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Twilight saga? Topic: Is stephenie meyer writing another book
June 25, 2019 / By Traherne
Question: hello i was wondering if the author of twilight is going to be continue writing more books on twilight because her last book midnight sun got posted on the internet.
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Redmund Redmund | 10 days ago
She will continue Midnight Sun, she just doesn't know when. Stephenie Meyer has already written another book- The Host- and has said many times that she will continue with the series, just with different character's stories. She doesn't know if she will go back to Edward and Bella, but she has so many other characters she can spin off on.
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Redmund Originally Answered: Just read the Twilight Saga?
I agree! After the fourth chapter of the first book, I skimmed through the rest and threw the book on the floor. It landed on a pillow. Now I know it's a Horcrux. In Twilight, there is so much of it. Edward rapes Bella, Jacob rapes Bella and her daughter, and the English language is raped. Stephanie (S)Meyer just typed up her daydreams, slapped a title on it, and called it a book. That's why it is appealing to so many young girls, because it's nothing more than a daydream. The books are so easy to read, people race through them and want more, but are not for people who actually savor books. Also, SO MANY PLOT ERRORS. J.K. Rowling actually has suspense in her books, along with red herrings, insightful characters, and detailed descriptions of life in the wizarding world. She actually spends time on her books. She clearly did more research on Latin words for spells than (S)Meyer did for her ENTIRE series! Linked is a question I asked: "What are YOUR arguments against Twilight?" Enjoy!
Redmund Originally Answered: Just read the Twilight Saga?
I agree...not worth the Hype and better authors have been cheated out of a potential spot light because Stephanie Meyer is greedy. She has sold the rights of this book to the movies, to figurine people, to clothing stores...to everything she could think of so she could get more money, she is selling the rights to the host to the movies as well. Greedy greedy greedy. As to why it is so popular, its because people see a relationship that every girl should dream of with endless love and romance, not realizing that its full of abuse and control, my god, he kidnapped her for christ sakes so that she couldnt see her friend. and then her friend, was super abusive too, but he was oh so in love with her too (sarcasm at its worst) lol Many people liked these books because they are the only books they have read. It got a huge hype so then it got an even bigger hype because now everyone wanted to see what all the fuss was about even though they hated reading. This made them think these were the greatest books in the world even though they were amaturly written by an amature, but they dont want to listen to anyone who sais that, so they wont read anything else to find out for themselves... Now ive lost track of my thought LMAO...anyways ya...u want my copies??? lol

Maurice Maurice
While i can answer your question I do have something to say. 1) posting a book with out the authors/publishers approval is just wrong. 2) As Baen Free Library http://www.baen.com/library/ shows posting a book online does not hurt sales. More people read them who would not have bought it first. Most readers want to have the book and so a good book gets purchesed and the author makes money.
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Jocelyn Jocelyn
i purely needed to be certain what it suggested. im form of sick of each and every of the twilight ****. i loved the books once I study them 3 years in the past, yet now i purely want all and sundry to close up approximately them. The books have been sturdy yet quite plenty purely fluff, i study them purely because of the fact not something new became into catching my eye, btw, im 17 and an avid reader.
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Jocelyn Originally Answered: Twilight Saga fans help?
you should really read it, but i know how you feel. so, one day bella and jacob are out hunting and Irina sees them. She runs away before they can catch her, and Alice gets a vision of her telling the Volturi that the Cullens created an immortal child. The whole Volturi are coming when the snow sticks on the ground. Everyone in the Volturi are coming, the wives, the guard, and Aro, Caius, and Marcus which has never happened before. Alice says, 'ask Eleazar, there is more to this than just an immortal child.' then jacob comes and she leaves with jasper so she can see. they never come back. the cullens follow their trail, and she left a note with the werewolves on the back of a piece of a paper from one of bella's books saying that she had to leave, look for the all the vampires they can find, and not to worry about them. Bella goes and looks at the book Alice tore a page out of, and there is a note with a name and an address. Rose, Emmett, Carlisle, and Esme leave to hunt down some vampires to act as witnesses to Renesmee's growth which would disprove the immortal child theory. the Denali coven come, and they ask Eleazar. He says Bella has a gift called a shield which means she has a purely defensive power that keeps others out of her mind, and that she might be able to shield people. He also says that he thinks that the Volturi might be coming to collect the talented people in the coven, and they realize that witnesses may not be enough to stop them. Bella goes to the address Alice left her and is redirected. The person forges papers, and she is immediately drained of all hope as she realizes that Alice left this for her so Nessie could run away, because they would lose, and that Alice had her do it because Aro couldn't see into her mind, and so Bella can't tell anyone. So, she has him forge the necessary papers for her to run away with Jake. She goes home, they continue to collect vampires, and Bella learns how to shield others. Alice sends the Amazonian vampires, except for one who she kept to do some work of her own.Then the snow starts to stick. The Volturi come, and the Cullens are horribly outnumbered. Then, suddenly, Edward becomes happy and corners Aro into saying that if there was a way to make absolutely sure of what Nessie would become, then there would be no need to annhialate. Then, he calls for Alice to come out of the forest. She brings another vampire hybrid, a and they prove nessie is harmless. The Cullens win! But it is obvious that the Volturi will come back eventually. It turns out that Alice had just pretended to leave. She had to make them believe that she had deserted them, so Aro wouldn't believe they had anything up there sleeves, or he wouldn't have committed to an out like he did. I tried to make it short! lol

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