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June 17, 2019 / By Doran
Question: I am a female junior in high school and i havent been sure as to what i want to go to college for...lately i've been really leaning towards sports marketing...i'm def. going to do something with business and marketing and such and i really really love sports...specifically football!... can you all give me everything you know about sports marketing and is it possible to end up working with a sport team in the NFL?!?! thanks
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Brayden Brayden | 2 days ago
This is the perfect time for you to start researching university programs that offer a sports marketing major or concentration. Schools like the University of Southern California and University of Miami that have very successful NFL recruiting track records also have well regarded sports marketing programs. Most NCAA Div-1 schools have some sort of sports marketing program, but there are a few that are nationally recognized (kind of like law degrees -- a Harvard Law degree will open way more doors than one from a community college). The advantage of going to a school with a reputable sports marketing program is that you'll be able to meet NFL scouts that come to campus, future professional athletes, and the coaching staff. It's very possible that you could work with one of the NFL franchises, but it starts right now with the decisions you make about your career. You might want to consider an internship with an actual sports agent or sports marketing company. That's a great way to get practical experience that will look good on your resume or graduate entrance materials (if you decide to to graduate work in sports marketing). Good luck!
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Brayden Originally Answered: Marketing vs. Advertising?
The pros and cons are more than can be spelled out in a Yahoo! answer. As someone else pointed out, Marketing is the umbrella function; advertising is one element of marketing. It all depends on what aspect(s) of marketing or advertising you'd like to end up in. If you want to develop ad campaigns, take design courses or writing courses. If you want to be a writer, jouralism is a great idea. If you prefer the business end, you'll want more business-oriented courses. Some sites to take a look at: AdvertisingAge.com AdWeek.com Read the headlines, then peruse the articles of interest to you. Also, visit the website of the American Marketing Association chapter in your state. There are also books (some available from the public library) on various careers - what's involved, what they pay, and so forth. One of those might be helpful to you. This is a huge field; you have a lot of choices.
Brayden Originally Answered: Marketing vs. Advertising?
Marketing is very broad and advertising is a specific form of marketing, which can also include promotions, public relations, etc. Study business economics to understand the framework of business and take some marketing courses along the way. Good Luck

Aengus Aengus
Sports marketing is basically a pretty shoddy marketing class with a sports theme, so don't expect anything good from it. I would just take some real marketing classes if I were you.
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Aengus Originally Answered: How do i become a sports writer?
Not a problem, really. Go to your local newspaper and find out if you can be a part time sports editor and/or reporter -- usually, just working things like scores, taking notes, etc. This would be in addition to your 9-5 job, because the pay would suck. However, in journalism, the pay sucks in general. Start there; get your feet wet; keep writing, and learning more; start asking for assignments, or start writing feature pieces, in addition to your assignments. Start circulating your work to other newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs... Check out Editor & Publisher, too. Not a bad resource. And, get your hands on the AP Style Manual -- excellent reference. Good luck!
Aengus Originally Answered: How do i become a sports writer?
First i could for my area get rid of the word 'yall' being written until eventually it relatively is a thoroughly casual interview or article. on a company component, verify you're properly knowledgeable on activities and learn your textile. seek for openings everywhere, you could no longer purely commence great simply by fact in case you do you will have not any the place else to circulate. i could commence regionally and submit some concepts to an area paper or small newspaper. Anways sturdy success!

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