How many mole are contained at STP?

How many mole are contained at STP? Topic: Law homework site
June 27, 2019 / By Isleen
Question: how many moles are contained in each of the following at STP? a) 22.4 L N2 b) 5.60 L Cl2 c) 0.125 L Ne d) 70.0 mL NH3
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Elisabeth Elisabeth | 1 day ago
Use the Ideal Gas Law PV=nRT Here's the integer variables: (1)(22.4)=n(0.0821)(273) [FYI: gas constant changes depending upon the units used, so in this case I had used atmospheres, liters and kelvin -- L atm K−1 mol−1 -- which calls for the number you see at variable R.] In the example above (for the nitrogen gas) you would solve for variable n. In this case n=1.00059375 You could round that, but that's your volition -- probably not a good idea. Keep in mind that nitrogen and chlorine are diatomic gases and ammonia is a compound. I'm not gonna do your homework for you, but the sites I referenced (in the sources below) will help you if you get confused. Trust me, learning this stuff is a lot more helpful to you than just seeking out blatant answers.
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Chloris Chloris
A mole of any gas (at STP) is defined as 22.4 liters, so that you'll easily calculate the solutions; basically convert the quantity to liters (if nercesary) and divide via 22.4 L/mole to get moles. for C: (15.0 ml x 1L/1000ml)/22.4L/mole = 0.00067mole
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