My boyfriend of three years dumped me the other day, he just sent me this letter?

My boyfriend of three years dumped me the other day, he just sent me this letter? Topic: Funny ways to write letters
June 25, 2019 / By Harriet
Question: What am i supposed to make of this, i mean seriously? I know him better than anyone and he's not one to bullshit, but ... do you think he's just trying to make himself feel better or do you think he means it? Dafny, I’m writing you this letter because, and you don’t need me to put it in writing to know, things have ended badly, I never wanted that. I don’t think you understand why I had to end things, I don’t want you to think I don’t love you or never did or that I broke up with you because I wanted to be single when I went to Uni, although it would be an awful lie to admit that isn’t part of the reason. And you know I’ve never been able to lie to you. Not in a dickheadish way – in more of a I-want-to-meet-new-people-and-not-feel-b... kind of way … and I need to have new experiences on my own, I need to be my own person Charlotte, just as you need to be yours. We’ve grown up together, we don’t know how to live without being by eachothers side. Before I came along you were so popular, everyone loved you, people used to talk about how funny and lovely you were all the time and I just thought you were the most beautiful thing in the world, still do! You used to have this buzz of people around you all the time and everyone used to listen to your voice above anyone else’s because it was intelligent, loud and so so funny… you spoke so much sense and everyone used to look up to you. In these last three years I’ve had to slowly watch that buzz and vibration surrounding you disappear and disintegrate until all you have left is one or two reliable friends. You spent so much time with me, so much time making me laugh, growing in love with me, growing up with me; that you forgot about your friends. I did that to you, and that makes me feel so ****. You are so intelligent, you were the kind of girl that used to cry when you got a B grade, but these days teachers even threaten to drop you from their courses and you’re just not phased by it, as long as you can see me ‘that night’. I did that to you too, from what I can see I’ve ruined your life… you are such a vibrant person, I know you are, but you forgot to let anyone else see it, and I don’t want to be the only one that gets to see it, it doesn’t seem fair. I want everyone to experience all your colours because everyone needs to. You need to take a huge bite of the world, I want to see you grow, because its like whilst I was growing and developing as a person you forgot to because you were too busy watching me. I know you can’t get into uni now, but you’ve got enough money to travel. You can ‘experience all the things that are waiting to be experienced’ as you used to say.. I know that’s what you want and me leaving you here is the best thing I can do, I don’t want you to feel like I’m leaving you behind because I’m not, I will be thinking about you all the time and if I ever see that status relationship change you can bet your *** I will be the most miserable git ever for weeks and weeks. Don’t think I don’t love you because I always will, I just want you to live. I want to tell you that we’ll get back together when all this is over but if I do say that I’m scared it might not happen. Don’t ever think I’ve forgotten you. Go out there and grow up, but don’t forget me, or do, whichever makes you happier.
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Donaldina Donaldina | 2 days ago
whether its a bull letter or not, i think he's just saying to live life more and be open to the world. but i do think he sounds a bit cocky in some sort of way
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Donaldina Originally Answered: My boyfriend keeps letting me down so i dumped him?
Well, from your version it sounds like you're doing all the relationship work and he's making all the excuses for not holding up his side...so..yah sounds like you're doing the right thing by dumping him. 5 months isnt concidered a serious relationship term anyways so now you can go find a guy who calls you everyday or something.

Cary Cary
Wow, i was the same way you were. With the friends part & grades part. I think he means it though you can't just stop loving someone like that, i mean can you? But then again I'm guessing you arent around and he wants to meet new people without hurting you. It was better to tell you the truth rather than lie to you and get cheated on right? But honestly i think he means it, give it some time maybe things will change & he'll realized how much he misses you and how you're a big part of his life.
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Angellina Angellina
I think he means almost all of it. I could've written that letter to people in my past. I believe he's telling you that not forgetting to live for yourself makes you a better person, therefore a better partner. Solid advice, and it's great that he cares enough for you to say it. Don't count on getting back together with him, though. Besides, if you did it would only work against your maturation.
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Willoughby Willoughby
That is so sweet. But at the same time I think its BS to dump you without him feeling bad, trying to make it seem like by dumping you hes actually helping you progress in life which may be true, but couldn't you have discovered that on your own?. But you said hes not the one to BS. I guess he doesn't want you to get mad at him or something. Thats really it.
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well, tell your credit card company you lost your credit card and they will send you a new one and no one will be able to use it unless you give them the card number. do not worry about your ex he`s just upset right now and will say ugly things to you. sooner or later he will realize what a butt head he was towards you and he will suffer this heartache knowing he messed up with you and he has made a terrible mistake. wait this guy will make it up to you in a friendly way because he will feel bad about what a crazy fool he`s been to everyone including you. some way he will surprise you and everyone by repaying back the goodness of his friends and you as well.

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