Are about to have a grain shortage in the world? Does anyone believe it's wrong to use food?

Are about to have a grain shortage in the world? Does anyone believe it's wrong to use food? Topic: Understanding the problem solving process
June 27, 2019 / By Japheth
Question: ...resources for fuel? With half of the world starving and the other half paying through the nose for most food items trouble is coming. The farmers here in Europe are getting top dollar to produce for alternate fuels this has caused the prices on grain produced products, food for all meat producers! If one combines all this with natural disasters like,floods,droughts,fires,and heavy storms the farmers were having troubles before raising prices due to shortages and now turning food into fuel? I do understand the worlds problem with greenhouse effect and whats coming,so what now we starve before that happens? It's along road with no immediate answers that will solve the problems,but bringing more problems like food shortage into the picture definitely is not the answer.
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Best Answers: Are about to have a grain shortage in the world? Does anyone believe it's wrong to use food?

Frazier Frazier | 1 day ago
I am definitely a critic of this foolhearty pipedream to supposedly solve the world's fuel shortage. It's so full of holes as to be laughable. 1) Extreme allotments of land would need to be set aside to grow the corn. We are running short on ag land as it is with all the housing developments. Where would the food crops be grown? 2)the energy used in ag equipment and the process necessary to change corn into fuel, would more than offset what would be saved. 3)the U.S. government now subsidizes farmers huge amounts just to grow or not to grow certain crops. this would be a further subsidy. 4)there is no way that we can even grow the amount of corn needed for the amount of vehicles on the road now. 5)this is just another boondoggle that will cost more than it would cure. 6) In my county there are many who are now home-refining restaurant cooking oil and making a very good deisel fuel. It costs next to nothing and a deisel engine needs not be changed at all. 7)Our county uses a new green bus system, that is totally electric (I think) and gives off no emissions at all. there is no combustion engine in the vehicles. I don't have the answer, but I'm sure it's NOT ETHANOL.
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If you have a PetCo near you, try Soulistic. It's made by Weruva for Petco. It's grain free and a decent price per can. I know this isn't the best quality food, but the Fancy Feast *Classic* flavors are completely grain free and relatively cheap. Felidae is a good brand. It comes in large 12 ounce cans like Wellness. I can't remember if Innova is grain free, but it's a quality brand that's less than $2 for a large can.
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Deemer Deemer
I found a good article here: http://www.mmdnewswire.com/global-grain-... As far as using food sources for fuel, I think it's going to be a short-lived solution. I'm not sure we could ever grow enough corn, etc to feed the global demand for fuel. Real, viable, affordable alternative fuels are going to come from other sources. Hydrogen's a dead end. It can't really be stored or transported easily. What we really need is better battery/capacitor technology. A factor of 10 in storage capacity would work. That way, we could treat batteries just like gas tanks - drive for 300 miles and then refuel. Biology is also helping. Researchers have recently isolated bacteria that secrete octane. If we can culture them and grow them to high density, then we'd have a renewable source for gas. It doesn't help the carbon emission problem, but it would certainly screw over the world's oil barons :-)
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Bartlet Bartlet
...and it's not just the crops in Europe that are getting bought up for fuel. The United States and other countries bought much of Mexico's corn crop, driving the price of tortillas through the roof, and that is the staple food for poor Mexicans. Not only is that causing hunger, it is causing more illegal immigration. When will the powers-that-be learn to anticipate the consequences of their actions?
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Bartlet Originally Answered: MASSIVE FOOD SHORTAGE PREDICTION FOR 2009?
There will be no shortage of food in the US, the prices will be higher and it will produce some inflation. It is people in poor counties who are without money that will go hungry if the worst case happens. Stocking up is wasteful because you are unlikely to eat stored food when you can but fresh food in stores. The rational response the this sort of news is to stop wasting food. A recent study says the Americans only consume 75% of the food they buy and the rest is left to spoil and then discarded.

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