Can I give this to my teacher as a gift?

Can I give this to my teacher as a gift? Topic: How to write a vision for your life
June 17, 2019 / By Alyster
Question: This may sound stupid, but I have this favorite teacher of mine that I had freshman year, (I don't have her as an academic teacher anymore, I'm a junior in high school now.) I talk to her all the time to confide in her, I show her my poetry, songs, everything and I trust her so so much. She really was one of the few people who cared enough to help me when my life got really rough (many family deaths, self harming, so much.) And i still talk to her often. I wrote a card and all, but I found this bracelet and it describes her how I would and I thought of her once I saw it. Each word on it sort of means something different to me about her like trust for instance. This is the bracelet: http://abernook.com/prod/Message-Beads-Bracelet.asp Is it appropriate? Would she like it? If you were my teacher would you like it? I think it's pretty :) I mean, she truly has made an impact like no other teacher on myself and this kind of describes it as well.
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Tibby Tibby | 3 days ago
The best gift doesn't need to cost much. Teachers say a heartfelt thank you note is kept and re-read, and is one of their most cherished gifts to receive. So, you don't have to spend a fortune to give a gift a teacher will love. Something that can inspire teachers to become better teachers is a perfect gift idea. You can consider an inspiring book for teachers- “vision revision: the teachers’ master key to career success”. Teachers like it because the book is primarily a teachers’ guide to career management and retirement careers. You can also consider one-year subscription to the Teacher’s Digest for your dear teacher. http://www.visionrevision.org http://www.teachersdigest.org/
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Wow, that much be a pretty great teacher. Good for him! :) Being that my boyfriend is a giant nerd and also in his 20s, I am giving him the opportunity to answer this question with some gifts ideas that he thinks your teacher would like 1. Kindle- $359 (VERY good investment): electronic reading device that has over 200,000 books, articles, newspapers, magazines, etc. to choose from in one compact device. can hold up to 200 books. http://www.amazon.com/Kindle-Amazons-Wir... 2. USB Watch Drive- $30: Modern + convenient USB drive= complete bliss http://www.edgetechcorp.com/usb-flash-dr... 3. Old-Fashioned Turntable- $160: If he's a nerd with a 70s edge, he'll love this. http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/cat... 4. Digital Camera- $149: Who doesn't want one? http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8975219&type=product&id=1217633560932 5. Satellite Radio- $50: This is really great. Much better radio reception plus more shows and stations http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=8545407&type=product&id=1188560794321 6. Digital Storm Tracker- $150: This thing will seriously change my life. http://shopping.discovery.com/product-65609.html 7. Touch Screen Sudoku Game- $20: As a self-proclaimed nerd, I must say that I don't know one other nerd that DOESN'T love sudoku. http://shopping.discovery.com/product-74346.html?endecaSID=11E2947674DC 8. Chrome Bullet Space Pen- $20: Very handy. Super reliable. 'Nuff said. http://shopping.discovery.com/product-66112.html Well, there's my input. You sound like an awesome kid, Merry Christmas!

Roslyn Roslyn
That is a nice bracelet. Also, if you haven't told the teacher how much she means to you it would also be nice to write her a letter telling her. I guarantee that she would keep that letter forever and read it whenever she needed a boost. Teachers like this are rare, I have only had a few and try to keep in touch with them on facebook now that I am older (25).
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Nadia Nadia
You can also consider one-year subscription to the Teacher’s Digest for your dear teacher. http://www.teachersdigest.org/
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Loren Loren
She may not be sure herself whether to accept it or not but anyway there is nothing bad in doing that.
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Buy a $3 mini lotion from bath and body works, have your son use cardstock or construction paper to trace his hands, cut them out and write "you deserve a hand" on one of the traced hand prints. There you have a cute homemade original valentine! :) Place a hand on each side of the lotion... This is what I'm doing for my childs k teacher.

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