Job Interview at McDonalds?

Job Interview at McDonalds? Topic: Mcdonald jobs applications
June 27, 2019 / By Tate
Question: I'm 14 and I'm getting a job at McDonalds... When I handed in my application, the manager made an interview time for me, Sunday 8:00AM. How should I answer my questions? What should I wear? How should I act?
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Pete Pete | 8 days ago
How should I answer my questions? - Be honest and answer as you feel. Answering with an answer that is fake will hurt you later. What should I wear? - Black slacks & white short sleeved shirt. How should I act? Relax and keep eye contact. Don't wait too long after the question to respond.
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Pete Originally Answered: McDonalds interview tips?
Dress nice, but don't over dress. A nice shirt with a nice pair of blue jeans. When you first meet your interviewer, shake hands, firm but gentle When you sit down and talk and go over your application, keep eye contact with the interviewer and talk clearly and with confidence. Even if you are shy or not very confident, fake it until you make it! Another thing is, be prepared to have an answer and be on your toes for pop questions. Some things they may ask are, where do you expect to be in five years, what do you like to do\your hobbies, why do you want to work here (if this is your first job, and you just want a job, a good answer would be "for the experience") why should we hire you (if your hardworking and reliable, tell them that) some other things they may ask is to explain a time you went to a restaurant and had good service and also a time you had a bad one. A good answer for good service that they would like to hear would be, that what makes it good service is that they are quick and polite and what made the service bad was they weren't polite or slow or whatever your experience may be. Also, they will ask what you want\asking for wages. This is a entry level job and most likely is minimum wage. That's probably what you will get, but you can tell them that you are "open" so you aren't telling them that you will only take minimum and they can get by without giving you a raise eventually or what not. So this way you are open for wages. They will also ask when you can start and that of course depends on your schedule, but if they need people the sooner you can start the better. Also you will need to tell them when\if they ask how many hours a week and what times you can work. Once hired you also will have to fill out tax forms and will have to ask your parents what to fill out on that. When you come in for orientation (this is when you fill out paperwork) you should bring in your Social Security card. You will need it for the paperwork. I wasn't asked the questions about restaurant service at my interview with McDonalds but was for Subway. But just be prepared for lots of questions and ones you aren't prepared for. Expect the unexpected. Edit: If you have a well written resume then yes bring it. If you have any volunteer, church or odd jobs you've done make sure you've listed those on there. Also have a separate sheet and list 3-4 references. Generally you don't list family members, so make sure you and the people you list don't have the same last name. When you list their name list it like this: John Doe Relationship here, Place of Work here Address Address Phone Number So in the end it should look like this: John Doe Supervisor, XYZ Corporation 555 Sunny Way Sunset, CA 12345 555-555-5555
Pete Originally Answered: McDonalds interview tips?
Hi there! In actual fact be particularly friendly and open with a powerful handshake. When asked questions answer them as actually as that you would be able to, but use intellegent answers (e.G. When requested why you would like to work at Mcdonalds, a just right answer maybe "Its great experience for my future, it has a renouned training direction and has.Maby possibilities, such as retail publications"), they don't do a drug scan, however if you happen to turn as much as work/ the interview excessive as a kite, they will frequently observe.
Pete Originally Answered: McDonalds interview tips?
I have been working at McDonalds for years. For my intervies i wore: A Chicago bulls snapback Bracelets Bikini top Bikini bottoms Creepers with long white socks I have been male model for McDonalds for years now, youve probably seen me in the adverts on T.V Questions that will be asked are simple ones, but some have a twist for example: When they ask your name. say Muhammed Alakbir as this will show them you are always two steps ahead of terrorism. Youll be flipping burgers in no time

Luke Luke
Wear something nice. Be at least five minutes early. Answer honestly. And act polite, yourself,.
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Luke Originally Answered: PLEASE help with my World Religions interview! I need to interview someone who practices Vajrayana Buddhism?
Yes I am a Practitioner. I will try to answer your questions. 1. No different to any other within Buddhism. 2. It has become part of my life totally. I am now very aware of others, I feel pain where they have pain. Their stress and so on. How I affect others, to reflect, be honest and accept. 3. Their are challanges to all things one does. You do need a very experienced teacher, I am fortunate, my teacher recognised me from past reincarnations and I recognised him. 4. It is something I have practised in previous incarnations, this became evident by my meditational practice. Initially it was very easy for me to enter one pointedness and what are commonly termed 'Dhyanic states' My teacher recognised this and very gradually, carefully taught me the practices. 5. We are all at different stages of the path, when ready all beings will eventually become vajrayanic practitioners. It becomes a natural progression. 6. To disagree with any aspects of Buddhism, would be impossible. We practice to the level that we wish to. We are taught to question, meditate and decide whether it is correct, or right for us. 7. Yes I have experienced discrimination. This was because the person who was doing it, knew ,that their behaviour on the way they lived and handled people was incorrect. For them, I was the person who did not condemn them, but continued to be myself. I was the opposite to them, and every time they saw me, they belittled me, in front of others. I did not need to say anything to them, but they knew that I could see their character and true behaviour. In other words 'I could see through them'. That was to hard for them to handle, and enventually I left the employment I was in with them. Not for my own sake, but for theirs, as they were creating very bad karma for themselves. 8. The Buddha's best lesson is the 'Four Noble truths' and that we all can attain Enlightenment. His wisdom and skill, gave many ways as to how to achieve this. He was a truly great teacher, if you know anything about teaching, he used teachings to cover all learning styles. 9. Vajrayana is no different to any other Buddhism. We work our way through all levels, until we reach the stage of practicing it. Think of it as going to school, then college, and then going to, and graduating from university. 10. To be aware of no ending and no beginning. To be at one with all things that exists. The mind has no limitations, the body does not hamper, To be within the eye of the whirlwind. Totally at peace. Observing, listening and acting when the need arises, The only emotion that you experience is love and Bodhicitta for all that exists. Om Gate,gate, parasamgate Bodhi Svaha. I sincerely hope this will be of some help to you. Some things cannot be written or spoken about openly. Not all are ready for some of the knowledge, and some will deny that it can be experienced, or that enlightened beings exist in our time. You may email me if you wish. Yeshe Tsomo. May all beings have the causes for peace and happiness. .
Luke Originally Answered: PLEASE help with my World Religions interview! I need to interview someone who practices Vajrayana Buddhism?
I'd say Hinduism or Buddhism. I can speak more for Hinduism since I'm Hindu. Hindus have no penalty for apostasy, and those wishing to return to Hinduism are welcomed. Hindus respect all faiths, this is evidenced by the fact that India has so many religions and very little internal conflict. Hindus believe strongly in the notion of nonviolence and in karma, both of which would contribute strongly to people acting better. A lot of the things I mentioned for Hinduism would also apply to Buddhism. In actuality, all religions are meant to be tolerant and peaceful, but sometimes there is a natural drive to spread the faith and for some, that means putting down other faiths in favor of their own (at least that's what I would guess). This does not apply to all constituents of faiths that are known for active proselytizing, just a few. No religion preaches violence, that goes against basic moral fiber, yet a lot of ignorance, misinterpretation, and communication leads to the religious conflicts we know today.

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