Research topic regarding to mentally ill?

Research topic regarding to mentally ill? Topic: Schizophrenia research topics
July 23, 2019 / By Brier
Question: im a senior in HS and my class is preparing research topics...it can be anything we choose, and i want mine to have something to do with people suffering from mental disorders such as schizophrenia...it has to be a very specific question though, and im not sure exactly what i want to research in terms of a question can someone help me out?
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Aliah Aliah | 7 days ago
What is the relationship between schizophrenia and cigarette smoking? Schizophrenics have a higher incidence of cigarette smoking than the general population. It has also been shown that those who quit smoking have a greater incidence of psychotic episodes. Good luck.
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Aliah Originally Answered: Why do I feel mentally numb & mentally paralyzed, overwhelmed, full of anxiety, can't think straight, etc?
wow, no wonder you're overwhelmed, it sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now! it's good that you're going to your doctor and ever better that you're seeing a counsellor, i'm glad you're reaching out for much needed help. there are also lots of other things that you can do to help out with the depression and anxiety, i wrote a big post about all of this stuff and if you like you can take a look at it here: http://www.anxietyforum.net/forum/viewto... you'll also find a little information in it on getting sleep, as you probably know it's very important to get good rest, for both your mental and physical health and while you're not sleeping then you're just adding to the stress. right now you're really under pressure, you need to step back and do what you can to reduce the stress in your life as much as possible. if this means letting go of some duties or obligations or even letting people down then just let it happen, YOU are the most important person right now, you need to prioritise your own health. think about it like this, if a loved one of yours was feeling the same way as you do what would you tell them to do, or what would you do for them? treat yourself the same way. to help organise your life a little, to reduce the stress of forgetting things, do something simple like buy a diary and keep a record of everything you have to do and all your appointments - i know that sounds simple, but it sounds like you really need something like that at the moment! i know with the world economy being in tatters at the moment that it's very hard for people to find any kind of job, but in the meantime you could do something like volunteer work or work experience in the kinds of places you would like to work. this way you're never idle and you'll have loads of experience to add to your CV. it will also distract you a little bit, which can really help with anxiety. but basically i'm just saying take care of yourself right now, take it easy, do the things you need to do to get better, be kind to yourself and i hope you feel better soon xx
Aliah Originally Answered: Why do I feel mentally numb & mentally paralyzed, overwhelmed, full of anxiety, can't think straight, etc?
This is tough.. I guess I'd rather be mentally retarded. Mentally disabled people seem fairly happy a lot of the time, but I don't think someone who is completely paralyzed would be happy at all. For the second one, I'd rather be in a wheelchair.
Aliah Originally Answered: Why do I feel mentally numb & mentally paralyzed, overwhelmed, full of anxiety, can't think straight, etc?
This may not be the answer you want but it sounds like the symptoms of what you have be diag. with. I would go to the doctor and try a different med. I have anxiety and clonazepam has worked great for me, make sure to mention that when you go, take about one hour to start working, so after you see a doc, pick up your prescrip and one hour later bam your feeling better. Go see a doc, I hope you feel better soon.

Tyrone Tyrone
it rather is an rather good question and one that desires to be mentioned extra usually. in fact that there's no logical reason to stress therapy upon people who have not commited a criminal offense and are unlikely to realize this, no count how symptomatic they may well be. And our society's fondness for locking the mentally ill up over tiny issues is a extensive reason human beings are not in seek of therapy for the help they want; the prefer to no longer have hospitalization forced upon them reasons human beings to no longer tell clinical experts that they are experiencing indications. we want extra human beings status up and asking the questions, and we want extra people who are not afraid to declare "I also have a psychological ailment and that i've got the wonderful to have a say in my very own care." to those answerers claiming that there is due technique interior the device, you're regrettably wrong. No courtroom order is had to be forced into therapy - a physician makes an assessment, fills out a slip, and rancid you bypass to the well being center. there's no board reviewing the determination, no get admission to to legal tips, no danger for the guy being hospitalized to attraction the determination. those with psychological ailment do no longer even have the wonderful to invite for a 2d opinion from a physician. people who're a real danger to others would desire to completely be removed from society and dealt with, even nevertheless, they might desire to have the comparable rights as different criminals. Even murderers get a telephone call and a legal professional. those with psychological ailment get picked up interior the direction of the night devoid of even a ideal to state their case earlier being stress-medicated.
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Tyrone Originally Answered: What are the pros/cons to executing the mentally sick or mentally ill?
It sends the message to the public that mental illness will not be an excuse to murder. Many of the insanity defendants have been diagnosed with mental illness and/or hospitalized prior to their crime. Many just choose to quit taking their meds. To me, that makes them responsible. If nothing else, executing them encourages other mentally ill people to take their meds and seek help because they will no they are no longer getting a "get out of jail free" card. Andrea Yates should have been executed (she drowned her 5 kids in the bathtub). Her psychiatrist had told her not to have any more kids because she had psychotic symptoms and having a child would make her more unstable. She went ahead and had another child anyway. Then postpartum psychosis developed (as he doctor warned) and she killed them. She shouldn't have gotten off on that reason, especially since she could have prevented it. EDIT: I don't think people really understand your question. They act like you want to just kill people that are mentally ill, for no reason. I'm assuming this has to do with people who would be death penalty eligible for a crime, but who happen to be mentally ill.
Tyrone Originally Answered: What are the pros/cons to executing the mentally sick or mentally ill?
To execute mentally ill or retarded individuals is something that Hitler's Nazis did in Germany. We are more enlightened and civilized than that. Humans have a right to live their lives, even if they're disabled by mental deficiencies. However, I feel that dangerous individuals, who are violent, aggressive and a threat to others should be executed, like Charles Manson. What's the point in keeping him locked up for years, at the taxpayers' expense? He's obviously dangerous, and is one reason that we're too lenient in allowing murderously ill people to remain alive. I also feel the same way about child molesters, of both sexes. One offense, prison, two offences, execution. Drug dealing should also be treated the same way, and also possession of guns. We need to get tougher on the gang-bangers. In my opinion, execution of dangerous mentally ill people should be mandatory. Society should be protected from them.

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