My wife and I have been married for seven years.she still?

My wife and I have been married for seven years.she still? Topic: English reading writing and speaking spanish
May 25, 2019 / By Albin
Question: doesn't speak english. I am from Houston, Texas and she is from El Salvador......I speak her language and I met her in the US!!!! She understands alot but won't go to english school. She reads and writes Spanish, shes not stupid......... What can I do to get her to feel secure about taking on a task as big as learning another language? Anybody with a solution?
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Sydne Sydne | 9 days ago
here's one better, if your wife has been in an english speaking country for 7 years but still doesn't speak it and you say she's not stupid, what does that make you? And.. no, it isn't a difficult task, english is the easiest language there is, that's why the world adopted it! Solution? go live in Mexico so she won't have to learn anything, then it'll be you who won't speak a word after 7 years, spanish grammar isn't as easy and objects have GENDERS mate lol.
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Sydne Originally Answered: My wife has been left me and our two kids for two years though our status is still married?
Dude you are so up the creek without a paddle. Adultery is not illegal. Damaging the car is. Drinking is not illegal, stalking her is. If she feels threatened by you then she will likely get the protective order and custody. If you escalate any of your acts further you will likely be jailed and then deported. You need to: a) see a lawyer (for the court case and to commence divorce proceedings), b) see a counsellor for your anger issues. If she only married you so you could get a green card then you have no right to expect anything more from her. If this was a business transaction which she has lived up to her side of the bargain then you need to let her move on with her life. You also need to move on with your life. her actions are her responsibility not yours and are no reflection on you. Cultures where one person gains honour or insult from another persons actions are sick and diseased. They can never fully develop to their full potential as they inhibit growth and true love.

Rebecca Rebecca
Try speaking less of her language to her. The more English she's exposed to the easier it will be. When I married my husband, he spoke no English at all. We communicated throught the translator books. He slowly started picking up the language, but whenever we were around his family, he would lose the English. Well, to make a long story short... One day we had a falling out with his family & he stopped spending so much time with them. He only had me to communicate with..... He was speaking English fluently in less then 3 months. & the funny thing is 3 years ago, he fixed things with his family, so now he's losing his new learned language. Good luck :)
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Merrill Merrill
I Have this same problem (and I live in Houston too!) My husband speaks fluent arabic, and prefers to write and speak in arabic, and his english is pretty good too. But I dont really speak arabic beyond a few words, and I dont write arabic at all. My suggestion is learn each other's language. Teach her some words, and let her teach you some words. We do this everyday and eventually the words become familiar. My other suggestion is to visit other places where you can apply english. Let her practice what she knows with other people. I do this when we travel to Egypt each year. It seems to help.
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Lesly Lesly
So look,my mother is from Croatia and my father is from Germany,they met in Germany and now we live in Greece.She learned german and greek.I don't think it's going to be a problem learning a language if you're living in that country.The only think is to speak with her less spanish and more english so that she can understand more thinks and get convinient with the language.I think that the best way of leraning a language is to be in that country, so it's not nececery to send her to go to a class for learning english.Another point is correcting her if she makes mistakes and not laughing because that makes her fell insecure.A language is not a cd rom that you put in your mind and it installs tha language she has to learn english slowly......I wish you the best...
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Josie Josie
If you love her,support and understand her.You know very well that English as a second language is not easy to learn and speak or write.Thousands of people who speak English; and were born in USA,never speak good English.They speak with wrong grammar,with slang's.For immigrants,if they were born in USA,yes is easy to speak English,because they start the school there.I have many friends that speak Spanish,and came to USA or Canada as adult.And for them is very hard to learn English,specially grammar.They survive,(speaking very broken English),but survive.English grammar is not easy for immigrants and also for Americans.As husband,be patient with her,love her.Do not use the language as an excuse to have problems with your wife.Do not criticize her,that is not helping her in nothing.If you can,send her to a good English school and of course,help and support her.Good luck,good question.
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Geraldine Geraldine
Berlitz cost $80/hour (30 hours minimum for one level) Kind of costly for a family. Anyways I understand she doesn't want to speak the language. You could try not responding to her unless she at least tries to talk to you in English or at least partly English. (similar to how you get a child to speak instead of pointing) I wonder why you are complaining about this problem now?
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Delphina Delphina
I understand that spanish is her first language but......I'm one that believes if you live here in the U.S. you must learn to speak our language....I'm sure she's afraid of being labeled but obviously she is an intelligent woman....Go with her to these classes and if I understand correctly you can now purchase programs to teach yourself at home any language with a very high success rate....
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Caileigh Caileigh
Give her a gift certificate to Berlitz. It's a language program that guarantees to get you speaking the language in 6 weeks flat. The US government uses Berlitz to teach its foreign diplomats the language of the country to which they are assigned. There is probably a Berlitz school in your area.
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Caileigh Originally Answered: Should I leave my wife? I married my wife when we were living together and I think I made a mistake 3 yrs ltr?
She is apparently still depressed, And needs to see a therapist, If you can not convince her to see one, I don't see much help for your marriage. You certainly have tried your best, maybe it is time to move on, I know how hard this is for you, But this relationship isn't fair to you or her. Have you asked her if she loves you? Do you love her? You know your daughter will soon feel things aren't right with your marriage when she gets older kids are very smart, And wouldn't a happy home be better for her too? Living like this is only going to make your feelings turn bitter toward your wife. You have alot to think about, Good Luck.I wish I could really help you.

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