My tutor at college doesnt treat me like a mature student/make my own decisions at college and im 18?

My tutor at college doesnt treat me like a mature student/make my own decisions at college and im 18? Topic: How to start off a research paper college
May 25, 2019 / By Aggie
Question: ok so im 18 years old, in college, and quite sensible/mature for my age, i have two tutors at college, one of the tutors respects the fact that im a mature 18 year old college student, the other doesn't. she doesnt let me make my own decisions in college either (and i know right from wrong/ what i do/dont need to do) but she still sometimes tries to take control of what i do in the college day. for example: today at college it was cold but it was warming up as well, and we were going out to do group work, so i went out with a shirt and jumper but no jacket. when we were out, i wasnt that cold at all (as i said the weather is warming up round here) and she said "oh you must be freezing go up to college and get your jacket" when i said "its not that cold its actually warming up now" another tutor said (surprised) its warming up its freezing" i still kept refusing to do it (for the reasons mentioned above) my tutor had arranged to have a meeting with my dad that day, so she told him about it, as if too say that what I did was wrong when it wasn't --- and there was another time when i started at college that she told me off for not filing my work correctly even though she hadnt told me what order to put it in. she does stuff like this to the other students as well, today she said she would give another student a caution if he didnt stop asking her to file his work for him (even though he finds it difficult). does she have a right to be treating me/other students in my class like this?
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Tierney Tierney | 1 day ago
To be honest, most freshmen need to be told what to do and how to do it. I'm not saying that her opinion about whether you should be cold or not is correct, because I think she should leave that alone, but for the most part, freshmen still don't understand what college is about. I recently helped teach a class and lab that had a few small research projects going on - this was a freshmen class - and I can't tell you how many times the instructor would say when a paper was due clearly during lecture, yet nobody took notes on that. Then when that day came, many didn't remember it was due. Many sit around during class on their laptops and surf Facebook too. So yes, I think that to a certain extent, your tutor and/or professors should be able to tell you what to do. And you said it yourself that she is not singling you out. She has probably had experiences just as I have had with first year students fresh out of highschool. So think about where she is coming from as well. Edit: I'm sorry if I offended anyone. I was a freshman at one point too, but I am also a teaching assistant to freshmen in college. It's possible she just likes being high on power, which is wrong, so if you don't like it fire her if you can. However I still stand by the fact that many students do need a lot of help when they first start college.
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Tierney Originally Answered: Im a mature student doing back to College.any advise?
Relax. Although the majority of college students are in their late teens/early twenties, there are plenty of mature students at college or university these days. Any age from late twenties to sixties and seventies. I read of someone of 80 getting his bachelor's degree at my old college recently. Remember some students may *seem* supremely confident and very well-informed, but in a great many cases it is partly (or wholly!) bluff. There will be some students genuinely more confident than you and some who are better prepared - but most will be as nervous as you are, even if they don't show it. Your tutors will not be looking for perfect answers to questions or fantastically brilliant essays - not at first. They will be looking for potential and commitment. So relax, enjoy the experience of mature student education, and success will come.
Tierney Originally Answered: Im a mature student doing back to College.any advise?
I received my BS in 1998 at the age of 43. And I finish my Masters this December in Behavioral Science. Older students have lived in the real world for a while and tend to do well in school. The only way that I could deal with it, was to live my life 16 weeks at a time. If I looked at the whole picture and what I still had to do, it overwhelmed me! My first semester, I was nervous like you, but once I really got into the studying and receiving good grades - I calmed down. Because, then I knew that I could do this. And I did. And so can you! Good Luck1

Rainard Rainard
Your tutor is crazy. Just fire her and get another one. Telling your dad that you didn't obey her when she told you to get a coat is like something my middle school teachers did to me. Don't bother putting up with her anymore. And don't listen to people who say freshmen need someone to tell them what to do. I'm a seventeen-year-old freshman and I can turn my papers in on time without someone shoving reminders down my throat.
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Marlin Marlin
Your teacher may just be trying to look after you but, she also may have control issues. Do not disrespect her since she is in authority but, do let her know that you are an adult and that you can do those things yourself without her helping you.
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Well, UCSB doesnt have management. Only Business econ with an optional concentration in accounting. The other schools on your list offer degrees in management. SFSU is just plain average (not really known for business but its alright) SDSU and UCI is better. You can go to community college (doesnt have to be something in San Francisco or Berkeley since it doesnt really matter...) And, its a lot easier to transfer from a community college than another UC because community college students cant stay for a bachelors degree. If you want to go this route, follow the guidelines on Assist.org (link provided on the bottom) and it will show you what courses you need to take (off the top of my head, i know that you need macro and microeconomics, regular calculus, at least 2 levels of college composition, an intro to computer systems class, at least 60 semester units and having a part time job will be helpful) Admission to berkeley's Haas school of business is really tough. Last i heard, the acceptance rate is 7%. Thats how it is. If you really want to go to Berkeley, you need to be really really really on top of your game in community college (which means, you need really really good grades) and having the right amount of credits is important. However, you would be losing a guaranteed spot at a university if you decide to give berkeley a try and getting a spot as a transfer is harder with the budget cuts (i'm more than qualified for SDSU, but i got rejected too...) So, bottom line, if you absolutely have to go to Berkeley, go to a community college. But then, it would be even better for you to apply to more schools (including out of state public and private) cuz you cant just hope that Berkeley will just give it to you (more schools = a better chance of getting into something) Also, MBA programs (go to a really good one cuz many people have MBAs now and a degree from a mediocre school is really useless) want people with a bachelors degree, work experience (full time) and they look at GMAT scores + undergrad GPA. If you dont want the hassle of applying and hoping that you will get into something, just go to SDSU. You will still be able to get an MBA later anyways and Sorry for the long post...its just that want to share what i know and i want to help. edit: no prob. I go to De Anza College and I actually have a buddy from there that got into Berkeley. He told me that having a part time job really helped him, along with the courses and stuff.

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