What impact would it have on society if the courts were held more accountable for the decisions that are made?

What impact would it have on society if the courts were held more accountable for the decisions that are made? Topic: What freedom means to me essays
May 25, 2019 / By Abigail
Question: We have been going over the judicial branch and watched the movie "Runaway Jury" and he threw this prompt at us if that means anything to anybody.... This is a prompt for an essay I have to type and have in my teacher's inbox by 11:59 tonight and I just don't really get it
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Best Answers: What impact would it have on society if the courts were held more accountable for the decisions that are made?

Stewart Stewart | 6 days ago
What does that mean? More accountable to who? To you? To someone else? This nonsense about Courts being activists and making decisions against this policy or that is just that. Nonsense. Courts ARE accountable for their decisions. They can be appealed. The judicial system is not accountable to any other branch for a reason. So that it can perform its function. When the legislative or executive branches try to co-opt the Court and change it into a political animal, the entire system of justice is compromised. The Bush Administration tried to do just that, and some of the most offensive decisions on the Bill of Rights were rendered. The Court's are not here carry out the will of politics and politicians. If the Courts are not allowed to make their rulings according to the rule of lae, you might as well kiss our freedom goodbye. That is, if we haven't already done so.
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Linton Linton
Occasionally distraught defendants try shooting judges to hold them "accountable" for actions they disagree with. It just seems to piss off people and increase the level of misery in the world.
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Jarrett Jarrett
accountable to who ? for what decisions ? we would devolve into a fascist dictatorship . is that what you want ?
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