I did something in incredibly bad and I'm so ashamed at myself?

I did something in incredibly bad and I'm so ashamed at myself? Topic: Text case sensitive meaning
May 25, 2019 / By Joses
Question: A few weeks ago I overheard my mum and dad talking about my granny and I heard my mum mention something about my granny getting tests for breast cancer and that she was really worried. This made me really upset and worried as she's the only grandparent I've ever had. So out of pure panic I went and text my cousin (My granny is also her granny) about what I just overheard and I asked her if she heard her parents saying anything. She didn't but she began to reassure me that everything will be ok. Now, just this morning, this came back to haunt me. My mum's after telling me that my cousin told her mum (her mum and my mum are sisters) about the conversation I had with her about the cancer. My mum told me "It wasn't for you to tell" and she's extremely disappointed in me, she's banned me from the internet for a week and I feel so guilty about it. It wasn't for me to tell my cousin about such a sensitive topic and I've just been stupid as usual. My granny gets the test results back tomorrow. How can I put things right with everyone?
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Hank Hank | 6 days ago
Accept the punishment and learn a lesson is about all you can do. The lesson is to never repeat anything you overhear. You could be taking it out of context and the fact that you "overhear" something means that you were not meant to hear it in the first place - much less go around repeating it. And never trust anyone to "keep a secret". Even a loved cousin. Sometimes things just come out of mouths before brain gets involved. The other lesson is exactly what your mother said - it wasn't for you to tell or share with anyone. We all have had to learn this lesson at some point in our lives. I suspect that at your age - this isn't going to be a long term big deal. Just tell your mother that you are sorry for your mistake and that you have learned a lesson from it. Then accept your not-so-bad punishment. Because accepting consequences from actions is a life lesson as well. I truly hope granny will be just fine. Be just in case there is an issue - know that issues can be solved. And if you do overhear anything else regarding this - it's granny's choice to inform anyone else of anything. So keep this lesson to heart and don't tell, repeat or say anything that is not your place to do so.
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Since you obviously know already that you messed up and are working to fix it, don't feel bad! Focus on the solution, not the problem. Getting depressed over the past grades won't help you do better, but working harder to keep your grades up will. Hang in there! PS - You won't have to repeat the grade as long as you keep your grades up the rest of the year.. And high school is where you really have to worry about good grades because those are the ones that count for college admittance.
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Edun Edun
Just say you did it, that you were so worried for your grandmother's life, and you needed to talk to someone. Also, apologize and accept the punishment. I think that the most mature way.
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Campion Campion
tell her you are sorry and you did not mean to cause any harm that you were really worried about granny, now that you know that saying something about what you hear can hurt others that you will keep your mouth shut from now on,
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