U.s. army recruiters?

U.s. army recruiters? Topic: Homeworks branches of military
June 25, 2019 / By Amittai
Question: ive heard the army is the easiest branch to get into. is it true they would sneak you in? i would like more information on army recruiters
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Tilly Tilly | 3 days ago
First, getting in the Army is pretty simple as long as you are healthy, have no medical problems or history of broken bones, or criminal background. But enlisting is the easy part. Army BCT is one of the hardest in the US Military to get through and it isn't just getting through BCT. You need to score high in all your tests to be able to move up or get special training. As for the recruiter sneaking you in.... You are an idiot if you believe that happens. You are more then welcomed to lie on your paperwork and hide things, but remember that the military checks EVERYTHING and I mean everything to ensure what you say is accurate. They will pull every public, medical, legal, criminal, credit, and schooling record that has ever existed. In the event you lied on your paperwork, and you will be found out, you will be dishonorably discharged from the army and could be fined and put in jail for it. The recruiter who you lied to or told you to lie, he won't get anything because he will deny it all. Th recruiter is simply there to give you brief information and persuade you that the Army is the best choice for you. It is your job to do all the research on the Army or military branch you join as well as on your MOS. Think of your recruiter as a care salesman. Now, you wouldn't buy a used car without doing your homework on it, would you? If you are looking for an easy branch to get into, then just be reserves. The military doesn't need soldiers who are looking for the easy road or easy way in.
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A plausible explanation in my opnion is Recuiter A is disorganized. Recruiter B kept touch with you, made some other inquiries, contacted you three times? Recruiter A didn't call you back until a lot of water was under the bridge. Recruiter A didn't return your phone message. I don't know for sure what you would figure out if that were the case, but I know I shy away from people who are disorganized and don't return phone calls. It often reflects a disorganized culture, which could exist in the same company from state to state.

Roxie Roxie
Burntinthemeltingpot: enable me attempt to respond to this for you: First, i turned right into a militia Recruiter for 3 years, i'm retired now after 22 years of provider interior the military. First, there are solid and undesirable recruiters in each and every of the amenities, a great recruiter will promise your son not something.......why, because in case your son isn't qualified through the ASVAB, actual, and moral area of the approach he receives not something. offered he qualifies and what he needs is available including job, money for faculty, bonus money. i will allow you to keep in mind that each and everything that he receives is guaranteed in BLACK AND WHITE interior the settlement. If there is something he's promised and he doesn't see it interior the settlement then he desires to ask the position that is in there, the preparation counselors will be happy to exhibit him the position that is. The area about the inn is real, it would want to be staggering or not, i became an hour and a 0.5 faraway from MEPS yet we had an area finding out position. The try is given frequently the evening before the applicant approaches. in case you in ordinary words pick your son to take the try, be confident it really is the in ordinary words element he is going there for. i'd positioned an applicant interior the inn after the try and then procedure him into the military the subsequent day. A recruiter does not get an advantage for putting human beings interior the military nor have they ever gotten one. If he has provided to repay his costs he's doing illegally and if it really is somewhat what he stated and also you would possibly want to teach that than he must be stated now to not his boss yet to the recruiting brigade inspector prevalent and bigger than possibly he will be suspended until eventually that is shown real or pretend, if real he will more effective than possibly be put in detention middle, if pretend he will be positioned back to artwork. as well, in case you pick to be there than talk with the recruiter at the same time as your son is scheduled to verify the preparation counselor to %. his job/reward etc. that usually takes position instantly after the actual, there is little need that you should flow and sit at the same time as he's getting a actual except you've a great e book and are keen to sit for as a lot as 4-5 hours. as well, once you've any questions sense free to ask, i'd be more effective than happy which could also help you out.
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Natalee Natalee
Yes, the Army probably has the lowest qualification standards for recruiting new troops, but NOONE is going to break any rules or "sneak you in". You'll have to meet all the standards just like any other recruit.
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Lorna Lorna
I don't really understand what you want to know. But yes, the Army is pretty easy to get into if you demonstrate some intelligence and are able bodied. Getting in is the easy part but staying in is harder. They sometimes don't give you the option to re-enlist and will kick you out if you aren't up to par.
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Katheryn Katheryn
Kid, give it a break. Your genetic muscular disease and lazy eye disqualify you from serving in the military. Now get over it!
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