Hi.i am a bit confused about to kill a mockingbird?

Hi.i am a bit confused about to kill a mockingbird? Topic: Court case stories book
June 25, 2019 / By Gifard
Question: ok well i have read the whole book and the sparknotes.com summaries of every single chapter. i am still confused about one thing did the trial ever end? did atticus win the case??? i dont remember from the book, and sparknotes said that bob ewell wanted revenge(and he was killed trying to get revenge) but why would bob ewell need to get revenge if the case wasnt closed??? did i miss some huge part of the story??? thanks!!! and please dont say that i should pay attention in class or try harder...because we havent gone over it in class and i am trying very hard!! :)
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Donaghy Donaghy | 2 days ago
you seem to have missed a lot. :P the case WAS closed..Articus lost.. Bob wanted revenge because, though he won the case, everyone knew that Articus should have won. the ONLY reason he lost was 'cuz the defendant was black. This is a huge part of the message of the story. Articus broke Bob's pride..he proved that he and his daughter had lied about the whole rape thing to everyone in the court room. He Bob's his social status drop even lower..and it was already the lowest in town to begin with. . . . if you need to know more and I actually helped any, message me or something. XP
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Donaghy Originally Answered: Help on "To kill a Mockingbird"?
No. It's a good book. Read it. Pay attention to it. Retain something from it. And for God's sake, do your homework.

Braeden Braeden
Tom was (wrongly) convicted of rape - Atticus lost the case. Tom was then sent to prison, and was shot when he attempted to escape. Bob Ewell wanted revenge because Atticus had defended Tom, daring to question Ewell's accusation, and also because Atticus had correctly identified that Mayella Ewell's injuries had in fact been inflicted by Bob, NOT Tom Robinson, who was actually innocent. Try rereading certain parts of the book to help you understand, but if that fails, try watching the movie, a lot of the book has been left out, but it's remained faithful to the whole area with the case and the trial
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Adina Adina
Atticus lost the case. But the jury spend ages debating, instead of deciding his fate in 5 minutes (as was done back then if you were black). So that is counted as a victory, in that he made them stop and think, even if they found him guilty anyway. It was Bob Ewell that attacked his daughter, he was trying to blame someone else, and the defendant (cant remember his name sorry) was a scapegoat. Hope this helps!
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Stephani Stephani
ohkay i just read the book and the case does close cause tom robinson said he felt bad for bob ewells daughter and tom goes to jail and he runs from the police and they shoot him and tom dies. and bob does die because apparently he falls on a sharp object
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Queenie Queenie
The case ends with the jury finding him guilty, at which point the older brother becomes a man because he realizes the cruelty of human nature; the man was obviously innocent and yet was found guilty because of racism.
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Queenie Originally Answered: To Kill a Mockingbird?
I love that book. Racial/social equality was the main point in the book. Courage comes in different forms, and stepping in someones shoes are the best. "It's a sin to kill a mockingbird" isn't a lesson at all. It was an old wise tale. So... that wouldn't help you at all nor would it teach anyone any kind of moral values. Hope this helps.

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