Should I work at mcdonalds, the grocery store or the local fast-food restaurant?

Should I work at mcdonalds, the grocery store or the local fast-food restaurant? Topic: Whole food jobs applications
July 23, 2019 / By Georgina
Question: okay well I need to get a job, one I can walk to if needed. (I don't have my liscense) so I was wondering if I should work at mcdonalds, the grocery store or the local fast food place. I've always heard mcdonalds sucks to work there cuz it's greasy and clogs your pores. so I'm hesitant to work there. also, the grocery store is in walking distance, so I'm not sure if I should work there. and lastly, the local fast food place, which is mainly burgers, chicken, fries and a whole variety of custard. it's fast food still, but it's much nicer and cleaner than mcdonalds is. so where should I work???
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Deloris Deloris | 2 days ago
I would avoid McD's, but hey, in this economy everyone who's looking for a job's a beggar and beggars can't be choosers. I'd put my application in everywhere.
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Deloris Originally Answered: How can i start my research paper on fast food, more so on mcdonalds?
Well if you're supposed to offer different aspects of this topic, and since I'm sure many people will suggest that you watch the very anti-McDonald's "documentary" known as Super Size Me, I would suggest that you watch the film Fat Head (you can find it on huulu.com and NetFlix). the film is VERY informative and watching may give a good starting point for your paper. The film maker also has a blog (just search for "fat head movie blog) which includes a variety of other sources, so that should help you reach the 8 source requirement.

Caelie Caelie
Grocery store, definitely. If it's a chain grocery store like Safeway and such, the benefits are awesome. I know several women who work there as cashiers, they make $23/hour, excellent benefits, and one just retired early in her 40's. You can't really make a career out of fast food, but I agree with everyone who says apply anywhere, everywhere. In this economy do whatever you have to.
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Alma Alma
I guess it depends what time you walk in there. For me its always been McDonalds the most, one time we went in there and ordered 6 hamburgers...well, we got the hamburgers and that was all!! 6 meat patties!! Another time we went through drive thru and got a cheeseburger with 3 bites taken out of it! I work at Dairy Queen and I know for a fact that we aren't aloud to serve ANY type of food thats been in the customers hand (even the ketchup packets) after they return them, so I really don't go to McDonalds anymore. As far as slow or fast I think it just depends on what time of the day you go in there
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Uzziel Uzziel
did u say Grocery store is IN or is NOT in walking distance? if it is in walking distance then go with that my gf works at a grocery store i mean it's pretty fun shopping and seeing her work ;). also put in applications in all 3 theirs a big chance 0 or only 1 will call you up. PS- you think mcdonalds is a greasy place to work at then you aint seen greasy. i work at a pastry and bread factory just like loves. and trust me it's more greasy then mcdonalds i come home covered in oil at 2am not taking a shower and i feel all icky plus my skin is all oily too.
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Rolly Rolly
local fast food. my cousin works at mcdonalds and he got bad acne since he started there, so the thing about clogging pores is true :l also, a grocery store can get boring so i think the local fast food place. xx
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Rolly Originally Answered: Is a resume needed when applying at a fast food restaurant?
A resume is always helpful, but for fast food it is not necessary. I would wait until you have at least some job experiences. Don't forget though, you can put schooling, volunteer work, awards you've received, and you're good qualities on a resume also.

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