How to be a good cat slave?

How to be a good cat slave? Topic: How to write a good story about love
May 25, 2019 / By Pris
Question: Hi, I am writing a book about being a good cat slave. As a cat owner yourself you will probably already know that your cat owns you and not the other way round, I am looking for people to send me their stories about how they slave to their cat, such as for example how I give my cat Britta filter water in a glass on the bedside cabinet every day! I look forward to hearing your stories!
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Maxine Maxine | 3 days ago
Wash my food dish & water bowl!! Feed Me. Clean and Keep fresh water in the water bowl Clean my liter box all the time.. You don't like a dirty toilet why would i like a dirty liter box.. While you are cleaning my cat pan you need to Love me, because holding it in is unhealthy!! Love me cuddle me. Hold me in your HEART!! What is yours is mine..And what is mine is MINE!! Whether you see stuff my way or not that's just how it's gonna be. Becase I am The BOSS!!!! This How a Good slave Respect's and accept's being the slave!!!
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Laurel Laurel
As a good cat slave, I am aware of the importance of being available to retrieve, at a moments notice, any cat toys that get batted under the door ("Mr. President, I'm glad you called but can you hold on for a few minutes? My cat needs me"). Other duties include, but are not limited to, raising window blinds promptly in the morning so they can see out, understanding that feeding the cat as soon as I get up is more important than making a bathroom stop, and accepting that important paperwork I'm working on makes a perfect cat bed. Rule #1 at my house? It doesn't matter if I was up till 2am, at 6am it's time to get out of bed.
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Jill Jill
I have 3 that I am a slave to. Star: She is in your face and talkative. If you do not give her required attention when she feels she deserves it she will follow you through the entire house until you do. I must also stop crocheting every 10 min to give her pettings before I can continue, otherwise she will feel the need to use force (her nails extended jumping on you move.) Liter box must be cleaned daily otherwise you will find something she has peed on in the morning. Darkness: He will let you no when it is time to be fed with his "your starving me" meow. Also fresh water is required daily. When he is ready for bed he will do his "demanding" meow until you get into bed. Daily play time is required or he will stretch his little paw out and attack you every time you pass him. Caramel: It is a requirement that you must leave him alone unless he otherwise specifies. He prefers the attention of the small children in the house over any adult. All his toys need to be put out every night, if you do not set them out he will chase all the other cats out of bed to play with them. All 3 cats require attention when you sit down, especially on the lazy boy where they feel you are most vulnerable.
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Frankie Frankie
There are a million ways!! 1.Wyatt insists on drinking out of any glass or bottle I raise to my mouth. If I ignore his demanding stares he walks up and pulls the glass/bottle over to himself with his paw. 2. My dinner is ALWAYS going to be better than his (Even though his food is deliver-to-the-door-not-available-in-sho... and he will jump onto the table to get it... However, he does not want the food on the plate, he pulls the fork away from my mouth so he can eat off of it. 3. We are aloud no private time... Wyatt will supervise our using the bathroom if he feels he must! 4. It's HIS chair, not ours 5. At 06.30 my pillow becomes Wyatt's pillow so he can be cuddled before 7 o'clock breakfast time... No ifs, buts or maybes. And certainly no Bank Holidays! 6. When I make tea, Wyatt is to have milk! And I do all this for the occasional purr of contentment and cuddles!
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Darcie Darcie
haha..so many ways =P I have one cat who always spends her time upstairs on these square baskets in the hallway. If you happen to go past and NOT pet her, you're likely to get a good whack with her paw! (and a hurt "meowwww..how could you forget me?" also whenever you go to the bathroom, she runs in before you close the door and demand that you turn the faucet so she can drink! My other cat, a tabby, is very fat, and his sole purpose in life is to escape out the door (they're inside cats) as many times as possible. it wouldn't be all the much of a big deal, except he expects us to run after him all the way around the yard, catch him, and bring him back home...! The one time we didn't, he just looked at us like "what is the meaning of this? you know you're job...come and get me!" well i have many other stories, but no more time...hope this helps!
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