.
Kassidy Originally Answered: If I feel depressed should I talk to my school counselor?
It gets better! All of the stuff you are going through now as an 8th grader, and even the next 4-years of High School seem very important to you right now, but does not mean diddly squat later in life. Keep getting the good grades and stay on the path to educational success, but you do need to make an effort to improve your social skills. The temptation for adults, counselors, and even many people who will respond do your question will be to see a shrink and get on meds. It may very well be a viable option, but is one that is over-prescribed in pursuit of an easy solution. If you don't have any other support mechanisms in your life, then approach your school counselor; but I recommend talking to your parents about getting you a psychologist instead. This way you can not only address the issues openly with your parents, but if they have health insurance it is covered anyway and gets you help that is orders of magnitude better in quality. Also, school counselors have to comply with the politically correct laws to make sure you are not a threat to other students, and will be trying to "HANDLE" you more than "HELP" you. Everything you are feeling is normal. I think you just need someone to talk to get get these things off your chest and provide you with a little different perspective.

Haywood Haywood
Hi there. I am sorry to hear that you are suffering, it sounds like you really need some expert advice. One of my favorite websites might help you - they have online therapists that answer questions for free, they have a mental health library, online quizzes, and all sorts of good stuff. The link is below, hope this helps you.
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Elihoenai Elihoenai
I even have an extremely necessary question to you! please i'm hoping you may answer this.... while u all started feeling this downfalls... of direction you had to be back from who you're precise? yet, what's it it somewhat is making you no longer bypass back to who you're?? why is it so annoying?? is it because of the fact your ideas is already crammed with those adverse ideas? pls answer me pls pls.. while a physician prescribed me a med i additionally felt ashamed coz why do I might desire to drink a med?? am i loopy?? so i didnt drink it.. and as properly i nevertheless have been given carry to my theory that everybody can consistently locate their way out even w/o that med.
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Elihoenai Originally Answered: I think I'm severely depressed but i don't know how to talk to my parents?
First give yourself a gentle break. Two years is nothing when it comes to grief and loss of a loved one, especially a close sister. It can take 4-5 years to start to get back to normal. Your parents are busy , but not stupid. They work work work, to drown their own sorrow, and grief, and it is still within them as well. It did not just disappear. They are just working and keep going and waiting the grief out. They KNOW you are still struggling with all this pain, so are they. If you want to show them what you wrote here, do that. They won't be surprised. They may not know there is a newer healing method that would help ALL of you quickly with your grief to reduce the pain you feel and help you . There is no other method like it, and there is even a free version. So, what I am thinking is for you to write out a version of the question you wrote here and include these web sites and ask for therapy for the whole family, grief help. they will not know this method will work to reduce pain quickly . emofree.com, eftuniverse.com , and the pros, eftmasters.com So, I would do that instead of regular therapy that only has worthless drugs antidepressants to give you. You dont need those with that method. So, that is what you could do. just put it into an envelope and somewhere they will find and read it. You might also consider that there are support groups for children who have lost loved ones, and the ones I know of that are for children/teens who have lost parents to cancer, but they would understand you and also may have other resources for you . here they are: grouploop.org, kidskonnected.org go there and talk and ask questions, show it to your parents. I think there are also camps for chldren also. Ask Ask Ask There is also an organization called bbbs.org that you may like, idk. Listen, when someone dies close to us, it puts us on a different emotional awareness level. things that used to matter, no longer seem as important. Our priorities get clearer, what really matters. If someone , say friends, have never felt grief that deep or gone through it they simply can't and are unable to imagine how you feel. Some day they will be able to, but not until they expereince it themselves. They will look back and say, oh... I wish I had known for you.... So, find people who have been through it to talk to. Please show your mom and dad the sites for that kind of healing therapy. It is unique and the best there is. Please talk to them about how you feel, show them your letter, talk about maybe planting a tree in her name, with a plaque, making a memorial site inside your home to sit and meditate of pray , or light a candle, or whatever you want., maybe a video. You miss your sister, that is completely understandable. Condolences. Get as many hugs as you can from your parents. they are struggling with how to deal with this as well, and their feelings I wish you the best .

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