Should I quit my Graduate School Research Thesis?

Should I quit my Graduate School Research Thesis? Topic: College thesis ideas
June 20, 2019 / By Kenina
Question: I really need opinions on this. Here's the situation. I just started graduate school in engineering and have already started a research project for my thesis. 2 months into it and I've discovered that I don't have the knack for coming up with experiments or thinking creatively. I'm very adept at just studying and taking exams. Plus, I have social anxiety disorder and suffer from depression, so communicating with people is very difficult and I'm very scared of talking in front of people (I stutter as a result and it's hard to communicate with others). I really want to quit my Graduate Research and take the non-thesis course option, but the following problems arise. 1) I have a full scholarship plus I'm being paid to do the research. If I quit, then I would have to pay for the rest of my classes 2) My professor in undergraduate and a couple of other professors have worked hard to get me a position with my adviser. Quitting would really piss them off and make them hate me 3) My parents would basically disown me. They are all about 'school school school'. I don't know what I'm going to do in my life. I'm the first person in my family to go to college so I have no one to model myself after. The main reason I'm in graduate school is because my parents yelled at me and told me to go to graduate school, but they have no idea what a research thesis even is, which is why I'm even more upset at them for pressuring me into something they don't even know about. I know that many will say I'm 'copping out' but I really think this is a huge hill to climb. Every morning I wake up, I ask God why he didn't kill me in my sleep. Please I need your advise.
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Originally Answered: If you're in your last semester & you have 2 choices: graduate w/ thesis or just graduate.What's ur choice?why
Well, these two things aren't well connected and I don't know what you need to actually prove or disprove. However, if you want something mildly interesting but intellectually topical I would write a thesis about how a high school in New York that educated ethnic immigrants from the 1890s to 1930s when the majority of immigrants were coming in through Ellis Island and living in New York. You could demonstrate how the high school affected their development, and how the descendents of those who were taught are still having an impact on today's society. Highlight one or two heartwarming examples and possibly track down their descendents and find out what positive impact they are having on society today and possibly interview them. It's a lot of emotional fluff, but it'll probably fly.
Originally Answered: If you're in your last semester & you have 2 choices: graduate w/ thesis or just graduate.What's ur choice?why
i would consider writing about world war 2. how at the battle of midway, it was dumb luck by the american navy and Japanese indecision that gave america a victory over the Japanese navy in the turning point of the war. after midway america just destroyed the japanese army and navy. they had nothing left to fight with after midway was lost. you can also write something that may cause a controversy! weather it was right for america to use atomic weapons against japan. we had totally destroyed their ability to make war. the incendiary bombs we dropped, killed and maimed thousand more than the two atom bombs. so why not make them starve them selves into submission. i believe it wasn't nessassary to drop those atom bombs. all we needed to do was blockade the island and in a few months the sick and starving japanese would have surrendered! inventing the atom bomb was the worst thing america could do. because the secret spilled out and now these weapons have fallen into the wrong hands! people who have no compunction about using them. like IRAN.NORTH KOREA.and PAKISTAN

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