Applying for Ohio State University and University of Central Florida?

Applying for Ohio State University and University of Central Florida? Topic: University of florida state admissions
June 27, 2019 / By Shimhi
Question: 1. I wanted to do how hard it is to get into both school and how frequently(willing) they're to give financial aid to students? - I have a GPA weighted 3.77( improving on that); used to be in band( color guard/ winter guard) and Choir and volunteered at my last school; my class rank is 79 out of 494( improving that also) 2. I'm going to retake the ACT again( got a 19, which i know is really bad, so i'm practicing really hard for this december test 3. Since I moved junior year of high school, my new school did not include my volunteering hours on my transcript--- what should I do? Since I moved to Florida my junior year in high school, I have no knowledge on what school are good, great, bad etc.
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Oberon Oberon | 2 days ago
Almost no public universities are willing to give financial aid to out of state students. May I suggest that you apply to public universities in your own state only. No public university is worth the cost of out of state tuition. I cannot discuss chances of admission without knowing your unweighted GPA, which is the only GPA considered by most universities. You can specify your volunteer hours in the space for extracurricular activities or volunteer hours on your applications. Most transcripts do not include volunteer hours.
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Oberon Originally Answered: What credits transfer from Florida State University to Stanford University?
All of this information is available on Stanford's website, but I'll still provide an answer based on my own experiences with transferring in credit (as a first-year). Stanford is persnickety about the transfer credits they accept, and they decide on a student-by-student basis *after* you've matriculated. They have a clear policy regarding AP classes, but evaluate credit from other institutions on an individual basis. With the exception of AP classes, you cannot find out what will be transferred in until your first quarter on campus as a full-time student. Incoming first-years submit a completed request for transfer credit evaluation form to the Registrar's office, and usually around three weeks later receive the verdict about what's been accepted. Transfer applicants do not need to submit that form, but they still have to wait until they've been admitted to find out what has been accepted. Generally, credits are accepted if the course meets the following conditions: ~ It is completed at an accredited institution ~ *****It is substantially similar to courses offered at Stanford****** - this is the stipulation that is the most subject to interpretation by Stanford. ~ It is completed with a grade of C- or better ~ It does not duplicate, overlap or regress previous coursework Here is the policy for AP credit: http://studentaffairs.stanford.edu/regis... What round did you apply to Stanford through? If you applied early action then you should have been notified of the decision nearly a month ago, and should definitely contact them and find out what's happened. If you applied through the Regular Deadline round, relax. Of course you haven't gotten a decision from them yet; the deadline was just 12 days ago. No one has gotten a decision from that round yet. You could apply to transfer into Stanford as a sophomore or a junior. The primarily rule is that you must complete at least two full years of study at Stanford, so if you've advanced too far in your studies at another college you are usually ineligible. All undergraduates begin their studies in the autumn quarter unless they've had to defer for a serious medical condition or personal issue. You cannot apply to enter as a transfer applicant in the spring. Transfer applicants can only apply during one deadline round, which is in March, and they begin the fall. A few things to note: ~ Stanford does not offer an undergraduate degree in business. ~ It's extraordinarily difficult to get into Stanford as a transfer. Usually around 20 to 40 applicants are admitted per year, and almost everyone is making lateral moves from another top university. If you are not admitted to Stanford as a first-year, the odds that you'll get in as a transfer applicant are microscopically small. ~ The structure for Gen Ed requirements at Stanford is available online, and members of the public can access our course catalogue. You can then attempt to find comparable courses if you still are set on applying to transfer. ~ You can only If you don't get into Stanford, you could go to FSU, save a fortune, and apply to Stanford GSB. I don't mean to be unkind, but if Stanford is your "dream school" it's really surprising that you haven't taken the initiative to learn some of the basics about it. ~ skylark
Oberon Originally Answered: What credits transfer from Florida State University to Stanford University?
what transfers over has nothing to do with the state. so you will not find any list with what credits transfer from state to start. Just because FSU accepted those AP credits doesn't mean Stanford or any other university will when you transfer. Pretty sure Stanford does not accept intake for Spring semester. You can only apply and be accepted for Fall semester. Have you read transfer requirements on the Stanford web site?? If it states you are required to have 60 credits, then they mean it. I would get the facts on how many transfer students apply and how many are accepted. Only the school you want to transfer into can tell you what credits/classes they will accept
Oberon Originally Answered: What credits transfer from Florida State University to Stanford University?
No, there's no chart like that, and it won't help anyway - every college in every state has their own set of classes they offer, worth however many credits they want them to be worth, and may or may not take a similar class from another school. If you want to find out which classes will transfer, you need to read the requirements for a degree from Stanford and find classes at your own school with the same description. Not all schools will accept AP credits for college credit, and they are not worth the same number of credits at every school. Since Stanford is on the quarter system and most other schools are not, chances are good most classes won't transfer. Which is why they only accept about 1% of transfer applicants every year.

Lanny Lanny
Most state universities aren't extremely selective. You should use your unweighted GPA when looking at colleges, because that's what they'll ask for. Your rank is good, but your ACT score is bad. You should have at least a 25 to have a chance at OSU. Large public universities do not give much financial aid. The average non-need-based aid package at OSU is only $4,500. At UCF it's only $2,100. If you want to go to a public university, you should go to an in-state one. if you want to go out of state, look at private universities. Everyone pays the same tuition and there are fewer students, so they tend to give better aid. For your service hours, most schools don't put these on transcripts (or at least they didn't use to), so self-reporting the number will be fine.
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Lanny Originally Answered: What are my chances of getting into the University of Central Florida?
UCF isn't that hard to get into. I go to FGCU which, in terms of admission standards, is about the same (meaning it's not difficult to get in, but still a good school)

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