Why does my computer Blue Screen?

Why does my computer Blue Screen? Topic: Case silverstone
July 23, 2019 / By Nathaniel
Question: For the past year I'd been having blue screening issues off and on on my old system. So I bought new harddrives. It continued to blue screen so I bought new memory thinking that was why it was blue screening. Off and on it would get better and worse. I finally just got fed up and replaced the whole system besides the powersupply that I had only had for about 2 years (Thermaltake Black Widow TR2 RX-850). Oh, and I got a new OCZ SSD for the OS HD. With all that I am still getting blue screens. The blue screens are different this time and have no "memory_error" or anything being pointed out as a problem. The whole computer just locks up for about 2 minutes and then it pops to a blue screen. The strangest part though is when i try to boot back up my SSD (operating system harddrive) is missing so I can't boot back into windows. I literally have to let the computer sit for a minute or 2 for it to be recognized again. I don't have to fiddle with the cords or anything.... just wait and keep rebooting. When it does finally recognize the OCZ SSD again It is last in the boot order and I have to go back to the BIOS and reposition it as first boot. Then all is good til then next blue screen which could be 3 hours or 3 days. Me, my dad, and my friend have spent a lot of time trying to troubleshoot and find the problems but we are all stumped. We are hoping that a new power supply or UPS will fix it all but it doesn't explain the initial loss of the SSD. I know this is an impossible question to answer just looking for more possible routes to look at. Thanks. Current system - Processor: Intel Core i7-260K CPU @ 3.40GHz Motherboard: Maximus IV Extreme Memory: Corsair Vengence DDR3 4x4G (16G) Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 550 Ti Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster X'Fi Titanium OS: Windows 7 64-bit
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Kerrie Kerrie | 8 days ago
actually... it's not so impossible... it just takes a decade+ of experience fixing computers. Lucky for you I happen to be here :-P You're actually looking at two separate issues with your new computer. It would seem like the power supply is an obvious source for the problem... and it likely *is* the problem. However, it is possible to get the bluescreen issue with a defective usb device. Even just a mouse that has some minor internal failure can make a computer misbehave quite badly. The cause for this is the fact that usb has 5 volt power running through the cable. Most devices (mouse keyboard etc) don't need it but the power typically makes it to the device any way. Sometimes you get a bit of spill over from the power lead into the data leads... this can have an effect any where from making the usb device not work reliably to frying the motherboard. I once had a mouse that would nuke any motherboard it was plugged into. In otherwords, since replacing mice and keyboards are cheaper than replacing PSUs, it's worth trying to use the computer with a completely new set of usb devices. But like I said... the odds are in favor of it being the PSU. It's probably undervolting which in turn is causing the cpu or ram to malfunction. Now the other issue that you are experiencing isn't really an issue at all. More like a quirk. It's caused by the drive detection routines in your motherboard bios, the controller chip on the SSD, or a combination of both. Sometimes, if a system is powered off improperly, when the system starts back up some drives will be undetected. You can actually have the same thing happen with other devices... such as video cards... but in those cases you get a blank screen until you reboot a few times. You would probably get the same "ssd is missing" issue if you were to yank the power cord out of the back of your computer with it running. And the fact that its at the bottom of the list? Try this... set a different drive to first in your boot order then shut the computer down, disconnect the drive, start the computer with the drive disconected, then reconnect it and boot up yet again. It should be at the bottom of your boot order. This again is a quirk of some BIOSs. They automatically put any drive that wasn't plugged in last time it booted at the bottom of the boot priority. What's really annoying is the BIOSs that put new drives at the top. Leave a usb hard drive plugged in as you reboot and suddenly you see the dreaded "cannot find operating system" error. Good way to take a few years off your own life... especially when you don't own the data that this message implies just went AWOL. In short... assuming this isn't a problem with usb device... swap out your PSU and you should be golden. And don't skimp on your new PSU. Nobody gives PSUs the respect they deserve... but remember... every component in your computer depends on the PSU doing its job smoothly. Never used Thermaltake myself... so can't comment on them. OCZ and Silverstone are good brands though.
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Kerrie Originally Answered: Computer blue screen?
Find out what the BSOD says and google a bit maybe u will find something use full if u don't try to reinstall the windows if that also doesn't work get ur comp to a prof service they will fix it for you, if u find anything on google that says to open it and change the stuff inside or anything about them don't do it first bring it to a pro, but by reinstalling it might fix ur problem also try the default setings for ur bios

