What military branch is right for me?

What military branch is right for me? Topic: M&a research
June 27, 2019 / By Harmony
Question: I'm a 16 year old male and I'm going to be a junior in high school and I have researched and thought alot about joining the military and I know this is what I want to do. But I am not sure which branch I want to join. I have a 3.6 GPA, I am involved in football, basketball, and golf, and I am involved in a community leadership club, and a science club. Also I don't know if I want to go enlisted or officer and I plan on going to college and getting a double major in Communications and Physical Therapy. So the careers I am looking at (not in order) are... Air Force 1. Physical Therapist 2. Security Forces 3. Communications Officer 4. Pararescueman Army 1. Physical Therapist 2. Preventive Medicine Specialist/Officer 3. Civil Affairs Specialist/Officer 4. Calvary Scout Navy 1. Hospital Corpsman 2. Damage Controllman 3. Cryptologist 4. Telecommunications Officer 5. Physical Therapist Marine Corps 1. Communications Officer 2. Field Radio Operator 3. Civil Affairs Officer 4. Reconnassiance Man 5. Air Traffic Controller 6. Scout Sniper So those are the careers I am interested in and any answers will help. Thank you
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Dominique Dominique | 1 day ago
I say navy or marines. If you like to travel, the navy is all for you. If you like to be more on the athletic aide then marines is good. Things is, do your research more on each branch. Like looking at the pay and benefits and if it matches you. I'm a senior now in highschool so I know where you are. Meet with different recruiters, I have chosen the navy and go in as a reserve officer. Because I live water and love to travel. You just have to try matching those branches up personally with your interests and expectations. Good luck
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Dominique Originally Answered: Which military branch should I look into?
First off, do not join the military (solely) for a leg up on a civilian job. And certainly don't join it for the money! Well, that's fairly easy. You're eligible for the Army (AD, Reserve, and NG) or the Navy Reserves. The Navy cutoff is 39, so you'd need to hurry. However, the Army is a great choice for MP and the MOS is offered in Active Duty, Reserve, and NG. For forensics, etc, you'll probably want to aim for Criminal Investigations Special Agent, which you can go for after 6 months of MP (or civilian police) service and 2 years total TIS. 31D is also offered in AD, Reserve, and NG. Serious handwriting analysis, if done by enlisted soldiers at all, may be under intelligence (as opposed to law enforcement). Maybe SIGINT?
Dominique Originally Answered: Which military branch should I look into?
Air Force, go in the career field of OSI office of special investigation, but you might have to start off as a LE-law enforcement not MP military police. The OSI people are like the Detectives (FBI) of the Air Force. Navy/Marine Corp has the Naval Central Intelligence Service but it is mostly civilian. Army has the Defense Intelligence Service. Hope this helps. Good Luck.
Dominique Originally Answered: Which military branch should I look into?
An MP is not necessarily going to help you get a job in forensics. Usually you need a degree for tha. There may be MP positions for the ARMY with CID that are similar to forensics, however you must realize that the training is pretty tough both physically and mentally. If you think you can do it, go for it.

Carrie Carrie
The Air Force is the best. You will get much better treatment. Go in at 18 and have them pay for your classes. You can live on base and eat free and have money to burn. Then you can have a nice retirement before you are 40.
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Carrie Originally Answered: Time For A New Military Branch?
united states of america of america Air tension by ability of far is the ultimate protection tension branch to connect. the final criteria are the utmost and how of existence is plenty extra effectual. the universal of your education would be plenty extra effectual, the nutrients is served out of a "eating" corridor, no longer a "mess" or "chow" corridor and the barracks, referred to as dorms interior the AF, are plenty nicer, than different branches. I spent approximately 8 years interior the AF and enjoyed it! a number of my education, replaced into on military bases and that i've got the utmost appreciate for the army, however the AF is extra ideal, the two short and long term.
Carrie Originally Answered: Time For A New Military Branch?
I ain't gotta look at no video to explain the new Military Branch. It called Southern Style Revenge. We take care of our family, neighbors and country men. Trust me as long as we can bear arms in the South. We're protected down here. Maybe you need to take care of the Yankee cowards though.

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