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Job interview advice? Topic: How to write a report project management
July 23, 2019 / By Adilene
Question: i have this interview on after three weeks ... what do u advise me to do in order to be prepared for it ... i really REALLY want to have this job ... i have been interviewed for this job by the Human Resource guy ... asked me some questions about my self and and also asked me to come up with a solution for a problem ... i felt i did ok so far i still have to attend another interview with my potential future boss ... i need to leave the interview with a good impression .... i don't have working experience , however the Human Resource guy that the boss is specifically looking for some one with no experience ... i quote "if you have experience you probably won't get the the job" ... so i assumed that there will be lots of training. how can i improve my chances for getting this job? i mean i preparation terms. the job is base at a big oil exploration and production company job description: budget analyzes / monitor & control cost programs of non-operational fields / prepare monthly reports job requirements: business administration related degree / or economics (i have both , MSc business management / Bsc economics)
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Temeni Temeni | 10 days ago
If they are looking for someone with little or no experience, they probably need someone trainable and flexible. The downsize could be a lower pay. But assuming they really want someone with no experience, the best thing to do is to think what benefits would bring to the job someone with little/no experience? Adaptability, no hard to break mindset, openess to change, creativity, flexibility, desire to learn and grow... Now, think about how all these traits fit you? Can you find examples in your professional, academic or personal life to demonstrate your contribution in similar contexts? Read everything you can about the company, culture and practices. When you go to the interview: ask questions! About the company, about the department practices, about your job! Be specific: How this position became vacant? (check if it's a new position or someone quit/ has been terminated and why) Could you describe how an ordinary workday would look like? What would be the most difficult/ critical task I would have to do? How would you measure my performance? What is that you(the boss) like about this company? What growing/ development opportunities this position offers? What is the department contribution to the bottom line? Does the job require traveling? Overtime? How flexible the schedule is ( if you need a few hours off, or a day, how easy is to get it). Write down all the questions and concerns you might have and ask open questions... Also, when answering question, avoid generalization. Take a few seconds to think if you need, and give a specific answer: P(lace) when and what happened, A(ction) what you did and, R(esult) what was the result! Never go to an interview without researching and knowing important data about the company or the activity of the department. The best way to get a job is meeting the qualifications(which you already do) and being really interested in the job. Show that in the interview and be prepared to answer questions about why you are interested (is it something particular about the company that you like, does it match with you career plan?) but, try not to overdue - that could cause the impression that you are desperate. I hope this helps! Good luck with the interview and let me know if you get the job! Alina Gilmore- Project Manager- Sauter Kilpatrick
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Temeni Originally Answered: Job Interview advice?
The most common behavioral questions are: 1. What are your three greatest strengths? 2. What are your three greatest weaknesses? My suggestions are as follow: 1. What are your three greatest strengths? - Communication both being able to listen and address clients in public - Teamwork, enjoy working with others and act as a knowledge transfer node between groups - Self-motivated, always looking for areas of improvement in business processes, methodologies, or tools. - Work well under pressure, and ability to multi-task. 2. What are your three greatest weaknesses? Don't confess to having any weaknesses. Instead, tell them of a weakness that is actually a strength. Keep your answer very short and to the point. - I become impatient with people who do not deliver what they promise especially when I am held up from meeting my deadline. - To get the job done, I sometimes assume my colleagues responsibilities. Add on that you learned to recognize and correct this. To understand this better, go-to "Google Book Search" > search for "Harvard business essentials" > text search "Overreaching" section. BTW, I started a new site for company reviews, http://www.linkednow.com. I primarily rely on working professionals like yourself to help me grow it. IF you find my answer in any way helpful, please leave a review of your own for your past employer(s). Thank you in advance!

Phillip Phillip
You're off to a good start. (This shouldn't be categorized here.) My advice is to you, is if you're not familiar with the location, practice getting there on the weekends. Get directions and get there on time, or even earlier. Do your research online on this oil company to ask questions about it, and bring pen and paper. Sounds like they would train you for the job which is good. As for preparation, maintain eye contact, dress nicely, have good hygeniene, answer truthfully. Shake hands and ask for a business card at the end to follow up with a thank you note. Good luck.
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Mackenzie Mackenzie
Show your interest in this job. Do some homework on the company, that will impress them. Also tell them that you are a fast learner and dedicated worker. Make sure you dress nice, make good eye contact and be yourself. Good luck I hope you get the job!
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Jehoiachin Jehoiachin
gown neat. Tie, blouse and slacks. Resume. Neat and sparkling paper. comprehend some thing with regard to the organisation. comprehend the objective audience which you would be catering to. do you're able to be able to desire to sell or does the guy who are available to the keep already comprehend what they choose? fairly, are you greater like a salesperson or shopper help? the two way, exude friendly, exude self assurance no longer cocky. in addition to, have inquiries to ask them. Room for develop? How did the situation improve into available? What they're finding for in an worker? etc., etc. good success!
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Gay Gay
go on line and find out what kind od company this my be . and take some notes down and ask them in the interview
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Dewey Dewey
check this link its good http://workathome.sensmessages.com/2/workathome.aspx .
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Dewey Originally Answered: Need advice for a phone interview?
Phone interviews are generally a screening, with all applicants being asked the same general questions. Generally to prepare: -Do your homework on the job and company. Be confident that you understand the job description. Anything that you don't understand, be prepared to ask questions about. -Have your resume in front of you so you can see exactly what they are looking at. -Put yourself in a private place,one that is quite and will allow you to concentrate on the interview -Remember that your voice is now your first impression. The person on the other end of the phone can't see your body language, so you need to portray your "feelings" in your voice. -Before you hang up, ask what the next step is. If you are interested in the position, or company, say so. And let the person know you are looking forward to taking the next step. -Follow up with the interviewer with at least a thank you e-mail. Remember to get their e-mail address if you don't have it already. -Many people find it helpful to have a mirror in the room, and occasionally glance to it to be sure they are "smiling" over the phone by smiling during the interview. Some find this distracting. Try doing a monologue while watching yourself in the mirror and see if you are comfortable with it. Hope this helps. Good luck with your interview!

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