How do YOU think illegal immigration will be solved?

How do YOU think illegal immigration will be solved? Topic: Thinking problem solving and reasoning
May 25, 2019 / By Uriela
Question: In my opinion we need to go to the source of the problem and that is why do they come here in the first place? If Mexico had a decent economy that could give a fair living to it's people illegals would stop coming here. Deporting them or refusing them health care/schools is futile. The reason being deport them and they will only come back. Refuse the children school and they will only grow up to be criminals, refuse them health care and their will be riots not to mention that's akin to murder and its immoral. Instead of using bandage solutions I say we must think in terms of the bigger picture and more importantly of a long term solution. To permanently stop illegals I say work with the Mexican government to help them build a stronger economy. With a strong economy. I really want to hear your opinion on how to solve the illegal immigration problem PERMANENTLY.
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Savannah Savannah | 3 days ago
Secure borders, increase penalties to employers, deport any illegal that comes in contact with law enforcement for any reason.
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Savannah Originally Answered: Illegal Immigration.?
ok i did a report on this a few months ago and here it is. i dont have any info on how to prevent it but i have some other good stuff so i hope this helps. Illegal immigration has been a problem to the U.S. for many years. People from places like Mexico, Canada, and Cuba are willing to do anything it takes to get into our country. There are two sides to the illegal immigration argument; the high tolerance, and the low tolerance. The high tolerance side believes that illegal immigration can be beneficial because they take jobs that many Americans do not want, especially high-labor agriculture jobs. Another thing is that many, but not all, immigrants pay taxes. On average, they pay about $4,200 federal taxes per illegal household per year. And last, illegal immigrants are inspired by the American dream, just like many of the ancestors of today’s American citizens. They come here for changes, a better life, or just a new start, and it is heartless to deny foreigners the ability to come to America and make better lives for themselves. People who are tolerate of illegal immigrants believe that we should allow illegals to become legal, to welcome them into America, and allow them to try to find American Citizenship. The low tolerance side of the illegal immigrants argument has many problems to discuss. First, the criminal factor, illegal immigrants are a great danger to America. They are all lawbreakers, not only do they enter America illegally, but most of them also continue to break laws when they arrive: they steal, murder, rape, sell drugs, form and join gangs, and engage in illegal weapons trade. In 2002, illegals cost the court systems and federal prison $1.6 billion dollars. Another problem illegal immigrants cause is the social services factor. Illegals reduce social services and cost hospitals billions of dollars in unpaid-for health care, and they are not even American citizens. In 2002, illegals cost the federal government $2.5 billion in Medicaid, $1.9 billion in food assistance programs, and $2.2 billion in treatment for the uninsured. Then there’s the education factor. The children of illegal immigrants cost more than other children because many speak only Spanish or other foreign languages, and school systems have to deal with their cultural and language difference while trying to teach them how to read and long division. They also cause overcrowded classes and take funding that could be going toward helping American kids. And last, while the number of illegal immigrants working is rising in the US, more American citizens are facing unemployment. Due to the fact that illegals will work for less than the minimum wage, it is more likely that the low-skilled jobs will hire the illegals over an American citizen. In conclusion, it is clear that illegal immigrants are more of a problem than a benefit to America. It is an economic drain on the U.S. and it is corrupting the condition of American society as a whole.

Norene Norene
I have no idea at this point. If we continue to fight Congress to stop the give-a-way, we may win. But keep in mind the Democrats have sworn to get bills through that support the illegal aliens, and they have been attempting to do exactly that for a continuing period of time. Between Democratic Majority Leader Pelosi, and the Democratic Senate Leader Reid, we have a big problem with people in places where they are very difficult to control! We need a national ballot iniative and with that, the people could create the laws that would stop anyone from giving tax money and favors to people in a manner that hurts the people.
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Macey Macey
We are already exporting many of middle class jobs to Mexico, what more do you want? Your job maybe? Deportation sends a strong message, quit coming here. I don't care if we have to send them back, how about a three strikes law. Third time here and you go to prison, these people are breaking the law after all. As for helping the Mexican government, they don't want our help. Many of the illegals are the citizens Mexico doesn't want anyway. Their government won't work with us to stop this, they want these people to leave. Finally, how can we help them build a strong economy, when ours surely isn't. Oh I know when you look at the government propaganda that is presented as fact you believe it is, but it isn't. Replacing good paying middle class jobs with retail & hotel jobs that offer no benefits and low pay, is not truly replacing. So, if our government can't identify and fix our problems, why would we think we can identify and fix Mexico's problems.
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Kelly Kelly
I partly agree with you, but the american government thinks that by putting a wall in the border of Mexico, they are going to prevent immigration. I don't see them building a wall on the border of canada... Why don't American Government Officials just build a moat or the world's biggest wall around the borders of the U.S to block out everyone and everything from the country... times like this where it is a shame to be an american.... times like this when prides come down and flags raise up. refusing children school, children that want to learn, that want to grow up and be something someday, that wish to actually contibute to the country's economy { I say economy, because now-a-days- money is all people think about at times.} cannot follow on to college. If they send them back, more will come pouring in. Compromise, isn't that what this country is founded on? Like you said, Work with the economy of the countries. COMPROMISE.
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Isabelle Isabelle
Working w/ the Mexican government won't work for two reasons: 1) The Mexican gov't doesn't see a problem to "fix" 2) A whole lot of illegal aliens aren't from Mexico. We need to verify citizenship for every benefit - driver's license, job, gov't benefits, medical care, voting, mortgages. That might require a gov't id - which could be a simple as a secure driver's license, or state id, or as much as a passport. We need to check our citizenship records (maybe start w/ social security) against tax record, employer taxes, and gov't assistance records. We need to jail those who knowingly help break the law. And quick deportation for those who are picked up for any crime - even minor ones. It shouldn't be hard to determine if a person in custody is legal or not, and if not just send them back.
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Isabelle Originally Answered: How is illegal immigration good?
I don't believe any teacher would think illegal immigration is good, period. Teachers that believe this should be fired. Illegal immigration is not good but horrible for Americans ruining lives every day in many ways, do a search on subject. It's only good for greedy employers, they are evil people. The result is that America is out of jobs taken by millions of illegals for cheap labor and caused Americans to have lost jobs, housing, healthcare, health, much more. Illegal crimes and drugs are rampant.

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