Any good Free sites for homeschool kindergarten work to print?

Any good Free sites for homeschool kindergarten work to print? Topic: Kindergarten books with writing activities
June 27, 2019 / By Edana
Question: Hello. I am really needing some help finding some free printable work for my son who is in kindergarten. We recently had a HUGE problem with our local public school. I won't get into the details, except to say that the school was seriously at fault. It was horrible. Rather than sit and wait for the problem to be resolved (waiting who knows how long for my son to go without any teaching or instruction) we decided to pull him out and try homeschooling for a while. I have signed up with one company and am waiting for them to send us some books and supplies, which should take a week or two. However, until our materials arrive, I need to find something for my son to work on. I would like to find some online sites that allow me to print (free) or have access to some worksheets and activities of some sort......reading, writing, math, etc. If anyone knows of any sites or anything that could keep us busy for a few weeks, please let me know. Thanks!
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Chantel Chantel | 3 days ago
in addition to worksheets you can do some activities that are equivalent to what the other kindergarten children are learning. what I do sometimes is get my kids a notebook and have them write their name and date:( today is Saturday, January 12, 2008.) things like that then have them iether draw a picture of what ever it is your studing and if they are on a writing level then they can write something. another thing you can do is reading and you can go to some sites and type in phonics and get some tips on phonemic reading and download some sight words for them to work on. they also can work on money recognition. hope some of this helps oh! and you can go to the s tore to get workbooks too!!
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Zachariah Zachariah
Congrats! try www.gamequarium.com www.sheppardsoftware.com maybe http://kids.discovery.com And don't forget that everyday is learning! take him to the library and let him pick out things he's interested in! He's still learning, whether it's on "the list" or not! How about some baking and cooking together, you'll get in math and science! Playing games is another fantastic learning tool! Go Fish with letters. Write things on little peices of paper and hide them around the house! What about building things? Even playing blocks is producing thinking skills...make roads, use cars, and make up scenerios that certain roads are blocked so how are you going to get to the destination......have fun! and remember learning is not just in books and workbooks! Have fun! and Congratulations again!
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Sherman Sherman
The quandary that lots of parents find themselves in is they do not have the full time to look for the correct eBook s and learning framework with which to show their young ones but with this specific program https://tr.im/Tg5xQ , Children Learning Reading this issue is arrived at a end. Children Learning Reading is very extensive, and your son or daughter can have no issues assimilating the classes as the lessons are well-designed. Since the system is founded on phonetics, the training process is gradual. In Children Learning Reading program the instructions are special and can't be within different learning methods.
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Nowell Nowell
Good for you for homeschooling! I did the whole public school thing...waste of time. My parents started homeschooling me and I loved it. Are you looking for worksheets to use to keep him caught up until his books arrive? Just go to a search engine and type in "worksheets for kids" or something similar. It should bring up loads of websites. Or, you can always create your own worksheets for him. Maybe personalize them a bit :-) Make sure to do some hands-on learning. That's how kids learn best. Go on field trips and do experiments. He'll love it! Here are some websites that I found that I think would help: http://www.tlsbooks.com/kidspagearchive.... http://www.printactivities.com/ http://www.learn4good.com/kids/index.htm
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