Celebrities that influence this winter's fashion trends? For mainly teens- Girls AND Guys? 10 points?

Celebrities that influence this winter's fashion trends? For mainly teens- Girls AND Guys? 10 points? Topic: Fashion articles newspapers
May 25, 2019 / By Fancy
Question: I'm doing an article in my school's newspaper about how celebrities influence the latest trends. Im doing it on what trends this fall/winter will have. Who are some celebrities that wear trendy outfits that teens would copy? Both girls and guys? I was thinking people like Lauren Conrad, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, etc. I need celebs that would appeal to a teen crowd.. and I have to find pictures of them in their outfits. I don't want anyone who'd wear something OUTRAGEOUS, because I'm supposed to find clothes that are like what the celebrity is wearing in that picture. Kind of like how they'd show in magazines or like http://www.mystyle.com/mystyle/photos/index.jsp?categoryUUID=9 this. I need some ideas, please help?!(: it's also hard because i have to find a couple guys too.. I just have no clue of who!
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Constance Constance | 9 days ago
Zac Efron is a down. He's really last year and I for one look down upon him (maybe its because he wears more makeup than i do?) Go for Hilary Duff( she has her own fashion line, i see her models, and they suck, but the clothes are good and something you can wear that's bold) Lauren Conrad is a definite yes too, she's tall, modest, and wears clothing that promote being SIMPLE IS BETTER. none of that major makeup/accesory crap that lady gaga and taylor momsen Lady Gaga is sorta...meh i cant say anything she's a diva-driven person, they're in their own category. Vanessa Hudgens is an ok...even tho i dont like her but i gotta admit her style sense is aces. Same with Miley Cyrus...good style, bad kids.
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Bertie Bertie
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Thornton Thornton
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