Battles on garbage collection day: am I wrong? Any suggestions on how I should handle this?

Battles on garbage collection day: am I wrong? Any suggestions on how I should handle this? Topic: Solving the problem of garbage
July 23, 2019 / By Patsy
Question: My neighborhood goes through this once a week. The city sends trucks to pick up garbage. All of us in the neighborhood have recycle bins, and a special truck comes by to collect the aluminum cans and plastics that we all set out. The battle happens between 2 and 4 AM on collection day. People come through the neighborhood and sort through our bins. They take the aluminum cans. Until recently, only one person would come through to scavenge. Today, however, there were three different people, each one about an hour apart, starting at 2 AM and then at 3 AM and then at about 4:15 AM. The problem is that our yard is small. It's summer, and our windows are opened. We do not have air conditioning, or I might have had the windows closed. Because of the proximity of my bedroom to the street, these noisy scavengers wake me up every time they start throwing around the garbage. A tossed aluminum can sounds noisy, but imagine an entire bin of them! Then, imagine the sound of someone throwing a bin of aluminum cans in the back of his pick up truck, where there are already scads of empty aluminum cans! My family has tried to ignore the noise, but it doesn't always work. Two weeks ago, the noise was bad enough that I ended up calling the police department to ask them to patrol the neighborhood around 3-4AM. The police told me that, yes, technically there is a law on the books that states it is illegal to scavenge recycle bins for recyclables. But he didn't sound real enthused. I could tell in his voice there might not be much help for me with the issue. Our city has a noice ordinance, and at a recent meeting, our alderman told us that any noise that is disruptive should be checked out by police. A noise that rouses me from sleep is disruptive. I tried to solve the problem last week by keeping the recycle bin in my garage, planning to put it out on the street on collection day by 7 AM. The truck came by unannounced much earlier, however; they must have been anticipating a hot afternoon and wanted to get things finished early. So I struck out, and ended up having one extra bin of recyclables for this week. This morning, the first disruption caused me to look out the window to try to identify the culprit. There were no patrol cars around. By the second disruption, I was surprised, annoyed, and really tired. Still no patrol cars. By the third disruption, I was angry. I got dressed and turned on my front porch light, but that did not distract the scavenger. So I opened the door and hollered out to him, "Do you know it's illegal to take cans from the recycle bin? It's in the city code. You are stealing from the city. You are breaking the law." The man kept taking cans and eventually moved on. I realize some people need the money. However, they could raid the bins the night before and it wouldn't wake the neighborhood up. I thought about contacting my alderman, but, when I had to call him about another issue (pornographic magazines for sale at the local 7 11 -- the magazines were right next to the candy -- little children were going in to the store to get treats and ended up seeing the magazine covers) it took several months for that issue to be dealt with. Please give me some good ideas about how to handle this problem. Is there a way to resolve the issue that I'm not seeing? Glenda it's a great answer -- but that won't keep the scavengers from clanging around the cans from my neighbors' bins. I hope I am not sounding petty... the noise literally resounds up and down the street. I have two neighbors directly across the street, and neighbors on either side of my house. Driveways are all pretty close. I AM going to use your idea, however, next week. And if I get gutsy enough I might go out to take those pictures, but it is still a bit dark at 3 and 4 AM, so that means I would have to go outside to snap the picture. P.S. I'll include a note, but I don't know Spanish, and I'm not sure the scavengers all know English.
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Lorn Lorn | 7 days ago
Don't wash your cans. I have a cat and certainly in Summer it's not long before cat food cans which haven't been washed really hoot and would put anybody off. If anybody complains just say you are being green by saving water.
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Jayden Jayden
I'm surprised the answer isn't obvious to you. Simply BAG UP your aluminum cans separately - leave them with the rest of the recyclables with a big note, "ALL ALUMINUM CANS IN THIS BAG. NO NEED TO GO THROUGH THE REST OF THE TRASH! ALL ALUMINUM CANS ARE IN THIS BAG!" And yes, you're right. They need the money. Personally, I take the aluminum cans here at work (we throw out about one 55-gallon trash bags of cans a week) to a lady who I used to work with. She, in turn, gives them to an elderly gentleman at her church who retired recently (he was forced to), but cannot live on his retirement funds. Everybody at that church brings their cans to this man, to help him make ends meet.
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