Howell Howell
This Site Might Help You. RE: Why does my computer Blue Screen? For the past year I'd been having blue screening issues off and on on my old system. So I bought new harddrives. It continued to blue screen so I bought new memory thinking that was why it was blue screening. Off and on it would get better and worse. I finally just got fed up and replaced the...
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Emmerson Emmerson
This Site Might Help You. RE: Why does my computer Blue Screen? For the past year I'd been having blue screening issues off and on on my old system. So I bought new harddrives. It continued to blue screen so I bought new memory thinking that was why it was blue screening. Off and on it would get better and worse. I finally just got fed up and replaced the whole...
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Clint Clint
If i understand correctly: both your old system and your new system are having similar problems - Blue screen errors. The numbers for this to happen are very small, I would bet it is a software problem. You have not reused any hardware from the old system into the new system so it can not be hardware problems that transferred. Interference from something in the wall? If you still have the older system download and create a Livecd and see if that operating system blue screens. If it does then it is the hardware or Location of the computer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Live_CD Try the Livecd on the new system to see if it blue screens! If either or both blue screens with a livecd, then it is hardware, or location. If they blue screen in a different location then it is a hardware issue and the odds were against you... If the systems do not blue screen running a Livecd then it is software related, and you need to eliminate the problem software to run you operating system safely...
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Anscom Anscom
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/axro9 GASP!!! YOU GOT THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!!!!!! Your problem is a little too common on Windows computers. Almost everyone who own a Windows PC will hit the wall with this defect. But this problem usually doesn't happen on XP systems. It was much more prevalent with the stone-age Windows 95,98 and Me systems. What usually causes these problems is when a software (the main windows files) boot,string, or file got screwed up, deleted, or is malfunctioning. The usual causes are: -Virus, worms, malware, and other vicious programs written by people who have no life get on to your system and they are programmed to do something fatal. But if yours is saying a Hardware problem, then your probably looking at a shot Hard-drive. Hard drives are typically one of the 1st things to fail on your PC because there are so many things that just sit on their rear-end- they keep movin movin. I used to have a 2002 HP Laptop with a Pentium 4 in it and after about 6 years, the 30 GB hard drive failed and the system refused to load windows. Coulda fixed it but I figured the laptop was too old to be invested on so I Trashed the laptop and got a new one. Your either going to need to get a new hard drive or ditch your computer. Sorry. Fixing hard drives usually isn't fun and cheap.
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Tracey Tracey
Emachines has been known to use faulty hardware to lower prices. I had an emachines for 5 years though before my power supply just stoped working, if you bought the computer a month ago you are probably still under warranty so you can probably send it in to have some hardware replaced
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Tracey Originally Answered: Blue Screen Error Randomly On My Computer.Help?
The easiest and fastest way to solve this problem is to run a registry cleaner software. A registry cleaner can eliminate errors in your record. This record stores all information about the software, drivers, applications and games that are installed on your computer. And in time, it can get bad, because some obsolete entries are not deleted and can lead to what they call the "errors". By using a registry cleaner http://make-a-computer-run-better.com the errors can be eradicated and increases the speed of your computer in the process. Registry cleaners work by scanning each file and then checking to see if it's corrupt or causing problems. If they find that it is broken, the registry cleaner will replace or fix the file for you to make your computer become free of errors.In addition, the errors will not happen if you regularly check and care for your computer system.

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