R&P: Who else is sick of all this gloominess and pessimism in rock and roll? Where's the joy?

R&P: Who else is sick of all this gloominess and pessimism in rock and roll? Where's the joy? Topic: How to write an upbeat song
June 25, 2019 / By Madison
Question: I was just listening to my music on shuffle and I realized how much of this music is so sad... Now there's nothing wrong with sad songs now and again, but so much music is down in the doldrums, its just too bad. Anyway, what are your favorite bands and songs that are upbeat, happy, and inspiring? Just things that are fun and joyful, you know? Specifically rock, but other genres are OK too. BQ: What was awesome in your day today? They don't really whine, but I just notice a lot of sadness in music. Not all of it, but a fair amount... you know? And a lot of bands my friends listen to are very gloomy and whiny... I dunno, it was just an observation.
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Best Answers: R&P: Who else is sick of all this gloominess and pessimism in rock and roll? Where's the joy?

Kenya Kenya | 6 days ago
I don't mind sadness at all- it's the irreverant, arrogant stance in some lyrics that I really hate- like most nu-metal or bands like Theory of a Dead Man- just terrible. Sadness to me can be really poignant, deep- like Neil Young or Tom Waits. Joyful music to me can be many things- Bob Marley, Phish, Zeppelin, and even some metal like Motorhead or Megadeth- there is a good deal of self-affirmation and positivity in Mustaine's and Lemmy's writing. Many bands are simply doing what I call "mining angst"- they know that teenagers will buy gloomy, edgy music, which is why Emo has gained such popularity. So they write stuff they think will sell to their target market- just like bands have always done. It's just that back in the day, rock was more about having a good time; now it's about reinforcing how alienated you think you're supposed to be.
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Kenya Originally Answered: Best rock and roll song ever?
All things considered, The Rolling Stones "Satisfaction" It covers all of your criteria. It was THE guitar lick all teens tried to learn. But I could make good cases for these songs: Little Richard: Tutti Frutti, Lucille and Long Tall Sally Jerry Lee Lewis - Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On Carl Perkins - Blue Suede Shoes Elvis - Hound Dog, Heartbreak Hotel, That's All Right Mama Eddie Cochran - Summertime Blues The Kingsmen - Louie, Louie Sure, times were far different during the first decade of The Cold War than they are in this Information Age. But consider the cultural impacts, of songs sounding like nothing the WW2 generation had heard. The Red Scare was underway. I knew kids in New Orleans who hid their transistor radios under their pillows so they could listen to black artists on "Soul" radio stations. Even 45s by someone as harmless as Johnny Mathis was forbidden in homes because he was black.

Izzie Izzie
Well, sadness and pain is something everyone usually has. It's easy to relate to it, and write songs out of it. But, I understand where you're coming from and how it could get annoying after a while. Some upbeat bands: The Beatles (early) The Zombies Queen Paul Revere & The Raiders The Beach Boys Any British Invasion and early 60s bands will usually have a nice cheery pop sound to it.
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Elly Elly
The answer to your question is power metal. It's the most cheerful genre of music ever... except maybe glam rock. Also, Queen have lots of really upbeat songs. Everyone loves Queen right? Go on, go and listen to I Want To Break Free- preferably watching the video, it's awesome.
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Christabelle Christabelle
I agree, It's hard to find upbeat music today. So when I need an upper I just go back to either southern or classic rock like.. Older Aerosmith, 38 Special, or even something to get you moving like Train, Train by Blackfoot. Or SRV, Even bands like Van Halen are very upbeat. There's a lot out there if you like "the old stuff".
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Aura Aura
Hi N! I know what you are saying and I agree there are a lot of sad negative songs. Because of it I don't pay much attention to thy lyrics anymore unless its the inevitable because the vocals are pitch clear. I just try to ignore it and dismiss it as their lyrical expression I don't let it influence my mood too much. My favorite songs of inspiration and positive lyrics are the following Empower - Downset Against the Spirits - Downset Keep On Breathing - Downset Together Coming Back No Home all that is Downset Self bias resistor - Fear Factory
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Aura Originally Answered: When did rock and roll loose it's balls?
When MTV came out...Today's music is worth less to me than a bucket of rotting vomit..people actually call the likes of the Jonas Brothers and Justin ****** Face Beiber Music! IT IS NOTHING MORE THAN IRRITATING SQUEALING PLAYED OVER SYNTHESIZED RHYTHMS!! What ever happened to good bands like The Who and Zeppelin and The Stones where they actually played good music and had great live shows where the band members got drunk and had sex with women on stage and broke stuff and threw **** at the audience WHAT HAPPENED TO REAL MUSICAL TALENT. now all they do is find the best looking young ******* that the girls will be hot for and write **** lyrics for them to squeak into a mic.JUSTIN BEIBER CAN COME SUCK A FART OUT OF MY ASSHOWLE and the same goes for all the rest of today's so cald music I WANT QUEEN I WANT SABBATH I WANT AC/DC I WANT REAL BANDS WITH REAL TESTICLES!!! Please excuse my rant but i just ge so pissed of when i think about how good music used to be and how ***** lame it is now!!!

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