I really could use some guitar help?

I really could use some guitar help? Topic: How to write a book beginners guide
July 23, 2019 / By Derby
Question: ok i want so badly to be able to play guitar... but i cant seem to learn how to read sheet music and i cant seem to learn the notes and i cant seem to get enough ambition up to keep failing at this!!! im so frusterated im about to explode, i cant even tune the damn thing correctly! my bf just bought me a brand new electric guitar and i want so badly to learn how to play it and maybe someday write my own music and play it... is there anything that you guys can tell me that might help me? plz? im desperate! its keeping me awake it bothers me so much! i think i might cry! oh yeah and i have an electric tuner but i cant figure out how to use it, i cant ever seem to get it tuned to the right note... and yes i read the directions and yes my fingers hurt happy i complained about it now???
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Best Answers: I really could use some guitar help?

Benjamin Benjamin | 5 days ago
Mel Bay's Beginner's guide to guitar. Its a blue book. Ask musical friends to teach you something, anything. here's a great website for later on... 8notes.com oh, and this is great for composing... jamstudio.com
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if u buy either of the last two, make sure u pick up a tuner available at any guitar store..they are only 10 dollars or so and a must for a beginner~

Abbott Abbott
OK.1st, tuning. Get yourself an electronic tuner. Intelli make a good range that clip on to the guitar and work by vibration, so it doesn't matter about background noise. Forget reading music and tabf or the moment. You need to be able to move your fingers around the fretboard, so learn some chords.Get a book oif chord shapes and learn some basic ones to start with.A D E G. are good. A, D and E are the key of A, while D G A are the key of D. For example, learn A then go on to D and E Practise playing the chord, the practise changing from one to another. When you can do that, there are stacks of songs out there to play. I grew up in the sixties, and there is so much music from that era. Elvis' Hound Dog, or Blue Suede Shoes. Chuck Berry's Johnny B Goode. They only use S D and E. I guess by now you've realised that you can't have long,pretrty nails on tyour left hand, and that it's going to hurt your fingers for a while, but it does go away after a while, and it is worth it.. Hope this helps, but feel free to email me if I can help further.
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Shirley Shirley
I really don't believe that you want to learn. Just about everything you have said is negative. I suggest that you take some lessons first. Since you haven't complained about the pain in your fingers, that tells me that you haven't even attempted to play yet. FYI, the tuner comes with instructions. Learning how to play the guitar, doesn't happen over night. I've been playing since the 60s, and I'm still learning. Stop the complaining, and start learning. http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=free+be... http://www.8notes.com/guitar_tuner/
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Petula Petula
bah. reading music is for squares. You need to learn tabulature. Look it up. it's music scoring for guitar and bass, and it's basically an easy-to-understand chart for where you're supposed to put your fingers for the notes to play. for example. e--------- b--------- g--------- d--------- a--------- E----1---- This "tab" would be telling you to put your finger on the 1st fret on the low E string (the big, deep one) also, there's the power chord. The one thing that connects every punk, rock, and blues song ever made. e----------- b----------- g----------- d-----3---- a-----3---- E-----1---- This would be an F Power Chord. Basically, you put your index finger on the deep note, your middle finger two frets up and one string higher, and match your middle finger with your ring finger one string higher. You can slide this chord form all up and down the guitar neck, and you can use this on two deepest strings as well, like this. e----------- b----------- g-----6----- d-----6----- a-----4----- E----------- Find the "tab" of songs you like, and learn them. Search from Google, Yahoo, etc. You'll find thousands of them. They just look like crappy .txt documents. I've been playing for 15 years, and still can't sight-read music. make sure you get that guitar tuned, and you're off.
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